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Jaihu to begin Testing of B.A.A Technology


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To: All Concerned Nations

From: King Jaihu The Great

Subject: Re: Testing B.A.A. Technology




As most of you are aware, The Holy Empire of Jaihu has developed a new Defensive Shield Technology as part of it's National Defense Strategy. Last month we had to reschedule Live Fire Testing of this B.A.A. Technology amid an international outcry over the potential risks these tests may have posed to the citizens of Jaihu. Over the past few weeks we have been auditing previous tests and have found that in order to have effective testing of this Technology we would need to find a location removed from any civilian population to complete testing of this project. It was also determined that this is not possible within the current boundaries of The Holy Empire of Jaihu. This presented a problem to which The Supreme Jaihuian Council found a solution that I have authorized to be executed.


First I would like to preface this announcement with certain caveats designed to set the Europa Community of nations at ease.


1) We understand that at this time there are discussions underway at Dew Point in regard to the annexation of additional territory by a Nation that has not yet reached the administrative requirements for the annexation of new territory set by the community of Europa. Our solution is not a annexation at this time, we are simply announcing that we have secured territory for the purpose of long term military testing. There is a Precendent to this occuring within Europa... that precedent being Sevrun's occupation of sector '4' as it's test site, "because it was close to it's region and unoccupied". We realize that in that case Sevrun was prepared to move the testing if a nation wished to settle in that sector, the Jaihu state that we will not move our testing as a result of the investment that will be needed to be made inside the territory to enable the testing to succeed.


2) The selected territory was chosen because it is a territory considered by the Jaihuian people as being their "Heartland". There is no denying that The Holy Empire of Jaihu wishes to annex this territory when the time is right for our nation to expand and we acknowledge that the time is not now. But there is a benefit to the community of Europa that the plot that has been selected by The Holy Empire of Jaihu, be allowed without argument... We are going to be doing long term military testing that requires the construction of military infastructure in a landscape similiar to the Holy Empire of Jaihu. This will be done at great expense to our nation, it is best that we be allowed to do it in a territory in which we have a vested interest in maintaining the ecological balance. We will not cause damage to the environment in an area we wish to be part of our nation one day.


3) Considerations to safety have also been made to guarentee that the testing site be well defined. Remember that it was concerns about safety that caused the cancellation of previous tests of Jaihuian B.A.A. Technology. The territory selected has been chosen specificly to provide everyone with clearly defined natural boundaries to prevent human causalities of any kind. Surveys of the area have determined that the territory is completely unoccupied by tribesman and all rogue Jahuian citizens have been resettled within the boundaries of The Holy Empire of Jaihu.


4) There has been an International Observation Post set up with access to the Jaihuian Airforce Base at Foz de Jaihu. All interested nations will be provided with frequently escorted tours aboard Jaihuian Airforce Planes throughout the territory. We will also allow access to selected test sites within the territory before and after testing to enable the International community to witness that minimal effect has been made to the ecology of the territory and that proper safety precautions have been made.


5) Since this is a territory that has been occupied for military testing there will be absolutely no civilian population allowed within the boundaries of the territory until such time that The Holy Empire of Jaihu is able to annex the territory according to the administrative rules of Europa. However while testing is ongoing, The Supreme Jaihuian Council will treat the territory as part of The Holy Empire of Jaihu and will arrest unauthorized persons entering the territory. Flights over the territory without authorization will be treated the same as unauthorized flights over The Holy Empire of Jaihu, regardless of altitude.


Well enough of the caveats.... This message is meant to notify all our neighbors in the region that the Sector denoted as Territory 25 on the LINKED MAP is now under the administration of the military forces of The Holy Empire of Jaihu for the purposes of testing our B.A.A. Technology. As indicated in Caveat #3, sector 25 has been moved from it's original location on the Map of Europa to include all lands between the Upper and Lower Jaihu Rivers. The Rivers will serve as a natural boundary to our testing site.


