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Welcome to the First Episode of Hot Wire on the CTN

Cue Motley Crue's Kickstart My Heart

Your Four Hosts:

Michael Weber (An expert in politics)

Alexander Becker (The Hun Himself (Nickname), Retired Colonel in the Cypriceos Royal Army, and political advisor for M.Blair in the early 90's before he retired.)

Alyson Blauvelt (Another political expert)

Katrina Claget (More political experts


This show is called "Hot Wire" (Politics and World news talk show).


TOP STORY Exclusive: The Boiling Pot: Cypriceos caught in a compromise


Michael Weber: Red Iberic Workers threats of workers revolutions have caused outrage amongst the capitalists nations in the region. Some threatening war mainly our ally Renposa . Red Iberic has come to Cypriceos asking for a non aggression pact. Do you think Cypriceos will comply? Becker?


Alexander Becker: Absolutely not Michael and here's why. Our own Emperor and most of the council including I was in the army during the KanSov Cypriceos war so they will have angry feelings against Communists....Interupted

Alyson Blauvelt: But Red Iberic has stated that they are a socialist nation.

Alexander BeckerLaughing: Miss socialists don't have slogan's of "killing the big fat capitalist" on their nations nor do they threaten revolutions. When Communists want better treatment they start revolutions and kill. When a socialist doesn't like the treatment they are getting they along with their workers unions go on safe strikes.


Michael Weber: Interesting. Becker? Do you think Cypriceos will go to war with Renposa if it happens?

Alexander Becker: I am not 100% sure but I am not leaving that option out because there is a possibility that it could happen. Like I said before, our Emperor and various Council members lived during the USSR and even fought against Communists in the KanSov-Cypriceos war 1983-1986. After all were still coming out of the M. Blair era of military arms development and anti Communist ideas.


Michael Weber: Okay. Alyson you have 10 seconds. State your case.

Alyson Blauvelt: I believe that Cypriceos should not go to war because we are going against a peaceful nation of socialists not the Communists Becker fought in the 1980's and believes were dealing with but regular socialists


End of segment.

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Cue music

Cypricean National Anthem. Ignore the youtube page and just use it as music to back up the anthem.

Cypriceos makes it's stand on the Red Iberic Workers Issue

Today Hans Krupp Our Honourable Chancellor of Cypriceos and second most powerful man in the country made his statement at the Reichstag in Valinor:

The Emperor, Council, and I have made our decision. We will not stand and support a country who believe's in killing hard working men/women for more money. Red Iberic Workers is not Socialist, they are a Communist nation who's national slogan is may I quote: "Kill the Big Capitalist, free the workers". We support Renposa's defensive stand taken against these "Rebels", and we are ready and willing to use military action, and I have one last thing to say to Rose Amaros. Either GET YOUR COUNTRIES ACT together or will do it for you.


Would you like to know more?


The Cypricean Warmachine.

Cypriceos rose from the ashes in the early 1980's to emerge as one of the premier powers of the new millenium thanks to our former honourable and classy leader Marko Blair.


Show's a picture of Marko Blair. He was always dressed to impress.


In 1983 the KanSov's invaded Cypriceos a nation which was struggling in all fields since the successful Rebellion of 1945 which was influenced by the USSR. Hope was uncertain in the early years as the KanSov army seized New Danzig, Ragnarok and all lands near the river without much of a fight thanks to our traitorous leader at the time David Schulz. Rebel heroes such as Elliot Baumer (Killed in the war) and other rogue soldiers of the CRA. Things were looking grim until Marko Blair called a vote of non confidence and defeated Schullz by a landslide winning 90% of the votes. Blair immediately fired the Supreme General Ralph Guerin passed the "Iron Steed Bill"(Major war production bill) and the factories started rolling out tanks, guns, ammo, and the whole bandula until the Cypriceans turned the tide and forces the Soviets to surrender in 1986.


