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Kanslavian war of Independence

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OOC: Okay this war will take place in 1983 and will last for 2-3 years. It will be the Kan Soviets vs the Kanslavian Freedom Fighters (Led by Tillman), with the help of the Republic of Cypriceos.


Hey Kan? DO you mind having plot 125 as your territory. It will work well because I have 124 occupied.


Kanslavia I will let you start this one off.

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OOC: Right-o 125 I guess I'll take once I get 20 posts.


Fort Krylov, Basement floor seven; April 3rd 1983


The Soviet governor sat at his desk with his face in his hands. His head heavy with thoughts of fear. Only a few days prior what could've been a massive rebellion was put down. Various cities rioted, there was a reported twenty suicide bombings of russian military targets, and most notably the raids on the three czar MKII nuclear missles were almost lost. Most disturbingly the kans had aquired a non russian tank. It was unmarked and managed to leave a nuke completely vulnerable.


The region also posed a threat. One of the world's superpowers at it's worse. Cut off from their mainland and supply lines due to being far away from home the soviets knew they were alone.


A young woman slowly opens the door of the governor's office to have a bottle thrown at her. She slams the door shut as it shatters on the door.

"Ah sorry Tatinia thought you were another damn raiding group."

The girl who looked of kan descent brushes off her skirt and steps in.

"Governor Krylov, we got word from the intelligence department about the tanks from yesterday's attack and if it makes you feel any better the rebellion has quieted down. We haven't had an attack in over 14 hours sir."

"Ah, excellent comrade." he says perking up a bit. "Now about those tanks."

"...Yes sir and here's where the good news stops." Governor Krylov frowns a bit.

"It's a Tyr, Cypricean design sir."

The governor puased for a bit looking at the dim orange light above his desk


"Something wrong sir?" the girl spoke up "Would you like us to try to settle this diplomatically-"

The governor interrupted "This union is not weak comrade," he said turning to the girl. "western style diplomacy will not work with those who want to breed anarchy. Prep an armored division I want tanks rolling across Cypriceos by tomorrow morning."

"Yes sir." the girl nodded and walked out the door. As she walked down the hall she pulled a neckalace out adorned with jewels of various colors and sizes. As she heard a group of soldiers walking by she quickly stuffed it back into her pocket and went to deliver the governor's orders.



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OOC: Since 1945 the Cypricean Royal Army is very weak due to well depression and such. The Thor tanks is around during these years but in very limited quantitiy. The main battles will be fought with Our Tyr and Baldr tanks and AR-49's, AR-50's and MP-48's


Once I get the map finished I will start my post


The rp will begin with a large force of Kanslavian Soviets rolling across the Cypricean border with intro music simillar to C&C Red Alert II. Actually screw that the intro music will be "Just like you imagined" by Nine Inch Nails from the movie "300".


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OOC:Okay here's the map. Oh who ever is reading this can I have the area on the REGIONAL MAP where I put Ragnarok on here because well it's for RP and will be important for other rp's in the future.


Are you cool with this Yak? Just reply OOC here if you agree with this or not.


Let the rp begin. I kind of want to spoof 300 in this RP.


user posted image


April 4, 1983

!!!!!!BREAKING NEWS!!!!!

Kan-Soviet troops captured New Danzig

At 08:30 a large force of Kan-Soviet tanks with a large force of soldiers marched across the Cypricean border and into New Danzig without a fight.

user posted image

Kan Soviet tank column moving up a street in New Danzig. A unknown person is seen standing his ground and delayed the column for 25 minutes. The man is pulled away by friends before they have a chance to run him over.


No one knows the Kan-Soviet's motives for the attack. Chancellor David Schulz has been trying to contact Governor Krylov.


To: Governor Krylov

From: Chancellor David Schulz

Subject: What's going on?


Governor Krylov I see you are a man of action. I really don't want this to turn into a war believe me and I want to make a deal. Cypriceos will give you New Danzig, Ragnarok and land that spreads from New Danzig to Ragnarok across the boarder. In return you promise to leave Cypriceos alone and pay me $350,000,000.00.


OOC: David Schulz became Chancellor in 1981 and he is a pacifist and during his time in office has tried everything to keep Cypriceos out of a war and has even accepted money and other forms of wealth. Hint....Schulz will do anything to avoid war Kan and can be easily bribed think of him like Therion from "300".


OOC: I changed it to make a cool storyline.

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To: Chancellor David Schulz

From: Governor Viktor Krylov

Subject: RE: What's going on?


