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Restylings of Old Ways

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Sotirios Panos took his seat in the Executive Office behind the big desk where former President Radomir Aemelianus sat just a week ago. Panos smiled as he looked out the window at the well-kept garden in the courtyard below. The inch-thick bullet -proof window made a dull thunk as he flicked it with his finger. Nothing short of an RPG would get through that.


Panos turned back to his desk, facing the large flag hanging over the only door to the office. He smiled at himself, being the only Socialist-Democratic President in the history of the Confederacy. Admiring the room, he couldn't help but question "How could those corporate puppeteers allow an SDP candidate to win their rigged elections?" Were not his policies opposed to their monied interests? Did they believe that they could buy him over and make his term validate their claims that capitalism was the only viable system for the UCCFS?


Panos paused at the thought. UCCFS became the acronymn for his goal for the end of his first term. Utilitarian Confederacy of Capitalist Free States. His second term, if he would win it, would be the term that truely reverses the scourge of capitalist exploitation from his nation. For now, the most he could realistically hope to do would be to start repairing the condition of things. The rich-poor gap among others.


To: The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

From: The Confederation


Respected Comrades,


I am glad to send you my first formal greeting as President of the Confederation. As I have been briefed by the upper-echelons of military and government, I find myself appaulled at how the old regime has acted in the international sence, and more specifically, toward you.


As the first (and only) Socialist Party President of the Confederation, I would like to extend my deepest feelings of remorse and regret for what has been done. I assure you, sirs, that such atrocious actions will never be taken so long as I am in power here. I hope that you, in your wisdom and confidence, will see the light behind my eyes, and realize that we see things in a similar manner.


I hope our nations, while being opposed in the past, can rise above the petty rivalries of our history and become, in time, great friends and parteners.


Sotirios Panos, SDP

Confederation President

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OOC: Sorry for just a telegram post, I wanted to do my usual thing of having the Imperial Government discussing policy, but I?ve not got the time to do it. Suffice to say, Tagmatium doesn?t trust the Confederacy at all still.

To: the Confederation

From: the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: the hand of friendship


Dear Sotirios Panos, President of the Confederacy,


The Imperial Government is surprised by your recent victory in the polls, especially as your nation was such a bulwark of capitalism of the worst kind. The aggressiveness of the previous administration even meant that a whole army was on constant alert in the south of the Greater Holy Empire as a precaution against any attempts to forcibly change the political leanings of the Imperial Government.


We recognise that you feel guilt and remorse for the previous actions of your nation, but we will not, in any way, hold you accountable for the past. After all, it wasn?t you or your party which was attempting to lead a crusade against socialism in Europa. We do hope that, in the future, our two nations will be able to get along and cooperate together.


As a sign of the Imperial Government?s good faith, we remove the ban that was placed on Confederate shipping from moving through the canal. All Confederate-owned and registered will be allowed to move through the canal, for the full toll, of course.


In return, all the Imperial Government asks for is for the Confederation to admit to Europa that they used illegal weapons against Tagmatine forces during the war in Tarragat. However, we may also look at whether we wish to pursue a request at a trial for those that ordered the use of napalm against our forces in Tarragat.


Yours sincerely,


Eugenius Wilson,


Minister for Foreign Affairs


Of the


Greater Holy Empire.

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Thirty seven of the highest government officials circled the round, steel-blue table in the third sub-basement in Tarentum Command. Only the presence of ten cabinet members really made a difference, the rest were there simply to stay informed on the changing policy of the SDP lead Confederate government.


On the wall opposite Panos were mounted several maps of the current areas of interest to the Confederacy. Opaque glass planes that diffused the light that defined the boundaries between nations, and the separation of land and sea. Dots and lines of light all over the boards displayed the bits of current information of the studied zones. Dots and lines of red, blue, and white signified the knowns about bases, cities, sea lanes and whatever else might be of use.


