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Island Drowning Pool

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Haraldur P?ll and his lieutenant hovered over an old map of the island nation in a small, poorly lit room in the second basement of the Maiden Building in Volos. The one, sixty watt bulb that hung from the cable in the ceiling could provide barely enough light to illuminate the map, although the shadows from the men's heads made for some difficulty in seeing the whole of the map at one time. Seeing it comfortably and seeing it wholly were two different things in the abandoned floor of the third tallest building in Volos.


The second basement, although lacking natural light and having not been cleaned in almost a decade, made for a safe place for the revolutionaries to meet. No one but them went down there, not even the building's janitors.


Down in the dirty, dark basement P?ll and his lieutenant's voices echoed softly in that small room.


**Secret Tansmission**

To: The Confederation, Tagmatium

From: ???


for liberty for freedom /stop

islandic revolutionaries are /stop

preparing open rebellion /stop

against opressive government /stop

need weapons and /stop

leadership to lead /stop

islandics to freedom /stop




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Haraldur P?ll and four other revolutionaries conversed in the gritty old basement of the Maiden Building. The lighiting was failing, and they could barely make out one another's faces in the dim meeting lounge.


"We have spoken with the Navy's highest officers. They say that if they can be garunteed they will not be hung for treason, they will join in our efforts. With the Navy on our side we can try to cut the military off from the rest of the rogue states." One said.


The upper brass of the NPC went by numerical code names, as a means of deflecting government attempts to track them down. So far it had worked quite well, coupled with other tactics.


"Also, the Confederation has agreed to lend us better weaponry. We've already logged an order and we can expect shipments to arrive here in Volos in the next few days.--" Two was interrupted by Four.


"A few days of re-arming our the fighters and we can assume ourselves ready to revolt here, and assemble our columns publicly, and let the world know we are rising again."


Haraldur pondered the information for a moment. "Am I right to assume the Confederation is sending a Naval Fleet to the northern sea?"


"Yes, comrade. They have responded to a Tanasi government privateer attack on their own. That force will arrive nearly the same time our arms shipments will." replied Two.


"Contact them. Ask for assistance from their ships. No doubt that when we rise up the TLA will muster everything and march on Volos. When it arrives, the fighting will be bloody, civilians will be killed. Tell them that help from their ships might save innocent lives.


"And what of Tagmatium?"


"They haven't responed to our plea for help... yet."

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**1:13am, Port of Knossos NorthWestern Coast**


The two cargo ships destined for Tanasos were loaded in the middle of night, concealing the fact that several hundred Alpha Corps commandos were to be boarded and dispatched to the troubled isle. Smoke generators had been set up around the port, shrouding the docks from discovery via satellite or spy-plane.


The smoke had the effect of slowing the loading process, but that precaution had to be taken, at least the upper crust of the military believed so. By 2:30am the ships were loaded with several thousand unmarked crates and their passengers.



**Naval Task Force #7, Storm Ocean**

Encoded Transmission

To: Tarentum Command


No contact with foreign vessels*

approx 38hrs from plot 0.2*


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Temporary air base, Plot 0.2, .22km from west coast.


Task Force #7 arrived on the west coast of plot 0.2 just before dawn. The Commodore wasted little time in disembarking the men and machines to the island. Hundreds of soldiers and dozens of heavy machines were landed and assigned the construction of a temporary air base near the coast. By 4pm that day the air strip was ready for touch down by land based aircraft. An airbase, if one could call it that, had been established by the Confederation Navy on plot 0.2 in 12 hours.


**Encoded Transmission


airbase functional*

ready to receive*

no contact with natives*

no contact with foreign vessels*



user posted image



Back in the Confederacy, several C-242 cargo planes departed from military airfields in the northern territory, loaded with extra soldiers and supplies to complete the air base and create a sustainable base on the island.


user posted image

A Starlifter takes off, en route to the island air base.

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The Confederate ships containing the arms and secret soldiers arrived in the port of Volos in the middle of the night. The company which owned that dock yard was sympathetic to the revolutionary cause, and allowed the ships to be unloaded for free, without notifying the government.


The cargos were loaded from the ships onto semi-trucks and 'shipped' to the revolutinaries in the city and surrounding smaller towns. In a few days the rebellions would start. Police stations would be attacked and subdued, local government buildings siezed, and communication cut-off from the upper government.


The Confederation commandos organized themselves into their groups and set off for some destinations north of Volos. Harauldur and his closest members knew they were here, and were going to support the cause, but they were under their leader's command and would act independently from the main rebellion.

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Alpha Corps soldiers headed north and east of Volos. Spreading out into the forest about the city, the Confederate soldiers set up ambush points along highways and railroads leading into the city. The idea would be to prevent, or at least hinder, the government soldiers from entering the city in the first few crucial days of the revolt.


