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Titan Force Industries? - Cypriceos Co.

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Welcome to Titan Force Industries?

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Alfred Zimmer CEO of Titan Force:This company was established by Heinrich Zimmer in 1694 a famous Cypricean pirate/smuggler who sold his weapons and wares to the Cypriceos army and other Europan countries even without permission from Cypriceos. The first Titan Force production factory was built in 1752 in Valinor(Cypricean capital) and expanded it's market from Muskets to Cannons, Ships, soldier equipment. The company today sells many products from handguns to huge battleships. Our engineers and tech workers dedicate themselves to their job and take pride in every product they manufacture. Your gonna like the way your army looks, I guarantee it.


Companies owned by Titan Force Industries?

-Northridge Becker Associates/Aerospace?: Builder of many Cypriceos fighter planes. Also have contributions to the Cypriceos Royal Navy, and Cypriceos Space Organization. Also manufactures soldier equipment

-Heinrich & Karl Inc. H&K?: Designer and builders of a large majority of Royal Army rifles and other small arms.

-Michael Koch Automobiles?: A major Cypricean car company that builds most of our tanks, vehicles, fighter plane engines and vehicle engines.

-Leon M?ller Enterprise?: Another major builder of Cypricean fighter planes. Also builds missiles and arnaments for our military vehicles.

-Richthofen Tanks Inc.?: A major Cypricean producer of Tanks and arnaments for tanks. Famous for the Thor, and Tyr tanks.


Coming Soon: Table of Contents, and Purchase page once buisiness takes off. You can make purchases here until we add the purchase page.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Assault Rifles

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Sturmgewehr AR-51?

Company:Heinrich & Karl Inc. H&K?

Service: 1995-Present

Type: Bullpup

Weight 3.6 kg (7.94 lb) empty

4.6 kg (10 lb) with grenade launcher

Length 694 mm (27.3 in)

Barrel length 400 mm (15.6 in)

Cartridge: 6.8 x 43 mm

Action Gas-operated, rotating bolt

Rate of fire 500-650 rounds/min

Effective range: 200 - 800 meters

Feed system 20/30-round clips

Sights: 3.0x

Cost: $1650.00 per unit


The AR-51 is the standard assault rifle of the Cypriceos Royal Army. It combines heavy knockdown firepower, good range, weight, and size. It's been tested in all kind of environments and can take a licking and keep on ticking and won't jam on you. It's bringing sexy back.

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Assault Rifles

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Sturmgewehr AR-50?

Company:Heinrich & Karl Inc. H&K?

Service: 1984-Present

Type: Bullpup

Weight: 3.8kg empty

4.8kg with 40mm grenade launcher

Length: 650mm


Cartridge 5.56 x 45 mm

9 x 19 mm (AUG SMG)[3]

Action Gas-operated, rotating bolt[4]

Rate of fire 680?800 round/min [2]

Muzzle velocity 940 m/s (3,084 ft/s)

Effective range 450?600 m [4][5]

Feed system 30 or 50-round magazines

Sights: 1.5x

Cost: $1000.00 per unit


This rifle replaced the AR-49? models in 1984 after the CRA requested a faster firing bullpup weapon that could fire lots of ammunition. This weapon did it's job and became one of the most popular weapons with the CRA until 1995 when it was bumped down to second best for the overall bettter AR-51?. Still it serves well in the army to this day and is used by the Cypriceos police force, Airborne units, and as a fire support weapon for CRA squads.

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Sub-Machine Gun

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Company:Heinrich & Karl Inc. H&K?