Today Cypriceos has one of the largest armies in Europa. Cypriceos intills peace throughout it's lands with these weapons built by our own company Titan Force Industries.

Odin MkII

user posted image


JF-14 Ultra Gungnir protect our skies

user posted image


Red Iberic better watch out.


End of segment.

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OOC: I'm trying to spoof Starship Troopers a bit plus this is from a Cypriceos viewpoint so don't take this as absolute truth or point out inaccuracies


Chancellor Hans Krupp warns Red Iberic and Tagmatium Rules of their actions. Warns Cypriceans to stay vigilant.

Today Hans Krupp lashed back at Red Iberic and Tagmatium Rules after recent incidents:


Hans Krupp: Many great countries have built themselves up from the due to hard work and determination by Cypriceans and other nations grandfathers,grandfathers,fathers and sons. These Communists believe in social welfare to help out the people. All social welfare does is premote laziness and shoddy workmanship from the people.


These Communsists believe that killing innocent hardworking citizens for more money and better benefits


These rebels from Red Iberic want to destroy everything that Points to the screen you the average citizens have worked hard for. A proper defence must be made against these rebels so a world wide revolution doesn't start in one's backyard which is why I, Cypriceos is calling for ALL CAPITALIST NATIONS to join together and form an effective organization to defend our proud nations against these savages who want to murder OUR HARD WORKING CITIZENS and DESTROY OUR NATIONS BUSINESSES AND ECONOMIES.


We have no quarrel with Socialist nations as they premote the same beliefs as Communists but DON'T USE violence to get their ways.


Would you like to know more?


The Homefront: How to spot a commie

From the Titan Force weapons testing grounds outside in the Valinor forests is Military Scientists and Expert in Strategy Mr. Erwin Eberhard. A middle aged clean looking scientist. Almost looks like a new employee.


Erwin Eberhard: Yes thank you. Today we will show you some key tips in spotting a Communist.

1. They believe in equality for everyone (If you see someone like this stay vigilant but don't take action yet because they might be a socialist)

2. They show signs of hatred towards corporations (Getting warmer)

3. They wear pink shirts. Look at example a:user posted image

4. Have lots of Lenin and Stalin items (posters, etc)

5. Own the book Communist Manifesto

6. A poor lower middle class person (Just a generalization)


Okay so we know some tips on how to spot one but how can we take them out?


Erwin Eberhard: Yes well. I highly recommend the AR-51 our newest rifle. Somebody hand me a rifle? Random tech worker hands him one. From a bunker behind Erwin some low level security forces shove disgruntled men outside of the compound in the middle of what looks like a shooting range. They appear to be prisoners with life sentences and unforgivable crimes. Erwin cocks the gun and aims at one of them. Okay this rifle fires the new 6.8mm rounds a round that blends long range with heavy firepower. Comes in burst, semi, or fully automatic. Easy to handle and aim with it's 3.0x zoom lense. Watch as I display.


Erwin aims the rifle at one of the prisoners who stands roughly 300-400 meters away. A shot is heard and a splat of blood is seen from the man's head. The prisoner falls down immediately. The prisoners start panicking and try to get away.


Erwin Eberhard: Comes with 40mm grenade launcher attachment. Loads one in the rifle. And fires one at a croud of four prisoners trying to run. Some fall down right away while loud screams of pain are heard from some of the survivors who have shrapnel wounds.


Erwin: The extra shrapnel adds that effect. Bloody brilliant eh? Okay the AR-51 is a high choice however not everyone can afford one. Take a look at the CS-1 shotgunMan hands one to Erwin as he walks on the field towards the survivors. Another classic. Can fire different cartridges but I'm just gonna use the standard 12 gauge. Aims at one of the survivors


Survivor:Crying in fear, and painPlease...I'm begging you....I'll be a good boy.

Erwin kicks the prisoner over and fires one round into his chest. The man falls down. Erwin pulls out a hankerchief and wipes the splattered blood off his face.


