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The Grand Empire of Cypriceos

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Okay here it is. Note to Admins. You should pin peoples history pages.http://z15.invisionfree.com/Empire_of_Cypr...etalluser&mid=1


Table of Contents (Coming Soon)

Episode 1: In the Beginning (1500BC - 500BC)

Chapter 1: The Great Journey (1721BC-1713BC) - The early roots of Cypriceos

Chapter 2: Valhalla Found (1713BC-1698BC) -Formation of Cypriceos

Chapter 3: Settlement and Expansion (1698BC-1000BC) -Life in Cypriceos

Chapter 4: From War to Peace (1250BC-1000BC) -Tribal warfares in Cypriceos

Chapter 5: Meet the new power (1000BC-500BC) -The arrival of Adaptus. Last chapter


Brief look at Cypriceos

Official Name: The Grand Empire of Cypriceos

Capital City: Valinor

Government type: Totalitarian

Number of Legislative Branches: The Royal Family(Do not posess much power anymore since 1945), Cypriceos Cabinet (Major executive Branch of Cypriceos), Royal Senate(The Legislative Branch), Premier's who run the provinces

Federalist or Unitary: Federalist with some unitary features

Provinces/Territories: 7

Emperor of Cypriceos: Kaiser Maximillian Von Wagner III

Head of State: Chancellor Hans Krupp

Party in Power: CLP (Cypriceos Loyalist Party Formed: 1975) Held power from 1984-Present. (Very Conservative and have a majority government)

Official Opposition: PPC (People's Party of Cypriceos) (Very Liberal)

Other Major Parties: CRP (Cypriceos Red Party), CNP(Cypriceos Nationalist Party, Used to be the top power from 1976-1984), CPAP(Cypriceos Progressive Alliance Party)

Official Language: Cypricean Germanic

Official Religion: Norse

Population: See NS page




Cypriceos as of 1945 is a constitutional Monarchy. OOC(Picture Great Britain and Canada)


Military: Was an intimidating force from the 1800 - 1945 until the 12th Kaiser was overthrown. A Republic was established for the next 50 years and the army slowly shrank and by the 1980's was at a low of 100,000 troops and was often fighting for other nations. However when the Kanslavian War of Independence came into play Cypriceos officially declared war on Kan-Soviets in mid 1984 after Marko Blair used his influence with the Cypriceos Liberation army to gain enough power to issue a vote of no confidence on David Schulz and became the Chancellor from 1984-1996 with his Cypriceos Loyalist Party formed by M.Blair in 1978 but was defeated in an election almost 6 months before his maximum 12 year term was up. Marko Blair would regain power in 2005 but was assasinated in 2006 sparking another war against the communists. During Blair's reign Cypriceos went through a major military rise due to Blair's determination to make sure Communists would never invade this country again. As of 2007 Cypriceos has a total army size of 3,000,000 ground troops and is in the upper echelon of Europa in all categories of military.



5 Major Branches

(CKA) Cypriceos K?nigliche Heer "Cypriceos Royal Army"

(CKL) Cypriceos K?nigliche Luftwaffe "Cypriceos Royal Air Force"

(CKM) Cypriceos K?nigliche Marine "Cypriceos Royal Navy"

(CSK) Cypriceos Spezielle Kr?fte "Cypriceos Special Forces"

(CSB) Cypriceos Sturm-Bataillon "Cypriceos Storm Battalion" (All terrain Marines)



Minor Branches

(CGM) Cypriceos Gegenterrorist-Ma?einheit "Cypriceos Counterterrorist Unit"

(CSS) Cypriceos Geheimnis-Service "Cypriceos Secret-Service"

(CKG) Cypriceos K?nigliche Gewehre "Cypriceos Royal Rifles" (National Guard)

(CSB) Cypriceos Sealift-Befehl "Cypriceos Sealift Command" (Works with CKN)

(CKS) Cypriceos Konigliche Schutz "Cypriceos Royal Guard"




(CPK) Cypriceos Polizei-Kraft "Cypriceos Police Force"

(CLK) Cypriceos Landstra?e Kraft "Cypriceos Highway Force" (Cypriceos version of State Troopers in the US)


Culture: Cypriceos culture is based on warfare mainly however it does take alot of pride in the archetecture (Some of it was used for good and bad things), arts, and sporting culture. Archetecture is inspired by warfare and consists of brute palaces, spartan statues and statue's of famous Cypricean Generals.