"Moving on." Panos tapped a few buttons on a touch-screen embedded in the table and the maps not highlighting the People's Republic of Red Iberic Workers and Cypriceos dimmed themselves. "It seems that the fascists in Renposa and Cypriceos are making hostile, but lateral, moves against the PRoRIW, while declaring their animosity toward left-leaning nations like ourselves.


"I want to send a message to Europa. Show them that the Confederation is not backing out of regional affairs after our shift in the political spectrum. Mr. Defense, deploy the Southern Naval Fleet to the Token Sea near Cypriceos national waters. Show them just what the Confederation has to offer radical right-wing aggressors.


"Also, send a communique to the People's Republic. Inform them that the Confederation is on their side. Offer and exchange of embassies or something, just start up diplomatic relations."

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Meeting Room #110, Tarentum Capitol Building

user posted image


Panos, Defense and State sat alone at the ovular table in the capitol building. Panos at the head of the table, in one of those 'comfy', cream white, plushy chairs read an intel report as Defense briefed him on the issue.


"Cypriceos has offered normalcy to the People's Republic. However, the Renposan money-thumpers have moved into a quasi-war after a random terror attack they conveniently blame on the only socialist nation in the area..." Defense said.


"Quasi-war? What makes it quasi?" Panos inquired.


"They haven't actually delcared war... yet. As of yet, they blame the PR and the Renposan Senate has authorized their executive to use the military for revenge." explained Defense.


"The Southern Fleet is preparing to deploy to the Token Sea." Panos reviewed. "Reasses their mission. Send them east of Renposa, rather than Cypriceos. Give 'em everything; carriers, destroyers, ballistic subs, everything assigned to the fleet. If they declare war before the fleet departs, assemble the Marines, attach them to the fleet, and begin organizing the military for a possible campaign in the South. I am also ordering the nation to DEFCON 3." He ordered.


"Right away, sir." Defense said, then strangely bowed before leaving.


"State, issue a press release informing the nation of fascist aggression in the Token, and that we must be prepared to aid friends and allies, no matter how remote."

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To: the Social Democratic Confederation

From: the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: the Conflict Brewing in the South


Dear President Sotirios Panos,


We doubt that you could have failed to notice the current diplomatic situation in the south of the region, a situation that gets worse with every passing hour. Renposa and the PRRIBW are on the brink of war, and the Imperial Government has decided that we must now act in order to prevent an actual clash of arms.


You have the ear of the PRRIBW more than the Imperial Government does, so we ask that you can attempt to convince them to recall stand down and stop taking such a threatening stance against Renposa. In return, the Imperial Government will put some pressure on the other aggressor in this farce.


Yours sincerely,


Eugenius Wilson,


Minister for Foreign Affairs of


The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

OOC: Wasn?t sure where to put this. I can easily move it if you want me to.

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The official airplane turns to north-west facing cold coast of Social Democratic Confederation but their passengers only was able to watch the cold and rough Amnalos sea many meters downwards with high foam creeks. Inside the medium-luxury official airplane but well iluminated was in silence until...


-Horrible weather, comrade ambassador, Julius! Agh-. said the assistant that were sat in front of ambassador Julius-.Few hours have past and I am missing the sunny day.


-Yes, comrade assistant, S?nchez, very bad weather but what we have to do is more important than a simple sunny day, have not we, companion Daniel?-. The ambassador turned his face to right looking at a big and strong man, blond hair and perfectly dressed so very attractive to any woman.


The blond haired man was hanging up a red phone, se was speaking to anyone.


-From Puerto Naxos, official message, we can give social-democratic airplanes consent and authorization to land in Valence Military Airport. They ordered us to confirm this instruction upon our arrival at Tarentum, we have to move quickly.- told Daniel to ambassador Julius in a serious voice tone.


While the little assistant in fron of the ambassador look at Daniel with fear.


-Perfect, so we can give authorization to Starlifters and Fighters to land in our airports... S?nchez, calm down yourself...- said the ambassador-. The problem will be the Tanasos incident, we can do nothing now, it is impossible... companion Daniel you would be with us in the Confederation.


