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**Secret Transmission**

To: NCP Tanasos

From: Tarentum High Command


The Confederation is willing to support a leftist uprising on the island of Tanasos. Weapons can be made available on a lend-lease basis.

Secret Service will be sent to advise on your request.

Additional support may be deployed.



OOC: Go ahead and use my military trade thread to request the gons you need. Don't go too over board, and you might get something other than what you order.

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**1:13am, Port of Knossos NorthWestern Coast**


The two cargo ships destined for Tanasos were loaded in the middle of night, concealing the fact that several hundred Alpha Corps commandos were to be boarded and dispatched to the troubled isle. Smoke generators had been set up around the port, shrouding the docks from discovery via satellite or spy-plane.


The smoke had the effect of slowing the loading process, but that precaution had to be taken, at least the upper crust of the military believed so. By 2:30am the ships were loaded with several thousand unmarked crates and their passengers.



**Naval Task Force #7, Storm Ocean**

Encoded Transmission

To: Tarentum Command


No contact with foreign vessels*

approx 38hrs from plot 0.2*


Mod Comment: Smoke generators won't conceal the loading from IR sat imaging or a number of other forms of equipment. Indeed, what was done is like to draw attention to the area.

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Temporary air base, Plot 0.2, .22km from west coast.


Task Force #7 arrived on the west coast of plot 0.2 just before dawn. The Commodore wasted little time in disembarking the men and machines to the island. Hundreds of soldiers and dozens of heavy machines were landed and assigned the construction of a temporary air base near the coast. By 4pm that day the air strip was ready for touch down by land based aircraft. An airbase, if one could call it that, had been established by the Confederation Navy on plot 0.2 in 12 hours.


**Encoded Transmission


airbase functional*

ready to receive*

no contact with natives*

no contact with foreign vessels*



user posted image



Back in the Confederacy, several C-242 cargo planes departed from military airfields in the northern territory, loaded with extra soldiers and supplies to complete the air base and create a sustainable base on the island.


user posted image

A Starlifter takes off, en route to the island air base.

Mod Comment: It is impossible to create an heavy aircraft strip on virgin territory in just 12 hours.

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Mod Comment:


1. True, but intel operatives would wonder what was going on.


2. Landing a large plane on a dirt runway built in 12 hours...are SDC pilots crazy? It can't gunna happen. The plane might hit the ground...hit being the operative word. leveling and preparing the ground would take days.

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@Aristo: Tagmatium's offering air and naval facilities to the Confederation, but don't expect to get them for free. The Imperial Government is still distrustful of the Confederacy, especially as they've only just swapped to a more pro-Tagmatine government. The ordinary Tagmatines still regard Confederates as suspicious backstabbers, so your troops must expect some hostility from the ordinary person in Tagmatium.


The Imperial Government isn't particularly trusting of proper democracies, as it regards them as too fickle. Its closest ally, Adaptus, is a democracy, and Tagmatium has had to fight two wars in as many years, as well as seeing about five or six different regimes, often on completely different ends of the political spectrum.

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OOC: Wow this rp look's totally rigged for the revolutionaries. Cmon government soldiers aren't that dumb and weak. It's almost everything is going right for the revolutionaries while everything is going completely wrong for the Loyalists. Just makin some input.

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