I see you value the lives of your people making such a genrous offer. We will accept the offer but we would like to put security inspectors in your nation to make sure we don't have another 'mishap' with your people aiding the rebel in the street.


April 4, 1983; New Danzig


The tanks stop in the streets and begin to round up everyone and put them indoors to avoid any 'uneeded casualites'. The same secretary from the governor's bunker pops out of the lead tank still in the same formal attire.

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April 4, 1983

More Breaking News


Recently Chancellor David Schulz has announced that Cypriceos will not go to war against the Kan-Soviets. A deal has been made by Schulz and Krylov.


David Schulz: Cypriceos will have to make sacrafices however we should not put money and buisiness over peace.


More on this issue will be presented


TV shuts off. Behold Major General Leon Focker age 46 and his good long time friend Felix Fischer age 46. Focker patriotic and sparta like man who is incharge of the Cypriceos Royal Army stationed in Ragnarok. They are inside Fort Wilhelm in Ragnarok. Overall there is roughly 5,000 total troops in the area.

Major General Leon Focker: I cannot believe this. The Kan-Soviet army moved across our border and into New Danzig without even firing a single round. This is starting to puzzle me and I think this has to do with our own government. Our response doesn't make sense.

Brigadier General Felix Fischer: Yeah....What has this once great country become?

Pvt Lundberg comes running in. He is a radio operator and incharge of messages and other commentary at the base. Basically a combat secretary.

Pvt Lundberg: Sir message from the Cypricean government hands it to Focker

Leon Focker: Let's see that Starts reading

TO: Fort Wilhelm, Ragnarok

FROM: Chancellor David Schulz, Valinor

Subject: Orders


By order of the government and supreme general all soldiers and personnel are ordered to abandon Ragnarok. Any one who refuses to surrender will be arrested.


End of scene

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OOC: Wait we should try and open up the Siege of Ragnarok in 1983 right away so it set's off a chain of events which turns this into a full on war. Our troop size is at 6,000 but because of orders in reduced to 2,800. Will have air support on the first day of battle but because of orders will be forced to leave the area which is when the tide turns against the defenders. The siege will last roughly 5 days.


OOC: When do you want to start the battle Yak. Mabye in late April or early may.

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Leon Focker had enough of the letter and hurled it at the wall in his office.


Major General Leon Focker: That sonofa$%^&. The Kan-Soviets do this and this is how we respond... APPEASEMENT.

Brigadier General Felix Fischer: Do you want me to tell the personnel Leon?

Major General Leon Focker: We will not abandon this city Felix. Go and contact the soldiers here tell them to meet at the city center. I will call up some of the bases in the area.

Brigadier General Felix Fischer: YES SIR Leaves the room

Major General Leon Focker Looks to Lundberg with a stern look: LUNDBERG?


Pvt Lundberg With a startled response: Yes sir

Leon Focker Walks closely over to Lundberg. Queue suspenseful music: Go get me a coffee Valinor roast goes back to silence.

Pvt Lundberg: Oh, Oh....Yes sir Leaves the room


Leon Focker is alone at last. The phone rings.

Leon Focker: Hello

Paul Focker His younger son a corpral in the CRA: Father. I need to speak to you.

Leon Focker: What is it? Where are you?

Paul Focker: I am in a prison inside New Danzig. I've been arrested for treason I will be put in front of a firing sqaud in a few moments

Leon Focker: WHAT? WHY?

Paul Focker: When the Kan-Soviets marched into New Danzig we were given orders to leave the city. I refused to throw down arms and disobeyed orders from my General. Shouts are heard from the back telling him to get off the phone. I'm sorry father I dissapointed you.

Leon Focker: I am proud of you son. You shouldn't be apologising to me the government should be apologizing to you.

Paul Focker: Good...........Beeps are heard after

Leon Focker: PAUL, PAUL, PAUL......ANSWER ME.....ARGHGHHHThrows phone at the wall and starts crying. I swear to Odin I won't let you down son.


End of scene




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May 1st 1983




Cypricean troops attack Kan supply depo!


Earlier today at 1:30PM Cypricean troops were cuaght by a surveilance camera shooting at Kan troops stationed at New Danzig's local military encampment. The Cypriceans didn't even try to conceal their identities storming the base in standard Cypricean military uniform. Inside the base were rations to be given out and distributed to the populace, obviously an attack on the people of Kanslavia itself. Governor Krylov, having the best intrest of the populace at mind has decided to move another armored column into Cypriceos. Had it not been for the elite Soviets to come in and quell the situation the Kan guards stationed there would've have never prevailed. It is reported 12 guards were killed all of Kan descent. The Russians are reported to be given medals for their acts.


