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The Capitalist Republic of Kanslavia

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Kanslavia started out as tribes people, nomads, following herds of native yaks around the mountains they called home. Yet not everything was peaceful. Other tribes moved in from all directions. The tribes settled the land, built citites, yet still continued to fight.

One of the most famous of the tribes, The Grotani had established their capital of Grotan amongst Kanslavia's highest mountains; and another tribe, had settled their capital of Krylov long before the Grotani at the foot of their mountains. These two are most famous for their drawn out wars lasting for hundreds of years or more.

Though not everything was bad in the early days. The tribes shared the same religon and same language. Two more tribes known as the Caela and the Cagil settled their own cities in the northern forests. They lived in relative peace and developed technologically putting them ahead of the other tribes. There were countless other tribes lost by history and helped along by Soviet takeover in the 30's.

By 1941 The Soviet Union has owned all of the tribes's lands. They had renamed it Kanslavia. Kan, a native word meaning native and slav, meaning slave. The Communists we're not met without opposition though. Most of the citizens protested the soviets with a passion even to the point of suicide bombings.

The Soviet's we're eventually overthrown by a renegade leader by the name of Joseph Tillman in the 80's. At the time a rebel with a drug addiction he eventually lead the populace to rise up and take down the Soviet leader appointed to oversee their region, ending the slavery at the hands on the communists.

After the rebellion Tillman set up a Social Democracy. Since then Tillman has kicked his drug habbit and has been reelected three times, though as he nears old age he's opted to resign by the Summer of 2007.



Infantry Equipment:

LAR-40 Standard issue assault rifle

6.6mm 40 round magazine.

Effective range: 450 Meters

Length 546 mm (21.5 in)

Barrel length 292 mm (11.5 in)


AP-6 Standard issue sidearm

.357 6 round chamber.

Effective range: 100 Meters


GA-97 Machine gun

6.6mm 90 round magazine

Effective range: 1500 Meters


NG-21 Squad Automatic Weapon


R-1 Sniper rifle

.50 CAL 10 round magazine


VSS Vintorez

Silenced Snipe rifle



9mm 30 round magazine

Effective range: 150 Meters



Effective range: 1000 Meters

2 20mm Grenades, 2 tandem 'ballistic rockets'


CW-7, Kanslavia's OICW

40 round 6.6mm magazine

3 20mm revolver like grenade luancher


SH-93 combat shotgun


Armored Equipment:

Kan ground vehicles (Left over from Soviet occupation. Some purchased later)

Air equipment:

Kan Air fleet (See all the jets made during the Soviet era left over from occupation)


NG-1 Main Battle Tank

Crew: 3 (Gunner, loader, commander)


Kan Defense Force (KDF): The Kanslavian military which focuses mainly on land operations. The people's army is made up of the brave and willing recruits of the nation. The army has recently undergone major renovations and the conscription system has been disbanded.


Terratroopers: Similar to American marines Terratroopers are Kanslavia's most feared soldiers. They're trained for almost a year to take on the toughest of land operations.

Terratrooper Insignia is a patch on the arm with the sol. The white center is replaced by a skull.


Speical Infantry Service: These soldiers undergo a year of training and are Kanslavia's elite. Similar to british SAS these men are sent in for politically delicate missions or those to hard for normal troops.

user posted image

SIS men preparing to test a prototype weapon


Kanslavia air fleet: The air force of Kanslavia, though small they are pretty good at their job of securing the skies.


Paratroopers: Special troops designed to be put behind enemy lines but more specifically dropped from helicopters or planes.


Navy: Works with all the divisions of the armed forces they transport troops and protect the seas.


Civil Protection: A special branch of the KDF civil protection is Kanslavia's police force. Armed to the teeth with everything from C4 explosives, to rifles, to toothpicks (Only to look cool). They undergo a few years of law school in order to make proper judgements in the field and another few months of combat training. Instead of patrolling the streets in patrol cars these men and women can commonly be seen parading around in tanks.


General Statistics

Religon statistics:

Atheist: 68%

Tribal Kan: 20%

Catholic: 11%

Other: 1%



Kan 56%

Soviet Kan (Russian+Kan 20%)

Russian 21%

Greek 3%




The kan ethnic group is generally a blond to light brown haired, blue eyed, lightly tanned person.


The national tree is the blue umbrella, a medium sized tree that grows beautiful blue flowers in the spring. It's said to be good luck to find one that flowers white. (Seen below)

user posted image


Yaks have been used by the transportation sector instead of taxis to avoid costs.


The KDF standard fatigues. Funfact: The Russians used blue camofluage in Afganistan, and it worked.

user posted image


Funfact: Native Kan do not have last or middle names. The current leader Joesph Tillman is not a native Kan and it is still unknown where he is originally from.

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