Any questions that you may have regarding this Administrative Occupation should have been answered in the preceeding caveats. If you wish futher clarification, by all means you may ask additional questions.


If you intend to make use of the International Observation Post in Foz de Jaihu, please make your intention known by responding to this communication.



King Jaihu The Great

King of The Holy Empire of Jaihu




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The Republic of Tamurin has no objection at the moment.


We have some questions:


1.) What kind of weapons tests will you perform there? Just missile defense or anything else?

2.) How much time will you need to perform those tests?


We would like to post a civil servant of the ministry of ecology at the International Observation Post in Foz de Jaihu.



the President of Tamurin.

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The Holy Empire of Jaihu welcomes The Republic of Tamurin's concerns and greets it's civil servant from their ministry of ecology.


1.) What kind of weapons tests will you perform there? Just missile defense or anything else?


We will be setting up and testing our B.A.A Technology in this sector. In order to have the tests be effective, it will require the construction of numerous instilations

throughout the sector. These instilations include 4 military bases with airstrips, 20 missile batteries, 14 sites equipped with Top Secret B.A.A Technology as well as environmental observation sites.


As previously stated there will be no civilians within the territory.


2.) How much time will you need to perform those tests?


We will require an open ended period of time to continuiously test and improve this technology. It will take at least 6 months to complete construction of all the infastructure required to begin testing.

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The Holy Empire of Jaihu acknowledges the question of The Ekainako government and responds:


The Holy Empire of Jaihu will not stop it's activities in sector 25 until testing of our B.A.A. Technology is complete. Any unauthorized incursion into Sector 25 will be met with extreme indignation and the full force of Jaihuian military might. If a nation chooses to ignore our wishes and settles within Sector 25, The Holy Empire of Jaihu will prevent access through the Jaihu river into the Jaihu Sea and will economically starve them out of existance.


We have previously indicated our desires for this region, we have expansively detailed our intentions, the economic and ecological reasons for the closure of sector 25 to settlement at this time. The Jaihu are not a people with unreasonable demands, we only demand respect and will not respect any one that chooses not to respect our manifest destiny.


Do you realize that there are daily demostrations in the streets of Zao Jaihu. The citizens are demanding the right to settle in this sector. The protestors are zealous in their demands and are screaming at the top of their lungs that it's "Sector 25 or fight, fight, FIGHT!!!!!!"


These are not idle threats, People of the world we warn you... Beware of the Jaihu

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--- Personal message from the President of Tamurin ---


I'm confused to read your threats to Europa. We thought you were a peaceful nation, but your threats to european nations that were just ASKING a "what-if"-question...


I hope that it won't come to a fight over zone 25. It would make me sad to see our friend in the north drifting into a war.

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"I think it's time to stop thinking 'chivalry' and to start thinking 'artillery'."

We are a peaceful nation that ocassionally needs to illustrate that our Manifest Destiny is not to be toyed with by Nations that are equally insistant about their own territorial claims.

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As we have done with the weaponstesting of Sevrun, we are also prepared to send a team of inspectors from the UN to Jaihu to oversee these testing. We ask that the Jaihu Government agree and receive this party with openness.

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The Holy Empire of Jaihu warmly greets the team of UN inspectors and will make the necessary arrangements for their lodging and offices. The offices of the Jaihuian Ministry of Military Science will be at their disposal 24/7 and they will have access to construction sites throughout Zone 25 on a ongoing basis as long as it is deemed that there is no issues with safety.

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Phil IV still condemns the need to own massive missile defences, in a region that is renownd fro its peaceful nature and friendly attitudes, Phil IV asks why Jaihu and Vanarambain continue to feel they need these WMD's to defend themselves against a non-existant threat. Ourselves have undergone a process of demiliterisation since the Pot war, and are currently prospering and are not under threat from anybody.