In other news the New Danzig purchase has boosted the Soviet economy the value of the ruble now at....(more news stuff, importantness ends here)


(OOC: It was staged. I wanted to do a scene with Krylov planning it and giving reasons but didn't have time to type.)

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OOC: That's what I needed Yak. I'll say we did it but you can bend and warp the media for your troops. CLA stands for Cypricean Liberation Army


TO: Governor Krylov

From CLA General Elliot Baumer

Subject: An offer of you soldiers life


Mr. Krylov you may be able to trick your people but I am a New Danzig native born and raised and I know what was going on. Those supplies "we stole" were actually Cypricean citizens possessions and food taken by your infantry. When my men stormed the base one of your Kan-Soviets soldiers was using a Cypricean dress as a napkin, and kleenex. The New Danzig Cypriceans were starving and my own government may allow it but a large portion of Generals and I won't stand for this.


We aren't a peasant army Krylov. We have tanks, and an airforce and my men know how to fight.


If you don't want more Kan soldiers killes I suggest you pull your men out of the city and march back to that island you came from.





OOC: Baumer will release a video later to the Cypricean citizens I actually had it ready but when I went to post the server was busy and all that I typed was gone.

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(OOC: Blargh sorry it's taken so long for me to reply.)


To: Elliot Baumer

From: Governor Krylov

Subject: RE: An offer of you soldiers life


Well as a rogue general you should know that when your government sold me the city they sold me everything in it with very few exceptions. Compared to us your army is small, and far inferior to ours in every way. We have superior numbers, fire power, and technology. Even a government that will support our actions unlike your cowardly government that hides behind money and sells off his own people so he can have peace. A peace you just broke by the way, a simple offering of water and land was all we needed and now you've doomed your people. Hopefully you can live with the guilt.


New Danzig outskirts, May 2nd 1983


Tanks roared down the streets breaking the normal peace of the outlying farmland of New Danzig. At the lead of the battlion was a younger Colonel Yorzak. A bit of an unconventional army leader he prefered to ride on the side of his tank with the cannon fodder who probably would come home in a body bag to raise spirits.

He looked to the Kan soldier next to him toying with his rifle. The soldier had a grim look on his face as if he was doubting his actions and he had a feeling he would die. Yorzak patted him on the back. "Relax comrade, I bet we'll take another city without firing a shot."

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Breaking News


CLA releases video tape to the nation

We have an exclusive video from Elliot Baumer himself in an unknown location. Warning if you have any children who are sensetive to this please escort them away from the television.


Video comes on. It looks like it was well done and edited. Elliot Baumer stands looking with young pride in his soldier equipment. Behind him is two soldiers.


Elliot Baumer: Cypriceans as you watch this the Iron Curtain is slowly swallowing this nation into it's grasps Holds his hand like a fist yet you sit here and watch this not doing anything about it. If you are a reader of the Cypricean Call of Duty (Constitution) You will know that it says on article 2 section 1 that "When the country is threatened or invaded, a Cypricean must be vigilant and take up arms, AT ALL COSTS AND CIRCUMSTANCES".


Do you know who followed this. 200 Cypricean Soldiers who were just put in front of our own firing squads and killed by our own people for TREASON.....TREASON I tell you Names of soldiers start moving up the screen probably of those soldiers killed for treason recently. Then our own government tells us that fighting back against Kanslavia is UN-CYPRICEAN. I will tell you that grabbing a rifle walking out of your home and fighting back is the most Cypricean thing you can do for this country.


So I am here presenting myself right now not to order you to simply fight but to be a true Cypricean citizen. These are times where government must be disobeyed in order to get things done. I want you to join the CLA and fight not only as a soldier but as a TRUE CYPRICEAN. Do you want to be remembered as Joe...Somebody or do you want to be remembered as Joe Somebody the Cypricean. Well my brothers and sisters that is your decision. I am not forcing you I am begging you because after all Section 3 article 1 states that "A Cypricean has a right to do whatever they want and be who they want IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES"


If you wish to fight the Kan-Soviets then join us if not....Camera moves in on his face. THEN STAY IN YOUR HOMES AND OUT OF OUR WAY IF YOU DON'T WANT TO GET HURT.


In the name of Odin....DO YOUR DUTY

Video ends


Announcer With an awkward look: And in other news Marko Blair leader of the Cypriceos Loyalist Party had some harsh words to say about David Schulz and the way he has handled this situation.