-No problem comrade ambassador-said Daniel calmed-.I have to learn a lot about Social Democratic Confederation- Daniel showed a perfect smile to the ambassador-.By the way, what about the People?s Emissaries in Emakera and Cathunters?


-I do not know nothing about them and his task but I think our little and socialist Republic will be successful.


-We are approaching the Confederation coast Comrades- said an impersonal voice from a loudspeaker.


S?nchez was still feared by the situation and bad weather.

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Encoded Message**

To: Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

From: Social Democratic Confederation

Re: Conflict Brewing in the South


Honored Friends,


The distubring eagerness for blood by the Renposan government is startling to us all, and I agree that action has to be taken. I believe, and our good Senate has agreed with me, that the PRRIW ought to stand their ground in the face of aggression, and that we, as good citizens and enlightened workers, ought to stand beside them.


The Senate is inclined to move toward hostilities against the Renposans, I agree with them, although this is where they and I differ in opinion. As acting Executive of the Confederation, I will implore the People's Republic to safe their rifles, for now, and allow time for the Imperium to pressure the Renposan government... along with two understandings:


If the Renposans move toward war with the People's Republic of Red Iberic Workers, I will have no option but to consider the efforts failed and take a more 'active' role in the escalating conflict.


If the effort does not cause the Renposans to back down within two weeks, I feel I will be made by the Senate to take a more assertive policy (ie blockade, or further involvement).


I do hope bloodshed can be avoided, but I cannot allow Confederate allies to be harassed and intimidated by the likes of such an unworthy foe.


President Sotirios Panos





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Arseni Spyridon, Assistant Secretary for the Department of Foreign Affairs, held his umbrella above his head to block the downpour from the coastal cyclone that had come just a few minutes before. One of the quirks about the Confederacy's geography. Small clouds in the middle of the ocean thousands of miles away gathered moisture, while being spun by air pressure systems created mini-typhoons that ravaged the southern coast of the SDC during the warm seasons. The stroms did cause some damage along the coast, fotrunately though, the storms rarely managed to become true typhoons, saving those on the coast from terrible storms, although the nature of the area and potential for a devastating storm (especially with global warming), made the property-insurance in this area the highest in all the nation.


Spyridon hurried over to the Amabassador's plane on the tarmac and waited at the bottom of the rolling staircase, ready to shake hands with his boss' guests. The small door swung open, revealing two coated men who made their way down the stairs, where Spyridon shook their hands then lead them back to the black government limousine that whisked them off to the Capitol Building in the center of the massive city.

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-Incredible Buiding, Arseni, I am impressed-. Said ambassador Julius-. The problem here is the weather or is it only today? I hope it!


The ambassador was looking at Arseni Spyridon, a silent and quiet type. Julius had introduced S?nchez and Daniel. The last as a Foreign officer, very strong to be a simple officer. Julius would tell the truth to Panos but only to him.


- So...-. Julius consulted time in a luxury room reception of the Capitol Building-. What about sending troops to our little socialist Republic, Arseni? I know you can not talk to us about these things but it is urgent we need protection... Our airports are opened. And there is another question... Cypriceos. Cypriceos have proposed to defend our Republic... A bit strange but they offer us the Titan Weapons Catalog, it is a very good catalog. We want to purchase some merchandise. So you have to understand that we have to talk with President Sotirios Panos, urgently, about these questions.


Daniel was watching the rainy through the window. He was calmed like Arseni Spyridon.

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user posted image


Spyridon was indeed a quite man, his speech impediment hed been an embarrassment for him since childhood. In fact, it was probably those childhood scars that made him so conscious about his words.


"De rain in de summer shtorms, like dis one will probably continue for a few days more. I woul dbe more suprised if it let up before then. But your questions I cannot answer. Panos will be here in a moment I'm sure."


Sypridon gestured, implying the men should take a seat while they waited as he took the pot of coffee from the brewer and began pouring him and his guests some coffee. As Sypridon replaced the coffee in the brewing-machine, Panos and the Secretary of Defense ushered themselves through the door on the left of the room.