Fire: Semi/Fully Auto

Weight 1.8 kg (3.96 lb) empty

1.9 kg (4.2 lb) with 20 rounds

2.0 kg (4.4 lb) with 40 rounds

Length 340 mm (13.4 in), stock retracted

541 mm (21.2 in), stock extended

Barrel length 180 mm (7.1 in)

Caliber: 4.6 x 30 mm

Action Gas-operated, rotating bolt

Rate of fire: 700-850 rounds/minunte

Effective range 200-300 meters

Feed system 20 or 40-round box magazine

Cost: $920.00 per unit


Very popular weapon seen in the hands of almost every single military/police personel. Main role is a defense weapon for aircraft/vehicle crews but it can be seen in some special forces, secret service, airborne units, and police missions. You can attach suppresssors 1.5x to 3.0x scopes, laser designators, flashlight, bayonet and much more.

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Pistole P44?

Company:Heinrich & Karl Inc. H&K?

Service: 1998-Present

Weight With magazine, unloaded: 820 g

Length: 220 mm

Barrel length:130 mm

Cartridge: .45 ACP

Action Short recoil, Double Action

Rate of fire Semi-automatic

Feed system Detachable box magazine; capacities:

Magazine 12 rounds

Range: 70-100 yds

Sights: "3-dot" type

Cost: $675.00 per unit


The P44 is the latest military handgun of the Cypriceos Royal Army. It has good knock down firepower and decent accuracy for a handgun. Pictinny rail allows for snap on parts to be added on such as scope, laser designator, flashlight, supressors, and much more.

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Machine Guns

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Maschinengewehr MG-50?

Company: Leon M?ller Enterprise?

Service: 1952-Present

Weight 11 kg

19.2 kg (with tripod)

Length 1219 mm

Barrel length 627 mm

Cartridge: 7.62 ? 51 mm

Action Recoil operated

Rate of fire 800-1200 round/min.

Muzzle velocity 755 m/s

Range: 850-1000 meters

Feed system 50/200-round belts or 75-round drum magazine

Sights Iron sights

Cost: $2000.00 per unit


The MG-50 has been the main machine gun of the CRA for over 35 years and continues to do it's job. A very fast, and powerful weapon. Can be used as coxial machine gun, turrets for vehicles, and carried by standard infantry.

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Machine Guns

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Maschinengewehr MG-131 .50cal?

Company:Leon M?ller Enterprise?

Service: 1940-Present (Updated and upgraded over the years)

Weight 16.6 kg, 21 kg(with bipod

Length 1.17 m

Barrel length 1,140 mm (44⅞ in)

Caliber: 12.7mm

Action Recoil-operated; short recoil

Rate of fire: 950-1000 round/min

Muzzle velocity: 750 m/s

Effective range 1,800 m (2,200 yd)

Feed system Belt-fed


Cost: $2500.00 per unit


When something has worked well for a long time you usually want to keep it. That was the attitude of the CRA over the years. Titan Force has improved the latest generation of the MG-131 by decreasing the weight, increasing range, caliber, and firepower used on many of our ground troops, and vehicles. A very symbolic weapon of Cypricean power.

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Fighter Craft

JF-14 Gungnir E/F?

Northridge Becker Aerospace? JF-14E/F Gungnir?

Role: Air Superiority (JF-14E), or Strike (JF-14F)

Service: 1974 - Present


user posted image

user posted image


Models for sale:

JF-14E Ultra Gungnir?

JF-14F Strike Gungnir?



$31,000,000.00 USD (JF-14E)

$43,000,000.00 USD (JF-14F)


Crew: 2 (Pilot and Radar Intercept Officer)

Powerplant: 2? Michael Koch MK-3000 afterburning turbofans

Dry thrust: 13,810 lbf (72 kN) each

Thrust with afterburner: 27,800 lbf (126 kN) each

Maximum speed: Mach 2.5 at high altitude

Combat radius: 500 nm (576 mi, 927 km)

Ferry range: 1,600 nm (1,800 mi, 3,000 km)

Carrier Landing Equipped



-2x 27 mm M?ller 27mm auto cannons with 220 rounds each


-8 hardpoints carrying these air-to-air missiles....AIM-54 Phoenix (USA), MAA-135 Phoenix II (Cypriceos), AIM-120 AMRAAM, AIM-9 Sidewinder, AIM-7 Sparrow


-Or 13,000lb/5,900kg of bombs: iron, laser-guided, GPS-guided, etc.