Intel has briefed them on an army base near the city before they left. Tarentum believed that they would be the first to respond to the uprising the the city, and intended for them to rout the Tanasi soldiers once the violence broke out.


The Alpha Corps support of the freedom fighters would be augmented by air support from the Naval Task Force just a few hundred miles away to the north. More ships were on their way to the temporary air strip on the unclaimed island, while the task force itself began heading toward the island nation. The plan was for air strikes to hamper the army's ability to head south, and to focre the government into hiding by a short "shock and awe" campaign in the capital.


Outdated armor, small arms and supplies were being loaded onto navy supply ship back home. These would arrive in a few days, hopefully just in time to bolster the revolutionary fighters once they assume control of Volos. If everything goes as planned, the revolution would be ready to break out of Volos within two weeks.


user posted image

Alpha Corps slip through a forest on their way to an ambush point.



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Tanasi Revolutionaries, now armed and equipt with the superior Confederate weapons rise up in Volos and the surrounding counties. Cities in a 40 miles radius from Volos experience chaos as revolutionaries storm into important buildings and clash with police and the civil protection in the streets. Violence and house to house fighting between the freedom fighters and government loyalists lasts long into the night and the next day, with little reprieve for civilians caught in the middle of the rebellion.


Captured broadcast centers in Volos send a message of hope to civilians over the televisions and radios in their homes. Friendly media voices tell the people that the violence will end soon and that the rebels are there to help them find the way back to liberty. Civilians are encouraged to join the revolution by joining the rebels in the fighting.


user posted image

Rebels attend victoriously in a secured part of town.



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user posted image

Young revolutionary rushes through water


user posted image

Rebels attack Civil Protection outside of Volos.


user posted image

A Civil Protection tank was destroyed by rebels on the out skirts of Volos


user posted image

Civil Protection mans a machine gun north of the city


user posted image

Rebel guards her post



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***Encoded Transmission***

To: The Tanasi Revolutionaries

From: The Imperial Government of Tagmatium

Re: Support


We apologise for not giving a quicker reply. We have noticed an increase in Confederate shipping and aircraft, so we presume that they are supporting your forces with equipment and supplies.


Tagmatium, at this point, can?t commit any men or materials to this campaign, as the Tagmatine army is currently tied up inside of the Greater Holy Empire. However, the Holy Imperial Air Force, with its heavy bombers, could undertake operations against government positions, so long as you provide Tagmatium with the coordinates.


We may, at some point, provide you with support either from the Holy Imperial Navy or army, but this is entirely dependent on the situation inside of the Greater Holy Empire improving.

***Encoded Transmission***

To: the Social Democratic Confederation

From: the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Tanasos


It has come to the attention of the Greater Holy Empire that the Confederacy has recently begun to undertake operations in the island nation of Tanasos against the current government in that nation. The Imperial Government wonders whether this is entirely within the Confederacy?s sphere of influence, especially as until recently the Confederacy was a nation hostile to the Greater Holy Empire?s continued existence.


However, we feel that this isn?t the time to discuss where to draw the lines of influence in the Occident. The Imperial Government has decided that, in order to relive the Tanasi people of their oppressive government, the forces of the Confederacy may, if you so wish, use air bases in Tagmatium in order to supply the Tanasi Revolutionaries. Port facilities on the island of Defnascir can also be opened up to Confederate naval shipping.

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This is a morse and encoded message, the location and origin of the message it is still unknown but is from an uncertain point in the south:


From: PRORIW (People?s Republic of Red Iberic Workers.)

Message: Haraldur P?ll revols. PRORIW could support your brave Revol. against your oppressor government. Confirmation message to point 90 lat. and 56 at. in two days for your proposal.


End of message.


OOC: I don?t know if I could do this but I sent this message yesterday and maybe it would be important.

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OOC: Take this as happening a few days ago.


The Baron T'Nith looked a a number of images on his desk and then at a large digital map on the wall with positional markers on it before turning to the barons T'Ka and T'Rothric.


"You're sure about this?"


T'Ka nodded


"Yes. The SSN Obake first dectected increased SDC naval forces in the area. This was confirmed by satellite intelligence."


"Hmmmm. And the Tagmatines?"


T'Rothric, who had been studying some papers in front of him intently, looked up.


"They've not reacted to this incursion into their sphere of influence. My friends within the GHET's government have indicated they are going to take a wait and see approach at this time."


"I see. I think it would be wise if we had some formal discussions about this, don't you?"


"Yes, prehaps of the 'informal formal' type. I could invite the Tagmatine ambassador to dinner at my residence. If the dinner conversation turned to the issue, well, how could it be helped?"


T'Ka snorted and then smiled


"You damned diplomats, always so polite. Why not just ask directly?"