"Gentlemen," Panos began as he took his seat on the far side of the desk "I'm glad to see you have arrived safely in our corner of the world. I apologize for being a few moments late, my work is never finished." Panos humored with a smile.


"At any rate, though, things in the south are decaying quickly and there's no doubt you're anxious for some answers. But where to begin?" Panos opened the red folder he had brought in with him. "Well, I'll start at the beginning then.


As you definately already know, the Renposans are rushing toward hostilities with not only yourselves, but they have deployed their navy to halt ours. I've put High Adrmiral James Perry in command of that fleet, and I have every confidence he will make the right choices down there and handle the situation in the best possible manner.


But, but presence of our fleet hasn't sent a strong enough message to the Renposan agressors. They are still mobilizing and not giving an inch. Their sudden and continued rush for war makes me think they will indeed attempt something aimed at your homeland. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing I just let something like this happen. So, if you are ready and willing, Mr. Defense and I think it might be a smart idea to put Confederation planes on Red Iberic territory for the time being. Also, my Defense Secretary had an idea and would like to bring it up."


The Defense Secrtary rose from the black sofa at the side of the room and shook the hands of the foreign representatives. "Tacito Ramunas, Confederate Defense. nice to meet you gentlemen.


Your government recently inquired about Confederation Wargear. Among the requested information were the prices of several specific weapon systems. The reply did carry the actual prices for those systems, but I have suggested to President Panos that, considering the circumstances, it might be a good idea to..." Defense paused to find the right word, "'donate' the essential materials to you, and I'm glad to say he approved of the idea and we are ready to send weapons and munitions to you, along with the 'fore-mentioned proposals."


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-We have to be grateful to the Social Democratic Confederation.- Said Ambassador Julius to Panos smiling-.Thank you, thank you... Our General Secretary, Rose Amoros have informed me about our little Socialist Republic position. Obviously, we do not attacked the Renposa oil pipeline, it was an excuse to declare war, but we can not fight against them, we are planning our Army in a defensive position and we want to continue in this plan, except for a Renposa attack... I think the better is that your nation send troops to Iberia... Well, your weapons are perfect for our soldiers but we need more soldiers, a foreign-comrade forces in our Republic, international brigades. We are talking with Emakera and he is agreed. In any case, wich weapons could your nation donate to our little country? In how much time?


Julius take a pause.


-And important, Cypriceos wants to send a force to my country to defend our people... What do you think, comrade, about this fact? We are confused with that country, with a strange reaction, first the CTN and second "we want to help you". What is your opinion Comrade Panos? It is very important for us to know...


He drank coffee and waited for answers.

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Panos glanced at Ramunas, straching his upper-lip in some form of non-verbal communication. Ramunas gave a puzzled look at Panos and then realized what he was instigating. "Ah yes. I'm afraid I'll have to cut my pariticipation short here. I have some pressing issues that require my attention soon." Ramunas shook their hands again and left the room thorugh the door he had entered.


Panos removed a paper from the folder detailing what and how much the Confederation had to offer. A list of abput 50 different tanks, helicopters, artillery pieces, and fixed wing aircraft, all of which had been retired from service, but had been hung onto as a 'just-in-case' precaution. The hardware was still in good condition and able to run, although they would need some minor repairs having not been intensely maintained since their retirement.


Panos handed the list to the diplomats and gave them a mintue to look it over before he began highlighting some of the more suitable options.


"As for Cypreicos, I don't trust them. They went from an alliance with Renposa to offering you protection in a matter of days. Seems rathe fickle to me. I think they may again be fickle if you allow them in... sort of a Trojan Horse type of thing.


It also might be a good idea to offer peace talks to Renposa, just once. They may come around."

