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Hammer Suit Industries

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Hammer Suit Industires


Kanslavia's premier weapons manufacturer Hammer Suit industries supplies almost all aspects of the KDF and now seeks to do the same for the global market.


ICWs (Individual combat weapons)


The standard ICW is an assault rifle capable of multple fire modes, usually comes with a grenade luancher or other firing attachment seperate from the rifle. It is the perfect weapon for any situation. Your 'bread and butter' if you will.


Our wares:


40 round 6.6mm caseless magazine

3 20mm revolver like grenade luancher

Weight: 5.5 kg

Scope: 1.5x

Length: 785 mm

Effective range: 450mm


When the rest of the modern world saw the ICW as the future of warfare Kanslavia soon followed. Thought unlike most of the world Kanslavia was successful in its increment. The CW-7 is suprisingly light weight and reliable. The weapon has been tested in the harshest conditions from the deserts of faraway regions, to the oceans, and to the blistering cold of Kanslavia's mountains. It's reliability is compared to the G36.

The grenade luancher system uses a latch at the butt of the rifle that can flip open on both sides. After the user has opened the latch they can insert 3 grenades of their choice from HE (High explosive) to Incindeary 20mm rounds.


PRICE: $3600


Assault rifles


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40 round 6.6 mm caseless magazine, 5.56 drum magazine, NATO 5.56, 7.62

Weight 3.1 kg (6.9 lb)

Length 546 mm (21.5 in)

Barrel length 292 mm (11.5 in)

Effective range: 450


The LAR-40E (Light assault rifle, 40 round magazine: EXPORT) differs very little from the KDF's counterpart only in it's reliability and modularity. Where as the original LAR-40 could not accept any non 6.6 magazines the LAR-40E accepts almost anything you can pickup on the battlefield. The LAR-40E can mount only a few extra attachments. The original LAR-40 is said to be the AK-47 of Kanslavia though this variant has yet to be tested.


PRICE: $995

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SAWs (Squad Automatic Weapons)


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7.3 Belt or box (Caseless)

Weight 7,60 kg (unloaded)

Length 1,020/780 mm (stock extended/folded)

Barrel length 460 mm


The NG-21 is HammerSuit's premier SAW for the 21st century. When you need a fierce and small gun that can put out alot of rounds the NG-21 answers the call. It's compact design makes it easy for storage and transport. In terms of reliability it is said not to heat up and stop like most bigger machine guns.


PRICE: $2900

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