JF-14F Strike Gungnir is also optimized for air-to-ground missiles such as AGM-65 Maverick, AGM-84 Harpoon (anti-ship), and various stand-off cruise missiles. CAN DELIVER NUCLEAR WEAPONS.


Also can carry conformal fuel tanks, recon pods, etc.


Updated JF-14 for the 21st century. Sure, an Su-35 Flanker can turn on a dime. Or an F/A-18E might look smallish on a radar screen. But when it comes down to it, air combat doesn't occur with machine guns on biplanes anymore.


The JF-14E/F is optimized to find enemy aircraft FIRST, with its radar powerful enough to catch bogeys at 280 miles. Stealth aircraft beware--not even they can hide from this thing. Then, it doesn't need to close in that far for the kill: With MAA-135 Phoenix II missiles with a range of 120 miles, it's like bringing a sniper rifle to a knife fight.


This Top Gun will fly on into the 21st century. If it's good enough to be the mainstay of the CRAF, it's good enough for your country!

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Fighter Craft



Northridge Becker Aerospace? :JF-7 Tyrfing?

Role: Fighter-Bomber or SEAD

Service: 1960-Present (Continues to be updated/upgraded)


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Models for sale:

JF-7Z? (Fighter-Bomber, Carrier-Capable)

JF-7G? (Wild Weasel anti-SAM site aircraft, Carrier-Capable)



JF7-Z?: $11,500,000.00 per unit

JF7-G?: $17,500,000.00 per unit

Crew: 2

Powerplant: 2? Michael Koch MK917A axial compressor turbojets, 17,845 lbf (79.6 kN) each

Maximum speed: Mach 2.23 (1,472 mph, 2,370 km/h) at 40,000 ft (12,190 m)

Cruise speed: 506 knots (585 mph, 940 km/h)

Combat radius: 367 nm (422 mi, 680 km)

Ferry range: 1,403 nm (1,615 mi, 2,600 km) with 3 external fuel tanks

Service ceiling: 60,000 ft (18,300 m)

Carrier-landing equipped



1 x 27mm M?ller Autocannon (400 rounds)

Up to 18,650 lb (8,480 kg) of weapons on nine external hardpoints

4 AIM-9 Sidewinders

4 AIM-7 Sparrows or AIM-120 AMRAAMs

F-4Gs carry electronics and AGM-84 HARM anti-radiation missiles


Bread and butter of the CRAF during the 1960s and into 2007, the JF-7Z variant has been upgraded by the CRAF for increased radar range and AIM-120 capability with foldable wing tips. It's still a capable aircraft to this day.

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Fighter Craft

RF-5Z G?ndul?

Company: Leon M?ller Enterprise?

Year: 1958 - Present (Limited roles in the CRAF)

Role: Reconnaissance, Light attack

user posted image


Models for sale:




Price: $3,000,000.00 per unit


Crew: 1

Powerplant: 1? Michael Koch MK-113 afterburning turbojet, 1 x Leon M?ller? Rocketry booster rocket

Dry thrust: 10,000 lbf (48 kN)

Thrust with afterburner: 15,600 lbf (69 kN)

Thrust with booster rocket: 83 kN

Maximum speed: 1,328 mph (1,154 knots, 2,125 km/h)

Combat radius: 420 mi (365 nm, 670 km)

Ferry range: 1,630 mi ()

Service ceiling: 75,000 ft (22,500 m)



1x27mm M?ller Autocannon (120 rounds)

7 hardpoints can carry 4,000 lbs (1,800 kg) bombs or other stores

4 AIM-9 Sidewinders

High-Altitude Assist Rockets (HAAR) units

Additional camera/electronic recon pods


Cheap but FAST. The Michael Koch engine tunes the original General Electric engine to provide more speed at low level, where it is most critical for a reconnaissance aircraft. The M?ller Rocketry booster rocket can be used for an emergency dash, or tuned to medium burn to reach higher altitudes. If even more altitude is needed, HAARs can be fitted.