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OOC:WOW! Big WOW! Ok Hold On Your Going To Use My Thread And Yours? No I Don't Think So. Pick One I Don't Mind You On Mine But Now You Use Two Threads If You Continue To Use This One I Will Ask Tag To Move Your Posts On My Thread Over To Yours. Your Choice Both Of You. By The Way I Have Nothing To Say To Cyp Since He Dropped Out.
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@Ren: Essentially, as this is purely political manouevering, it's allowed its own seperate thread. Were this about either one (or both) of these guys bringing arms to bear against your nation, then I would split and merge this thread with the one in the Military subforum. However, as it is purely diplomats talking about the on-going situation in Southern Europa, on top of other things, it does not particularly warrant a merge with the thread about military action, although I can see where you are coming from. It is about SDC contacting other nations than those involved in the war. I did, however, remove the posts which were concerned with your war to the thread in the Military Subforum.

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- Hummm...-. Said Ambassador Julius showing a smile-. Daniel come and see this-. Ambassador Julius directed his vision to Panos-. Thanks another time, I hope that your nation could send some of these weapons in the next troop sending. But I think F87 and A-4 could arrive without problems soon, could not they?-. Julius tried to hide his sudden enthusiasm-. So our nation could do two things:


First: replace some of our weapons with your sent weapons, for example...


-I am sorry, Ambassador, could me let to talk?-. Interrupted Daniel who brought nearer to the bureau and speaking directly to Panos, Julius accepted without disapproving-. First we can replace some of our old weapons with your sent weapons, for example, "Galapago" with M101, "Salamandra" with M449, "Scorpion" with A-4 or Gavilan with F-87. I think, your systems would be familiar with our experienced pilots or commanders. I do not know the systems used by your offered weapons but I think they would be similar to our systems. Second: Anyway, we need to ask you for instructors. In this time we need urgently to increase our Army, we need more soldiers but they will need instructions of your weapons use.


- I forget introduce him.-. Said Julius that had raised his head to see Mr. Panos, and as always with a smile, said-. He is Daniel, he is not really my assistant, he is not from the Foreign Affairs General Secretariat, he served five years in the Republican Guard and he is now serving in our secret agency, he comes with me as war adviser in the Tanasos Conflict. Initially he would travel to contact with Haraldur Pall in Tanasos. Now, and with our situation, it is impossible so I need him for supervising any arms transaction or for making any millitary proposal and I think he said well: We would ask you also for war instructors...


- Sorry, Mr Panos by our demands-. Daniel Interrupted Julius again, but he did not show disapprove.- We could pay for this armament and your instructors. We can pay for armante by weight, it is old but in some cases better than our standard weapons, for example, M449, M101 or A-4. And you have to think that, with this relation, our nation will be grateful forever with your nations... This is a good step for Economic Socialist Space. I hope that this conflict will be finished with peace but, for the moment, this is not my feeling... When could your nation send weapons and instructors? In forty-eight hours... Perfect.


S?nchez was feared and shocked, like in the airplane, he did not open the mouth in all the meeting.

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"I'm sure that the soldiers we will be sending can train some of yours on the function and use of these systems. From there on they should be able to train the rest of your military." Panos replied. "The F87's could be readied and sent to your country in about a week. We'll send them as fighter escorts for the Starlifters. This way they can fly home on the C242's when they return. As for the tanks; they can begin to be shipped in about three weeks and should arrive beginning at about that time.


As for payment; these systems are old and since the contracts the government had with the private manufacturers are expired, the weapons won't need to be sold. Legally, I can authorize them to be given to you as a form of aid. Don't sweat the cost. Economically, it won't be a problem for us at all." Panos closed the folder he'd brought in and stood, "If there isn't anything else. I think we can say we've had a productive time here. Thank you, gentlement."

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To: the Social Democratic Confederacy

From: the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Exchange of Embassies


Honoured neighbours and socialist brethren,


The Imperial Government wishes to enquire whether you wish to formalise our nations? good relations with an exchange of embassies. This would mean that communication between our two governments is made that much easier, as well as improving other things, such as travel between our two nations.


If you accept this offer, we will find a suitable building for your embassy within the Tagmatine capital, as well as several consulates up and down the Greater Holy Empire.


Eugenius Wilson,


Minister for Foreign Affairs

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To: The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

From: The Social Democratic Confederation


Venerated Friends,


This can be nothing but beneficial! It has long since been overdue for an exchange of embassies. The Embassadorial Avenue in Tarentum is ready for an addition and Confederates, I don't doubt, will be glad to see a Tagmatine embassy erected.


