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WMD (including Nukes), a reminder

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I remind all players of our rules vis-a-vis WMD.


5) Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Attacks


Ok, first off, nukes should be a last resort no matter what. Now, the decision is when to ignore nuclear attacks and when to accept them, because they are very damaging.


If a nation ignores a perfectly well-based and well-planned attack, then they are wrong. If they ignore a stupid idiot attack made for no reason, then the attacker is definitely wrong.


Because they are normally associated with poor RP and have wide-ranging effects, nuclear weapons, orbital weapons, and other devastating WMDs are not allowed, unless both the moderators and the victim specifically allow for them to be used.


I would stress MODS are very tough on WMD in this forum. Make sure you know what you're doing, you have the other player's okay, and the MODs' okay. If you don't the attack will be judged null and void.



I would also remind players that the use of WMD is likely to peeve off other IC nations. I doubt your IC citizens, the few of them that are left, would enjoy the stone age any more than your IC victims.

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I think that Beautancus probably would be, as I imagine them as having more than a few nuclear power plants...that's kinda the way I go with Beautancus on NS too. I don't know how many nuclear warheads the Cussians would have- not many, I know that- but they probably would have enough to be concerned over. If there are any concerns over this, I will add to my "to add" list of things IC, and for further development in a future Cussian news thread maybe...but I would also like to say that those nukes will never be used unless nukes are used on Beautancus first, and even then only reluctantly. If Beautancus enters into a war, it will enter into it with the intention in mind of securing enemy territory and holding it indefinitely, and that's really hard to do when all your soldiers have to wear radiation suits while doing it.

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I would also like to add that these things need to be developed beforehand by most nations, and that not everyone can have every weapon, it's just impractical.


Realism guys, let's try and go for that.

I don't know how everyone else feels about it but I think that nukes should be developed first. It's similar to a space program, while I would love for Deltannia to have this massive space program, it's easy to simply say I had one coming into Europa, I didn't. The furthest I've gone was to say that we had sent up rockets in the past and then decided to restart some stuff, but no manned mission has been sent up yet because it's currently under research.


I guess in that case I'm talking about production capabilities. I guess you could say you bought them in the past or something, but you need to have built the centers first, in my opinion. Also, as we see in real life, nuclear power plants have little to do with nuclear weapons. The level of refinement must be much higher to produce weapons, and it takes a much m ore extensive and complicated process.


Oh, and Deltannia has no nuclear, biological, or chemical agents. At least not on the mass destruction level (i.e. tear gases, riot suppression weapons)

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No biggy, I'll do it that way just to keep things by the books. I'm positive that Beautancus has the technological refinement to pull it off, especially with with the numbers NS Beautancus has to back it up. I'm cool with having to develop the weapons, but like I said, Beautancus more than has the capabilities/know-how/resources to develop them- and I will proceed with that in mind. And this would be a likely emphasis for the heavily militaristic Cussian government, whereas little to no attention would be paid to space, other than launching the odd satellite every few years (and probably for military purposes there too). So in short, I don't think it would take too long (but not too quickly either) for the Cussian military to develop and produce nuclear weapons, and any suitable long range missile technology to deliver them.


On a side note, Beautancus has little interest in possessing or developing biological weapons, but they do possess (and are skilled/experienced in the use of) a few chemicals that could easily be diverted into the development and mass production of chemical WMD's, most notably chlorine gas and ammonia derivatives, which figure heavily into a number of Cussian agricultural programs.


And while I will try for realism technologically and economically (kinda on this one, more so on the first), I will be pursuing a vision of a nation that is culturally and "spiritually" unlike anything that has ever been real, thus coloring the whole shabbang a bit. Just bear with me, and I promise I won't godmod, and everyone's imagination will be tickled all the more.

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I think that a nation who spends $17,137,861,959,725 in defense, whose economy is one of the largest in Europa, and is Rp'ed as being first rate in technology would have the capability to produce a nuclear device decades ago (as well as the propulsion system to deliver it).


The US came up with it in the 40's during WWII, which, according to the tech levels thread, is past tech. I'd argue that the SDC, being Rp'ed as modern +1, just as economically powerful and militaristic in the past, had already developed the bomb, and the means to make more. Just my PoV.


I also want to mention the SDC doesn't have many nukes. A few dozen ICBMs and respective silos. But the majority of Confederation nuclear forces are tactical missiles and sub-launched. The idea behind Confederate bomb strategy is the take out significant portions their military, not the whole planet.

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