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The Cathunters FMN

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⌂⌂⌂The Cathunters Free News TV⌂⌂⌂

#1 free media network since the Refoundation.


After the opening jingle the screen directly broadcasts Consejero Aza?a putting his glasses on while standing in the Press Room:


?Today, we must face war again in Europa, our beloved region. This morning, the Democratic Renposan Government has declared war on the People?s Republic of Red Iberic Workers, as a response for a precedent blast they suffered, with unclear causes and origin.


We, the government of the Hortalezian Republic of The Cathunters, condemn such a reprehensible act on the part of Renposa and the direct threat it involves to the right of the Iberic Workers? Citizens to leave in peace.


We have no reason to doubt about the Rosa Amor?s? good mood and predisposition to find an end to the nowadays international crisis without disrespecting the human life nor threatening the sovereignty of our fellow nations in Europa.


The Cathunters is an old Nation founded on the ideals of Peace and Development worldwide, and such initiatives are a challenge to the Cathunterian History and Personality. We call the Renposan government to think over their decision until a liable author is found. Otherwise, The Cathunters will take actions against Renposa in our defence of the Innocent, in order to avoid the blood shed. From now on, our Defense Alarm Level is Orange.


No questions allowed. Thank you very much.?


Closing jingle.


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