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Threatening rebellion unless they are listened to, the populace of Vanarambaion has demanded the government deal with the gross overpopulation in the Holy Confederacy. In response, Vanarambaion is announcing the annexation of plots 42 and 43 and the resettlement of parts of the population in this area.


OOC - I have nearly 2 billion people and only two plots. sad.gif They have to go somewhere...

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(OOC: There go my possibilities of expansion...*sigh*)


The President of Tamurin welcomes his new neighbours in the north and hopes for good relations in the future.


(Since there's really nothing we can do about it, we should learn to live with it...is that microphone still on??? *KRK*)

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OOC - I have nearly 2 billion people and only two plots.
OOC: I believe that the land you own now was originally composed of three lots (2 for you and 1 for Roavia). I can agree to one lot.


IC: Has the nation of Vanarambaion ever thought about creating more land by driving back the sea? The Dutch have done so for centuries, which results in 40% of their country lying below sea level ( Source). Might this be an option for the Holy Confederacy?

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