And these are some easy to use weapons that the average citizen can use incase of Communist revolution which can be purchased at Titan Force Civilian Small Arms Shops all across Cypriceos. Happy hunting soldiers.


Cue Titan Force Advertisement


End of news.

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The CKL (Air Force) Releases new Advertizement

Today the CKL released it's new commercial showing footage from some air battles between the KanSov's and the Cypriceans in early 1986 near the end of the war featuring Pete Mitchell (Maverick).


Supreme General William Mauser: We hoped to show the heroism, brotherhood, adventure, loyalty, and teamwork involved in the CKL with this footage. The pilots shown here are real and this is unsensored/unedited footage.


Here it is:

Click Here

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Cypriceos and Red Iberic Workers begin early stages of peace talks

War was on a lot of people's minds after Hans Krupp speach made a couple of days ago and the special episode on the CTN but it appears that Hans Krupp and Red Iberic are ready to start peace talks. No one saw this coming. Experts are saying the decision was made on a strategic basis.


Hans Krupp: War would not be very good for Cypriceos, Red Iberic and Europa as a whole at the moment. As for Irwin Eberhard. He was fired immediately after the show aired. Eberhard was just suppose to fire the weapons at dummies but he crossed the line with the shooting of prisoners. We are Cypriceans not HUNS.


But will the peace talks hold? Renposa Cypriceos's ally has not responded.


Cypriceos Commissions 3 of it's new J?rmungandr II class SLBM submarines

New submarine:

user posted image


General William Mauser, Chancellor Hans Krupp, and company were at Valinor harbor celebrating the new 25 ton submarines that will replace the old J?rmungandr SLSM subs which weighed almost double.

Old Submarine

user posted image

William Mauser: The sub will possess better stealth capabilities than the old J?rmungandr's but will be more slim. It will cost less than the I's model's and will have better performance.

Announcer: Mr. Mauser will this sub be sold by Titan Force to Europa?

William Mauser: At the moment our allies can place order's on hold and this will be availible to the rest of Europa within a couple of years "Without the SLBM's of course Start's laughing in his low deep voice. The I's models will stay in our fleet's until we reach our project of 10 II classes which will be in 2-3 years.


Valinor Shipbuilders Associates announced that it will be selling 3 of the J?rmungandr I's replaced by the II's to any Europan country. Titan Force will announce the price within a couple of days. They will not come with the SLBM's but can hold any foreign SLBM's.


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Breaking News: Cypriceos leaves the ECO.....The Drama unfolds

Michael Weber: Cypriceans woke up at dawn today hear the shocking news.


Hans Krupp: As of 8:30AM today Cypriceos has resigned from the Europa Capitalist Organization. We will not take part in this war of ignorance and political ideology.


According to the media at the Chancellors newsroom large gasps of Uhhhhhhhhh, and Whoahhhhh were heard from the people viewing Krupp. Krupp refused to answer any questions and left immediately after saying this. People want answers. Here with me is The Hun Himself Mr.Becker. Mr. Becker this is obviously a shock to everyone in Cypriceos what happened?


Alexander Becker: Well Mr. Krupp wants Cypriceos to gain a good reputation and lots of allies and joining with Ren and this war would have done the complete opposite? I believe Mr. Krupp is trying to usher in a new era where political ideaologies can all be accepted. I imagine that Cypriceos may join the new alliance forming with SDC, Wyvoria and others.


Michael Weber: But isn't Cypriceos totalitarian?

Becker: See that's what alot of people think but they need to look back a bit. Cypriceos is a Constitutional Monarchy. The royal family the Wagners no longer have the power that they had almost 50-60 years ago. Krupp and his organization have most of the power.


Michael Weber: Alright were out of time today. Catch tommorrow's segment when we interview Cypriceos Criminal turned Bounty Hunter Austin "The Wolf" McBain. You can catch his show where he hunts criminals down "Lonewolf" on LUT(Life Unscripted Television).

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