Marko Blair: "We are in a time of war and crisis and our excuse for a leader can't even fathom it. We should have our armies mobilized, instead we are bickering and shooting our own boys. "


David Schulz had a response


David Schulz Dazed from the lights and camera's: I don't know where Mr. Blair has been but we have been negotiating endlessly with Governor Krylov and I feel that we are making progress. As for the soldiers it was a terrible lost however this nation does not tolerate Treason in the Armed Forces.


More info will be presented.


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New Danzig outskirts, May 2nd 1983


Tanks roared down the streets breaking the normal peace of the outlying farmland of New Danzig. At the lead of the battlion was a younger Colonel Yorzak. A bit of an unconventional army leader he prefered to ride on the side of his tank with the cannon fodder who probably would come home in a body bag to raise spirits.

He looked to the Kan soldier next to him toying with his rifle. The soldier had a grim look on his face as if he was doubting his actions and he had a feeling he would die. Yorzak patted him on the back. "Relax comrade, I bet we'll take another city without firing a shot."


OOC: I'm gonna start up a minor skirmish in the farmlands.


Outside New Danzig. Baumer is with a medium sized mixed unit of what appears to be former soldiers(armed with standard issue rifles of the time), and some local Cypricotes(Cypriceans who prefer to live the old ways "do everything themselves") NOTE: Cypricotes are armed with Cypricean G98k's (Kar98k) they are running into their battle stations in the woodlands by the road.


Elliot Baumer Shredding the telegram from Krylov: Okay boys the column is approaching. Everyone knows what to do. Get in battle positions. Remember this is a guerilla strike, shoot the tank commanders if possible and stay out of the troops line of fire. Fire a few shots move to a different position then fire shots etc.

Looks to some men holding anti-tank weapons

And for the anti tank squads use your panzerfausts on the rear's of the tanks otherwise those weapons won't do $%^&. I'll give the retreat order and if I die Kemmerich will take command and so on. For Odin men


Soldiers: FOR ODIN

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The solider next to Yorzak perks up aiming his AK-74 into some bush in the distance. "I swear I just saw something over there..." The soldier on the otherside of him slaps him on the back of his helmet. "Nothin's goin on Clavit, your just spooked. The soliders on the other tanks begin to look at him holding onto their weapons just incase if he actually did see something. Only a few are on their toes and ready to shoot back should something happen. Yet most don't know where an ambush would come from.

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Baumer hides behind a old log signals his men that he will fire the first shot and draws his 7.62mm AR-49. They have just added the 1.5x scope to this years rifle.



Elliot Baumer Now flashing back to his childhood years hunting wolves with his father in the forests of New Danzig during winter. They have tied a horse to a pole and now a wolf has been lured


Matthias Baumer (Sitting beside Elliot) : Elliot use snow to hide your breath, relax your fingers, then fire. Here comes your prey. Aim, now fire.


Young Elliot 11 is now hesistating. He wants to fire but is scared. He starts shaking.


Matthias Baumer: Fire Elliot, shoot it.


A startled Elliot misses. The wolf hears the shot looks at Elliot and lunges towards him but is shot just before it strikes Elliot. The Wolf falls down instantly


Matthias Baumer Holding his G98k, smoke is seen coming out of the barrel glares at Elliot.: A true Cypricean doesn't hesistate. If you hesisitate Grabs Elliot by the collar of his winter jacket


Elliot Baumer: Tears going out his eyes: I'm sorry father.


Matthias Baumer With fatigue in his voice: Your dead Puts a scared Elliot on his feet. Remember that.


Back to the current scene.

Elliot aims his rifle at the first tank approaching. Thoughts start going through his head. Voices are heard trying to influence him.

Matthias Baumer: Fire Elliot shoot it

Andreas St?mpel (Family friend): You do this. Millions of Cypriceans will be on your hands.

Sweat rolls down his face. Images go through his head showing New Danzig in ruins, pile's of bodies lying everywhere. Andreas St?mpel is seen in the middle of this mountains of bodies.

Andreas St?mpel: Look at yourself. What have you done

Images now run though his head. They are flashback to the first days of the KanSov invasion. He witnesses several farmers crops destroyed by tanks, Cypriceans are seen being mugged by some KanSov soldiers. Rage now fills Elliots mind.


Elliot now looks poised. He aims his weapon at the first tank and pulls the trigger


End of scene


OOC: Are you cool with the flashbacks I did Yak?







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OOC: All except the city in ruins and the bodies. Why waste a city we just payed for? Sure stuff might've been shot from the few Cyp's going "Screw you guys" but not in ruins.


