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Phoenix Enterprises?

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Phoenix Enterprises?


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Welcome to Phoenix Enterprises?. We are a Military Supplies and Contracting Enterprise devouted to bringing you the best in Military Supplies and other necessities. Phoenix Enterprises? was founded by Wayne Domanico a former White Guard Elite for 15 years. He has then served as a General in The Black Revolution. Since then Wayne has opened Phoenix Enterprises? which works very closely with The Renposan Military. Phoenix Enterprises? has become a global focal point for Private military supplying and contracting.


Our Moto





?Discounts do not add up.

?Largest discount is applied when applicable.

?Allies get 15% off.

?Trading partners get 10% off.

?Nations with under 200 million people get 5% off.

?Orders over $1,000,000,000,000 get 5% off.


Phoenix Enterprises? online catalog system uses Hyperlinks for you the customer for better accessibility and comfort. Once you have made your selections please note what you want and reply on the catalog topic. Thank-You



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