We feel the very existance of missile defences in this region is an act of international distrust and is not a good practice to get into. there are likly to be many Philian anti-missile protesters on their way to Jaihu at the moment, and we will make no efforts to stop them on their way there, but expect them to be treated well when they get there.


Phil IV signing off, we hope that we can begin the reduction of militery arms in the region soon

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We still believe that Jaihu didn't have to make this point so loud and aggressive...


And the sentence you quoted does not fit in here. It was first said in our civil war and shows how brutal the fighting was. We sincerely hope you don't perceive that kind of brutality as a national goal.

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Vanamambaion will take into account the opposition of Tamurin and Phil. However, we would also like to ask, when is it time to prepare for war? Certainly not once war has been declared on you, but many years in advance, so as to be ready for the war when it is dropped in your laps. The aggressive nature shown by Pot demonstrates that all is not yet well in this region, and until that determination can be made, Vanarambaion will continue to maintain missile defense system. In response to Phil's concerns about total number of missiles, Vanarambaion has been reducing it's long-range stockpile since the Pot War.

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Apologies for being misunderstood.


I never spoke AGAINST missile-defense. In fact, I would be pleased if Tamurin had a missile-defense-system. Unfortunately that is beyond our military and technological capacities.


I was just saying that the harsh words of Jaihu were unnecessary and caused some concern here. We would be very sorry if we saw Jaihu evolve into an aggressive nation, because we are very happy with our current friendship with Jaihu.

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We as a Nation are not Agressive,but we are Agressively Defensive. Meaning we have no interest in invading or imposing our will upon your nation... We have no imperialistic aspirations.


We may not have the same point of view as others relating to a nation's right to have the means to defend itself, but we would ask you to respect our ambitions to Agressively Defend our borders. If this means that as a nation we choose to actively pursue a missile defense program... so be it. You chose your method of defense, The Holy Empire of Jaihu will actively and aggressively pursue it's own chosen method of defense.

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To: All Nations and Foreign Nationals within The Holy Empire of Jaihu

Fr: The Supreme Jaihuian Council

Subject: Terrorist Threats


Effective Immediately


Any Citizens of Nations involved in the Tamurin Conflict within the borders of The Holy Empire of Jaihu and the B.A.A. Testing Area are to be deported.


The Supreme Jaihuian Council has received intelligence information from the International and Domestic Intelligence Community that there is an increased threat of a Terrorist Attack in The Holy Empire of The Jaihu. In response to this threat the Supreme Jaihuian Council is revoking all Diplomatic, Transit, Tourist, Permanent, and Student visas of Foreign Nationals effective immediately.


All Foreign Nationals are to report to the offices of the Holy Imperial Guard immediately for questioning, reprocessing of documentation and deportation of any Foreign National deemed to be a threat to Jaihuian National Security. Any Foreign National not reporting for reprocessing will be arrested and deported immediately.


All non-essential Jaihuian employees of Diplomatic Missions abroad are being recalled at this time as well. The Holy Empire of Jaihu has released a Travel Advisory to it's citizens warning of increased dangers to international travellers and is denying exit visas to all of it's citizens seeking to travel to the Kingdom of Phil IV, the Democratic Republic of Lanjon, Byzantium Nova, Sevrun, The Socialist Tribal Alliance of Mongol-Swedes, The Armed Republic of Ekainak, The S.S.S.S., Niederoestereich, Tamurin, The Beautiful Empire of Orioni and any other nation involved in the deteriorating situation in Tamurin.


Earlier today, a terrorist cell of 5 Foreign Nationals was discovered in Zao Jaihu with sophisticated communications devices, weapons and enough explosives to cause severe damage to essential infrastructure. The Holy Empire of Jaihu is currently holding these individuals for questioning and will determine whether they will be deported or tried for Terrorism and Attempted Crimes Against Humanity.



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FROM: Tamurin High-Command, Field Marshall von Steinburg

TO: Jaihu, Supreme Council

RE: Tamurin citizens


We have given orders to our citizens in your country to report in and prepare for immediate departure to the Republic of Tamurin.