President Panos, SDC



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To: the Social Democratic Confederation

From: the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Exchange of Embassies


We are glad that you have accepted our offer. Once our embassy has been built, we will be dispatching our embassy staff. The ambassador to the SDC will be one Romanus Culter, an experienced diplomat and somewhat of an expert on international relations in the Occident.


We also ask that we can house a platoon (35) of the 3rd Imperial Guard Battalion, our traditional embassy guards, on the premisses as security. We, of course, will permit your embassy to its own security guards too, so long as it doesn't exceed forty operatives.

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Ambassador Julius and Daniel were sat in the black-leather armchairs of the luxury ambassador office in Tarentum, the room was old-fashioned, with dark wood shelves plenty of books, a big bureau for the ambassador, the two leather armchairs, a fully decorated carpet and a mahogany table for alcoholic drinks. The only that the People?s Republic staff members had contributed was a portrait of the Guide Revolution, Maria Gallach, and another of the General Secretary, Rose Amoros, both with bottom in red. All the room was bad illuminated, only by a little lamp in the bureau. The door of the office was closed.


The two men were with two big cuba-libres, white rum with cola, but at this moment they were not laughing or talking about trifles, the cuba-libres had the ice cubes melted. Julius was keeping an eye on Daniel, quiet, while Daniel was playing with a very small black radio set, moving its potentiometer.


Fuzzzzzzz... Whiiiiiiiiii... Fuzzzzzzz.... Daniel was nervous with the buttons machine, Julius drank some of his hot cuba-libre.


- Damned Mother System! It is impossible to receive a message! In the URSSI this system was perfect but now it is a little awkward, very awkward!


Niekk-Nik-Niekk-nik-niekk-nik-niekk. The machine, suddenly emited a mechanical sound, the Mother system protocol and his message had been intercepted. Daniel took a piece of paper and started to write scrawles fast, Julius did not understand.


Nik-niekk-nik-nik-nik-niekk-nik-nik... Fuzzzzzzzz... Whiiiiiiiiii... Fuzzzzzzz....


- I have the message, or I think I have a message, so... It is for you, dear comrade Julius... See.


- If I understand your handwritting... It is impossible for me and I was not in the Republican Guard my friend...- Julius said.


- Okay, Comrade, I read to you literally: "TGR, C-ll Pans, A-F n-d-d t l-n-d..."


- Stop, please! Translate to me!


-Ha, ha, ha... Ok you must "call to Panos, we are interested to send an air force with some troops if necessary, and what happens with Tanasos situation". See Tanasos in the map. We need it... Strategically, Tanasos is fundamental to spread the socialist ideas in the north and we need to talk with President Panos, the revolutionaries will need political commissioner and advisers now. We can not forget the Tanasos situation and it is an order.


- Well... So we will request permission to Panos-. Said Julius taking the red phone and dialing...

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Panos sat on the cold, steel examination room table in the Gaius Medical Clinic in the hospital block of Tarentum near the capitol. Swinging his bare legs in the gown provided by the nurse, looking out the window at the skyline outside. This was just a routine physical. Panos was at that age when physicals should be an annual thing, at least. But, being a staunch Panic, Panos didn't feel a great deal of trust for doctors. He thought one goes to a doctor when one is sick, not before.


The handle on the thick ceder door turned, making way for the doctor's return. "Mr. President, when was the last time you saw a physician?"


"Well," Panos paused, "seven years ago. I've felt well, and the most sick I've ever been was just the common cold. Didn't think I needed a doctor. Why?"


The doctor took his seat in the black swivel chair and faced the President. "Well, sir. That blood draw came back, the result is preliminary but, I think it's safe to say..." the doc dropped his gaze to the floor, "...sir, you have blood cancer."


