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Waving From Wyvoria

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It is my most proudest pleasure to bring my nation to Europa. I was stuck in that

most dreadful place they call The East Pacific. My population packed their bags and boarded helicopters to come here. We hope to have a splendid time, for we have noticed that well you have many things most regions do not offer such as a forum

especially a system of government and a variety of nations in the community.




A Little bit about Wyvoria is that it is a Forested nation full of wildlife and exploration. It brings a sense of country-side however in the central part of the nation you find the hussel and bussel of a Modern Metropolitan City. There are seven different sections named states of Wyvoria.


The states are as follows:


?Malvana -Central- (Cardinal State)

?Intrin -North Eastern-

?Boryn -North Western-

?Exorahan -Western-

?Plarmentro -South Western-

?Valon -South Eastern-

?Nuroma -Eastern


There are 7 capitols Of Wyvoria and are as follows:


?Endori -Cheif Capitol- (Malvana)

?Lumon (Intrin)

?Tenaio (Boryn)

?Mortino (Exorahan)

?Canderm (Plarmentro)

?Rinta (Valon)

?Jarok (Nuroma)




The military of Wyvoria is rather small since there is no need for it. However Wyvoria was able to salvage some vehicles and weaponry that date from early 1950s to present time. The Government of Wyvoria hopes to induldge itself in the military trade for the purposes of the protection of Wyvoria.




The Economy of Wyvoria is good for the time being however Guidence is needed from other nations to decide on which steps to take in it's growing period. Also, which form of economy to use in Wyvoria.




The Government of Wyvoria allows a good amount of Civil Rights in hopes of bringing peace in the nation. However due to recent threats of Rebellion most Political Rights have halted to exist. However The Government Of Wyvoria only wishes for them to be opened back up very soon.




The Nation of Wyvoria calls upon everyone in Europa to aid us in our new growing period. We hope to become friends with all of you however we are currently looking for somewhat of a tutor on which steps to take in Europa.






The Nation Of Wyvoria

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