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Hi, I'm New!

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My old but rather lovely nation has relocated to Europa. I am the ruler, Empress Grace Leigh, and came into power in April of this year after my 18th birthday. We are a peaceful nation, and take pride in our vineyards, olive & lemon groves, pastas, fresh seafood & artisan breads. (Okay, we like food & wine, if you get the picture!) We hope you will welcome us with open arms.



Empress Grace Leigh

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Wow, mesmerized by flashing pixels...I'm on the government medicinal weed roughly 24 hours a day, except Sunday (which makes me ponder the seperation of church and state that they fail to send me a daily joint on Monday for Sundays) and that didn't even phase me. Then again, it's about as potent as the stuff alot of people grow in their backyards, only without the panging headache that impure stuff usually brings.


Anywho, I apologize for wasting your time with a miraculously well-typed rant on how the flashy-starry avatar didn't affect me. I'll end with a memorable phrase from all-time mentor(I wish) Lewis Black.


"One day, two rabbits were sitting on a log. One goes home and hangs himself. Buy a bike."

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You boys are all wimps!  laugh.gif


Welcome, I'm an Ambassador from another region, but I stick around a lot...I have no life tongue.gif So I hope to get to know you better!


So care to explain what make us wimps and makes us boys winkwinkknowwhatimean.gifwinkwinkknowwhatimean.gif

By the way love your graphics winkwinkknowwhatimean.gif HEH HEH HEH (in a low raspy voice) winkwinkknowwhatimean.gifwinkwinkknowwhatimean.gif

@ Endless Summer--Nice to see you back and Happy New Year 492.gif

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off topic! what do you mean off topic!!! offtopic.gif <----thats off topic


@Sage, dont worry babe, not all us blokes hit on every girl they see...i just go for the good ones.. winkwinkknowwhatimean.gif (gives Sage bunny.gif ) merry christmas!...


*spies Summers Avatar*




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