OOC: This information isn't public. No one knows... 1459.gif

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Defense Secretary Ramunas had been explaining the setting of the region as it was this morning to a pale-looking Panos, and the rest of his cabinet for that matter. "...but basically, what we're seeing is that the Cussians and Haru are drifting toward war, as might Cabarria. Neighbors to Miiros are flaring up, but I doubt the Miirosi will be drawn into that conflict. Renposa is suffocating under the region-wide embargoes and will most likely be backing or breaking down soon. As few bases in the Socialist Republic have been completed and we are waiting fo them to decide where they'd like their base on our soil to be."


Panos kept his gaze on the table and nodded his head rhythimically as he absorbed the fifteen minutes of contiguous briefing. "Very good." He began a moment later, "The Cussian-Haru problem might be trouble-some. I know they've fought in the past, but that was the past. This is the modern age, which means if war on our sub-continent breaks out, we could easily be sucked into it. This wouldn't be conducive with CoSoc."


CoSoc, or Confederate Socialism, was the abbreviated term given to the Panos Administration's policies, both foreign and domestic. Everything from the re-organization of the economy to the newly forged allaince was at least mentioned in the doctrine, though a potential for involvment in a war with Beautancus and/or Haruspex wasn't in the doctrine, which made the idea of the conflict an unnerving one. Everything in CoSoc was woven into everything else at some point, an aspect that made the leaving of something out potentially 'unweaving'... especially something as big as this. Everyone in the room understood this.


"We have to accelerate CoSoc." suggested Minister of Intelligence Mirko. "Every one of us knows this magnitude of a conflict has the potential to seriously injure the Confederation. In such a way as to possibly prevent full recovery. Plus, Cabarria and Miiros are very close to hot conflicts which verywell might draw them in. While Damak Var is becoming more introverted and Nectarous is falling apart. Even a victory might destroy CoSoc. But only if it still has loose ends. If we finish weaving before the fire starts..."


"What remains undone?" inquired the Internal Secretary.


"Pan-Confederation, for one thing." explained Defense.


Pan-Confederation was one of many suggested names for the strategy developed for aquiring sectors 157, 166, and 167. Many ideas were tossed back and forth, some diplomatic, some militaristic, others more clever.

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Relayed on a heavily encrypted network, random binary numerics and primary letters flowed in a reverse pattern. When and if the decryption was made, the 648bit code would be as if one looked into a mirror, slowly would the words revert to proper form, and would read as such.


To: the Social Democratic Confederation

From: The Principality of Machina Haruspex

Additional: Sengar d'isto Na'Kuhl Gates, 1st Szeous Da'rex, House Olath Orn

Concerning: Diplomatic Relations



On behalf of the Empress of the Principality, I am sending this message in the hopes of peace and prosperity between our respective nations. We have no doubt that you are accutely aware of the rising tension between ourselves and the infidels of the Cussian influence stemming from Beautancus.


It is our hope that we recoginize The Social Democratic Confederation as a friend, of which trade and further economic bonuses stem from, rather then an enemy. We extend an offer, for a visit to meet with a diplomatic representative and discuss our futures in Europa.


--End of Transmission--

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From: Ambassador Julius of People?s Republic of Red Iberic Workers.

To: President Panos of Social Democratic Confederation.


Dear Comrade and President of our beloved Social Democratic Confederation, our Ally, socialist and hammer against global Fascism, President Panos:


We have received today an official channel from our General Secretary, Rose Amoros. It stated that our People?s Republic would wish to establish a permanent military base in your socialist republic, and she had proposed Tarentum.


The situation in the South is more calm so it makes viable that the People?s Republic could send a small representation of our forces.


Also, we do not know the origin of the conflict between the Dinamocracy of Beautancus and the Machina Haruspex, in the North, but the comrade Rose Amoros have advised about the necessity of planning some joint military exercises between our socialist countries. Our General Secretary do not hope but maybe the crisis between those nations could implicate us but perhaps it could be a good opportunity to preach the socialist ideals to the oppressed workers masses, making posible our supreme dream of a Global Permanent Revolution.


If you have any proposal about these ideas, please tell us.


Socialist Regards.


Ambassador Julius.

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