Music of Cypriceos: consists of heavy metal(Progressive, and Thrashs) and pop music dominating the mainstream charts. Bands that are heating up the charts are heavy metal acts such as "The Panzer Brigade", "Blue Hush"(three piece progressive rock band), "Ragnaroka", and pop artists such as Maria Simone (200 million albums sold world wide), and Ian Friedrich.


Sports of Cypriceos: The main sports of Cypriceos are Powerball (Extreme Team Handball), our most popular sport since 1995, Basketball, Sports Car Racing, and CUFL(Cypriceos Ultimate Fighting League). Ice Hockey is another sport Cypricean's take alot of pride in.


People of Cypriceos: In Cypriceos you will find alot of hard working people throughout the cities. Cypriceans are very friendly towards people from countries who are on friendly terms or allies of the mother country, however Communist believers are not treated very well in the country especially in area's such as Valinor, Tirpitz, Tanek, and New Danzig. You will find most Cypricean Communists in the northern region of Cypriceos.

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Episode 1: In the Beginning


Chapter 1:The Great Journey(1721BC-1713BC)


Cypriceos has a large history going all the way back to the 1700 B.C with the Cypricenians. Cypricenians originate from unknown areas but were well known to Europan culture as a large unions of clans (that consisted of mainly warriors and merchants that travelled in their longboats and established ports throughout Europa and attacked outher civilizations. Cypricenians trace themselves back to the 17th century BC on an island called Cypricantus. The Cypriceanians flourished on this island for almost 700 years until the early 17th century BC when the island was starting to sink. Fearing for the future of the Cypricenians the King at the time (Scientists discovered as King Bjorn IV) ordered a large settlement fleet to evacuate and build a new kingdom on new lands.


A fleet composing of 200 longships and 15,000 people including soldiers, farmers, women, and other professions left Cypricantus around 1721 BC. After a huge earthquake which destroyed cities on the island, almost 92% of Cypricantus sank to the bottom of the ocean around 1719BC. No one on the island survived. Scientists in 2002 discovered what appears to be Cypricantus on the ocean floor. They discovered old ruins and evidence which was able to point out the ruler of Cypricantus and other knowlege.


Map of the Great Journey from Cypricantus


The 200 ship fleet led by "Jurgan Stoneknight" travelled across Europa through the high seas and established minor camps on the lands. Many Cypricenians died on the voyage and much of the crew's gave up and went their seperate ways. For over 8 years the fleet sailed on and settled in and left areas until they found what they called "Valhalla". Jurgan Stoneknight became the founder of the land that his crew would call "Cypriceos". The 6000 remaining crew built a large settlement on Lake Odin which would become modern day Valinor.


End of episode. Stay tuned in for the next episode. "Valhalla found"

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Episode 1: In the Beginning


Chapter 2: Valhalla Found (1713BC-1685BC)

user posted image

Statue of Jurgan Stoneknight in Valinor 2007

user posted image

Attila Bloodwolf in the city of Kane 2007


When the Cypricenian expedition settled in Lake Odin they would need to establish a home base. Jurgan Stoneknight age 48 at the time began developing a large settlement on the banks of Lake Odin. Him and his people would name the settlement Valhalla (Which in Norse Mythology meant "Halls of the chosen slain", and their version of heaven).


Construction began immediately in 1713. The Cypricenians were skilled woodsmen and built yurts, huts, markets, barracks, and a large palisade wall around Valhalla. Settlement of Valhalla went without a hitch however the Cypricenians would find out that they were not alone on the lands.


East of Valhalla was a Germanic tribe called the Cean's who had settled in the region almost 1500 years earlier. Led by an older Attilla Bloodwolf the Cean's were valiant warriors who relied heavily on cavalry. Jurgan Stoneknight was a mighty warrior himself however he knew that his people would need allies to survive on the land. He met with Attilla Bloodwolf and the Cean's at Attilla's settlement at what would be modern day Kane. The two people's met over a feast of warriors, exchanged gifts and great stories then after smoking marajuana formed an alliance that would last for thousands of years. The two Leaders changed the name of their people's and land to Cypriceos on March 5th 1698 and formed a democratic rule over the land together.


Together the duel alliance forged a strong land settlement and flourished. Valhalla expanded and more bases were set up in the area. Records show that Jurgan Stoneknight died in 1685 but his legacy as one of the two founders of Cypriceos lasts to this day.


Cypriceos day is celebrated on March 5th every year.


Stay tuned for Chapter 3: Settlement and Expansion (1698BC-1000BC)

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