A ping is head as a bullet richochets off the side of Red Glory, the tank behind the lead. A soldier drops off the side and the entire column stops. The troops all scramble on the side of the tanks opposite the fire. The tanks move out of their V formation and form a diagonal line along the road and begin to fire randomly in the direction the shot came from.


One of the soldiers drags his fallen comrade behind the tank. Yorzak looks to the men hiding next to the tank behind him. "Is he gonna make it cormades?" Yorzak screams back to them over the loud tank guns. They just look back at him and nod no. "Alright then..." Yorzak whispers to himself, "Alexei, take first squad and move up into that brush. Yuri, take command of second squad and give first squad some cover."


With that about tweleve men rush into the nearby shrubs firing as they run to supress anyone hiding in there. Another group stands up ontop of the tanks using the turrets as cover putting down some more fire.

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OOC: Kan that part of the flashback was a vision of what Baumer worries will happen if he fights.


The first shot rings out. Tank rounds start shelling the area. Baumer takes cover and watches as his men fire back and take hits from the shrapnel. But there is another part of this plan.


Elliot Baumer Pulls out a flare gun and fire it into the air: Cypriceans momentary retreat. We need to get out of the tanks line of fire.


Goes to the other side of the road. A small unit led by Gustaf Hines of anti-tank troops are waiting in positions. They are carrying AR-49's and Panzerfausts.


Sgt Yosarian: Baumer's fired the flare sir. Looks like it's time to do our part.

Major Gustaf Hines: Alright men you hungry?

Grenadiers: Sir yes Sir!

Gustaf Hines: Good because here's the main course boys Points to the tanks. Dig in gentlemen.


Yosarian and the Grenadiers line up on formation and start loading their Panzerfausts they point them at the tanks.

Sgt Yosarian: Ready, aim, OPEN FIRE








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"Rockets!" screamed a soldier cuasing everyone to jump onto the ground. Tank crews desperately tried to escape a firey hellish death but to no avail as the rockets pierced through the thin rear armor of their tanks cuasing an explosion. Yorzak looked behind him. Most of 2nd squad had been killed in the blasts. He made a hand signal to those still alive to go scout out the area behind them. The Kan troops were essentially firing blind at an enemy they couldn't see.


Yorzak looked to his left to a radio man, "Coporal, get on the radio we need air support!" The soldier took a large radio pack off his back and set it down and began to fool with it. Yorzak unholstered his PP90M1 and rushed into the brush with the remnants of second squad, which was only three men now. They ran into the tall crops of wheat where the rockets had came from. With weapons ready.

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Baumer run and takes cover in the woods with what is left of his squad. He looks at the line of tanks smoking in satisfaction. Now he has a grin on his face.


Baumer: Lt. Kemmerich? Status report.

Kemmerich: Sir 8 of our.A ping is heard from the guy beside him. Kemmerich and Baumer duck down. They look at a soldier beside them who has a streak of blood going down his helmet. 9 of our men are dead. Most of their tanks are destroyed and we can probably eliminate the remaining men right now.


Baumer: NO there must be survivors to tell the story. Order the retreat Kemmerich.


Baumer fires a red flare into the sky signalling the retreat Kemmerich and the remaining soldiers flee south of the ambush. Baumer takes a glance and runs into the woods.


Meanwhile on the otherside of the road. A soldier under Gustaf's fire team spots the flare.

Cypricean Soldier: Major? Baumer's fired the red flare.

Major Gustaf: Alright lets pull back into the woods. Relay the message to Yosarian, I don't think they saw the flare.

Cypricean soldier: Yes sir.


The soldier runs towards Yosarian and his Grenadier team near a small ridge on the road. Fighter jets streak over the skirmish looks to be a Sukhoi Su-25.

Soldier: Sgt. Yo A small explosion goes off where the soldier is standing. Smoke is seen

Sgt. Yosarian: WHO WAS THATSmoke fades away revealing a crater filled with tattered remains of a Cypricean soldier. Grief fills him. Odin's wrath.

Corporal Sturm: Sir WHY HAVEN"T THEY SIGNALLED THE $%^&ing retreat yet. Were getting shot up here we've taken out the tanks. We should run while we still have a chance Get's up and run's for it

Sgt. Yosarian: Sturm stay where you are His commands are hopeless, but guilt overwhelms him. Yosarian pulls out his P44 and guns down Sturm. He turns and looks at the remaining men who are taking cover. They are looking at him with despair and confusion.. You are descendants of THOR. ACT LIKE IT.....

Silence fills the position while sounds of explosions, bullets whizing by, and gun fire. The men grab their weapons and start shooting back.


End of scene


OOC: The Su-25 was the closest thing I could find to a fighter bomber.

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