T'Nith returned T'Ka smile.


"I can see why your ancestors preferred clubs." He turned to T'Rothric who was smiling at the banter between his to close friends. "I think that would be an excellent idea."


T'Ka stood up.


"Well, thank the Stag the dinner plans have been made! While you two are fusing over the menu, I'll make sure we're ready to respond to all eventualities."


He walked towards the door, but stopped just before he reach it and turned to T'Nith.


"My ancestors preferred maces, not clubs. You should know that...the Stag knows they cracked enough of your clan members' skulls with them!"


With a satisfied smile on his face he opened tha door and walked out of the room muttering about damned diplomats and their tea parties.


T'Nith laughed.


"Thank the gods he didn't choose a career in the diplomatic corps!"


T'Rothric looked at him and with mock seriousness replied


"Oh I don't know, if he had we'd have at an interesting twenty odd years."


T'Nith, only half smiling, replied.


"They've been interesting enough with out his help. Let me know how things go with our Tagmintine friends. I have a feeling things are going to get a little more exciting in the next couple of weeks."


T'Rothric nodded.


"Yes, we truly do live in interesting times."

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Sgt. Rumn and two other soldiers had departed from their squad some time ago. Their commander sent them north to set a trap on a smaller road deeper into the forest. The odds many government soldiers would head that way were low, at least Rumn thought so. He doubted guarding this road was an important aspect of the operation, but orders were final, and Rumn lead his two along a dry creek-bed.


An hour north of the highway they encountered the point where the unpaved, backroad where they were to set their ambush. The creek was an off-white, sandy parabolic cut into the ground, surrounded by tall grasses amid a thin, deciduous forest. The bridge that spanned the gap over the creek bed showed signs of serious disrepair. The wood that had used to be submerged in water was rotten and falling apart. Even if the government soldiers came this way, that bridge wouldn't hold them as they crossed.


Rumn ordered the MG's be set up on the edge of the creek, facing East. One pleasant aspect of this place was the fact that a trench had already been carved out by flowing water some time ago. Fourty meters downstream, the MG's had a wide, clear view of the road and brigde, which Rumn had taken out by planting a grenade in the substructure.


Rumn's gunners in the 'trench' chatted while Rumn was away. He'd followed the road up a bit to watch for enemies. Sure enough, an armoured car and two, five-ton transport trucks came a while later. Rumn rushed back to the creek bed, jumping in right next to his MG's. "Quite that up!" He barked.


"Somone comin', sir?"


"Yeah; Gun car and two trucks. I'm heading over there..." He pointed just up the creek. "Wait for me to engage." Rumn turned and sped up to the side of the ruined bridge. He loaded his SMAW L2 with an AP round and shouldered his rocket and the gunners downstream locked and loaded their machine guns.


From the trees came the armoured car, with a gunner up top, and the two trucks following behind. Rumn set his finger on the trigger and lined the crosshairs with the windshield of the lead car. Fifty meteres from the bridge, Rumn fired the rocket. Just as quickly the car was transformed into a fire ball. The burning car fell off course and kept rolling after the rocket killed it's crew.


The guns downstream opened up on the two trucks as they sped up, trying to escape from the ambush. 7.62mm tore through the cab and canvased truck-bed of the first truck. Soldiers began hopping out of the back in a disorganized, every man for himself way, with or without their rifles, some were run down by the second truck, whose driver had been killed by the MG fire.


Rumn reloaded a frag round into the front of the tube, sighted the lead truck's hood under his crosshairs and fired. The front end blew open and the transport rolled to a stop after being hit in the rear by the following. Government troops trapped in the back of the first truck became fodder for the guns still firing at them.


Rumn walked back to the gunners and signaled them to hold fire. "We did our job, pack up." The three Alpha Corpsmen loaded their weapons and began their way back to the main contingent.

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OOC: I will make this a little short, I'm tired


Haraldur Pall helped lead the rebellion in Volos from the front line. Leading a platoon personally, he and his men were the ones to capture the state Capitol Building downtown. Now that the government forces had been completely rooted out or forced into hiding, the Confederation's help with tanks, guns, uniforms and food were flowing into Volos with great speed.


Pall considered the next move the rebels should take. This point in the revolution would be just as critical as the first overthrow in the city. Should they start moving out into the country-side where they would be without good defenses but away from civilians? Or should they stay in the city where they had the advantage while putting the unarmed people at danger?


Pall's lieutenants had been telling him that the Confederation supplies were coming in fast enough to make an advance north possible by tommorrow. But he had no doubt the military in the north was mobilizing. They would soon move out and attack the rebels, and Pall wanted to be ready for them, either in the city or outside it.


"Well," he thought, "we should move as quickly as we can. Bjorg, come in here... assemble the new men and machines, we will move out tommorrow!"

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