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The Crucible


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Cypriceos technically is a Constitutional Monarchy with bits of Totalitarianism. A meeting is being held in the Reichstar. Focus on the 3 main characters. Chancellor Hans Krupp, Minister of Military Supreme General William Mauser, and Minister of Sovereign Defence(Internal Defence) George Alfredson


Hans Krupp: Foreign Affairs Minister Hines Ward what the situation?

Hines Ward Fiddles his glasses: Well Mr. Krupp and Council Renposa is has sort of declared war on Red Iberic Workers.


William Mauser Looking at Ward funny What in blue cheese are you talking about?

Hines Ward: Yes well they haven't used any military action yet against RIW. Also SDC has sent a large naval fleet to the Tolken Sea near Renposa to keep an eye on things.

Hans Krupp: Mr. Alfredson? what's the status?

George Alfredson: Does a mmm hu and clicks on a remote bringing up a digital map on the large computer screen in front As you can see here Renposa is across the sea from us and in striking distance as well. Our sources believe that we could be targets of a potential amphibious assault on our lands or missile strikes on the lands. I suggest in calling up large majorities of our Royal Gewehr (National Defence Force/Guard) forces and preparing drills incase of a possible assault. As for SDC? Well their main intentions are focused on Ren so we don't have much to worry about.


Hans Krupp: What kind of defenses do you suggest?

George Alfredson: Well sir these will be key structures for our defenses. Pulls out photo's some colored and some black and white stone buildings.

user posted image

user posted image

They are called flak towers everyone. These huge stone structures were built in the 1930's to 1940's. They can withstand everything from bombs, to ship guns, to tanks, all the way to howitzers with 200mm shells. My father's unit was incharge of one in those days and said that they were so strong that the rebels that tried to siege the one he was incharge of, and had to ignore it after 2 months of attacks. If we start preparing now mabye add some more 155mm artillery batteries to our Royal Gewehr's and some Odin tanks and the coast can be defended. Our stealth attack subs can patrol the otherside of Cypriceos to make sure the Ren's don't try to attack from the rear.


And last I recommend activating the Cypriceos Youth Core program and start setting up foreign exchange student programs in the middle school (High schools) to get dirt on all countries involved. I mean strategic points, army sizes, capabilities, and the whole bandula. We can't afford to be out of the loop.


Hans Krupp: Very good. Alright it's settled. Will mobilize the entire Royal Rifles units, and reactivate the Youth Core program, and ready a relief force for RIW incase Renposa strikes. Mr. Ward? Contact RIW, and other nations involved on both sides of the conflict. Mauser? Order the mobilization of several of our submarines units. This meeting is over everyone.



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Mod comment: Aviod making super structures. Those fortifications would be flattened by ship based arty, and air power would make them so much dust. Fortifications such as you shown in those pictures were proven to be out of date by the D-day landings. Why exactly, btw, is your IC country mobilising?
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Mod comment: Aviod making super structures. Those fortifications would be flattened by ship based arty, and air power would make them so much dust. Fortifications such as you shown in those pictures were proven to be out of date by the D-day landings. Why exactly, btw, is your IC country mobilising?

IC: The Royal Rifles. A defense force. National Guard but with military capabilities.


OOC: Hey man wouldn't your country be spooked if your neighbor was fighting a war against a country you allied yourself with like mabye trying to prevent you from supplying them with troops and the whole bandula. Were also preparing the Royal Army for possible mobilisation to RIW if Ren mobilises or makes any moves.


OOC: And fine I'll change everything. We won't make flak towers invincible and their main purpose is make shift command posts, air raid shelters, and along the coasts. They won't be on the beaches but in some of the coastal cities and urban centers of towns.








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user posted image

Inside the Reichstar(Chancellor and the Cabinet Building). The majority of the cabinet is gathered in the leisure room accept Hans Krupp who is nowhere to be found in the area. Last to arrive is Vice Chancellor Luca Kohl who looks upset and stressed.


Luca Kohl: Removes his trench coat and hands it to the housekeeper and assistant. He walks over the the leisure room.: Cabinet I have some bad news. Hans Krupp is dying.


Hines Ward Suprise comes over himWhat, but I was talking to him in the Reichstag today. How?

Luca Kohl: He has been dying of Leukemia for some time almost a year. He has kept it a secret. I just found out about it myself. He has roughly 15-20 days to live.

Hines Ward: That explains his strange behavior recently. He knew this country would go into chaos if he died during the war so he got Cypriceos out of the conflict.

William Mauser: Where is Krupp?

Luca Kohl: At his estate in the woods north of Tirpitz. His hometown. I called you here today to discuss the future of the CLP. As you know we have been in decline since Marko Blairs assasination last year. I think I may have the solution to this problem. Looks over to the entrance to the leisure room out comes a young man who shares the same physical looks as the late M.Blair. He looks very scholarly


Percius Blair: Ladies, Gentlemen.

Percius Blair age 22 and soon to be graduating from The Academy in Adthens. He is a very bright and intelligent man one of the most ellegable bachelors in Cypriceos. However he has a playboy, and arrogant style of personality.

Luca Kohl: Say hello to the next Chancellor of Cypriceos.

William Mauser Excited: Percius is that you. It is you Gives Percius a big bear hug. The last time I saw you was when you were a pipsqueak. Ah your father would have been very proud of you kid. Graduating from The Academy in Adthens in 3 days.

Percius Blair: It's good to see you William and come on. I'm 22. It's good to see everyone. I hope that I can get to know everyone here.


Luca Kohl: Let's go to the Situation Room Shall we?


End of scene.





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