All citizens should report in in the next 3 days. All others are sick, dead, cut off or terrorists.


We trust the police of Jaihu that they treat the citizens of Tamurin with respect.

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-------Official Report----------

Byzantine Empire has called all Byzantines in Jaihuian territory to leave. All travel from Byzantine Empire to Jaihu has also been halted after deporting all Byzantine citizens. All Byzantine citizens not leaving will do so by their own risk. The time limit to report in the Byzantine embassy is 24 hours after which all citizens of the Empire will remain on their own risk. The means of reportin in are found in the Imperial Guide To Foreign Travel.


All citizens of the Holy Empire of Jaihu in Byzantine soil must report to nearest Imperial Guard post. Seek advice of post locations in Guide To Travelling In The Empire. All Citizens of Empire of Jaihu without proper certificate will be expelled after questioning by Imperial Guard Security if encountered after 24 hours.


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the Philian embassy has already been emptied in protest at the testing of wepons in the first place, any Philian citizens currently in Jaihu are being advised to leave, and special planes have been sent, but we are not forcing them to go, they can leave of their own accord, but we are not evacuating our people.

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All citizens of the Mongol-Swede tribelands in the Kingdom Of Jaihu are advised that potential diplomatic deterioration with the Jaihuians may come about in the recent light of accusations of terrorists allied to our People's Government, and have been advised to exit the kingdom at their earliest convenience, if they so choose. . Aircraft will be sent courtesy of the Mongol-Swede Airlines Company to provide transportation back to our honourable tribelands. And in light of the accusations of our People's Government condoning 'terrorism' against the Jaihu, we agree to any security regulations that may be specially targeted against us, but warn that any civil rights violations beyond reasonable security will be taken seriously, and will be addressed to the United Nations as well as the region of Europa.


We appreciate the cooperation of the Jaihuian government and pledge our own.

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To: Citizens of Ekainak in Jaihu

From: Ekainako Communist Party

Subject: Return


In light of Jaihu's recent declaration stating that citizens of Ekainak will be deported, we of the ECP request that all return. If you suffer any mistreatment at the hands of the Jaihu or involuntary detainment, please contact your embassy or consulate with any proof you may posess.




To: Jaihu

From: Ekainak

Subject: Monitoring testing


With your recent declaration on the deportation of all foreigners from the previously stated nations, and your announcement on the selling of the offensive "Mohawk" missiles, Our government is worried that your occupation of land used for development of an alleged defensive missile capability will go unmonitored. We accept your concern regarding foreigners in your country and request that some foreigners be allowed to remain within your borders to monitor your activities. As well, Ekainak demands information on any citizen of Ekainak being detained.

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To: All Nations

Fr: Supreme Jaihuian Council


We have finished processing all Foreign Nationals and are ready to release numbers regarding deportation orders:


Foreign Nationals required to leave - 2025 (Mostly includes citizens of Phil IV who were present in The Holy Empire of Jaihu only to protest or otherwise disrupt Weapons Testing in Sector 25 and other subversive elements from other nations seeking fundamental changes to Jaihuian society.)


Foreign Nationals with reprocessed Visas which allowed them to remain in Jaihu - 10,250 (Includes citizens of other nations in Europa with a valid reason to remain in Jaihu.)


Individuals without citizenship - 12, 650 (These refugees have been granted temporary residency permits pending further investigation and have been ordered to wear leg braclets with a tracking device so that authorities can monitor their movements at all times.)


The processing of Foreign Nationals inside The Holy Empire of Jaihu included:


1) Digital scans of fingerprints.

2) Digital pictures of frontal and right/left profiles.

3) Digital Retinal Scans.


Any Foreign National declining to participate in this processing was free to leave The Holy Empire of Jaihu unless there was reason to hold the individual for questioning. No one's human rights were abused, at most they were inconvienced by these measures to increase Jaihuian Homeland Security.



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