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MA(Mobile Artillery)-101 Loki?

Company: Richthofen Tanks Inc.?

Service: 2006-Present

user posted image

Power: Michael Koch-500 engine, 986 horse power, and addition back up battery power.

Weight: 33.3 tons

Length: 11.03 m

Width:2.44 m

Height: 3.59 m

Speed: 64 km/h

Armament: Richthofen? 155 mm cannon

Cost: $4,800,000.00 per unit


The newest mobile artillery of the 21st century Cypricean army. It's half the weight of standard howitzers yet it can fire a 155mm cannon. It also has the speed of a jeep which gives the Loki? unlimited capabilities. 3 of these pieces can be carried in one transport plane




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Panzer IV: Thor?

Company: Richthofen Tanks Inc.?

Service: 1979 - Present (Upgraded over the years

Crew: 4

Weight: 62 tons

Speed: 72 km/h

Distance: 500 km

Armor: Composite: 1 layer of steel, tungsten, and ceramic compound/plastic filler

Main Gun: Richthofen? L55 120mm (42 rounds)

Secondary Weapon: 2x7.62mm MG-50

AA gun calibre: 12.7mm MG-131

# grenade launchers: 16

Cost: $3,800,000.00 per unit


The Thor battle tank is the main tank of Cypriceos. It comes with smoke grenade launchers, advanced navigation systems, fire fighting equipment, radiation protection, laser range finders, advanced fire control system, infra-red/nightvision sightings for both the gunner, driver, and commander. Superior mine protection. The L55 Smoothbore gun allows this tank to hit targets at over 5,000 meters.

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Panzer III-Tyr?

Company:Richthofen Tanks Inc.?

Service: 1965-Present

Weight 42.4 tonnes

Length 9.54 m

Width 3.37 m

Height 2.64 m

Crew 4 (commander, driver, gunner, radio operator/loader)

Armor RHA, 70 mm (maximum), 10mm (minimum)

Primary armament:Richthofen? 1 x 105mm Cannon

55 rounds


armament 2 x 7.62 mm MG 50 (co-axial and commander's hatch)

5500 rounds

Engine MTU MB 838 CaM 500, 10-cylinder, 37.4 litres, multi-fuel engine

830 PS (819 hp, 610 kW) at 2200 RPM

Power/weight 19.6 PS/tonne

Suspension Torsion-bar


range 600 km (on road), 450 km (cross-country)

Speed 68 km/h

Cost: $1,850,000.00 per unit


An easy to use medium tank. A low cost option compared to the Thor. Has good armor, and decent firepower for a tank of it's class.

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Panzer II-Baldr?

Company: Richthofen Tanks Inc.?

Service: 1970-Present

Scout-/Light Tank, Tank Destroyer.

Crew: 3

Combat weight: 19 tons

Length: 5,58m (vehicle), 7,77m (overall) / Width: 2,50m / Height: 2,50m

Engine: Michael Koch 6-cylinder Turbodiesel 7FA, 235 kW (320 hp), 1.100 Nm

Max. speed: 68km/h

Cruising range: on roads: 470 km / cross country: 360 km

Gradient: 75%

Foording: 1.000 mm

Vertical step: 800 mm

Trench: 2.400 mm

Armament: 1x 105mm Gun effective range: 1.800 to 3.000 m; firing rate: over 12 rounds per minute (!); stowed ammunition: 43 rounds

2x 7,62mm Machine Gun(Turret and Coxial) MG-50, 4,000 rounds

2x3 Smoke Grenade Launchers 70mm 12 smoke/HE-grenades

Self-Protection: steel armour, NBC protection system (turret), fire detection / suppression system for engine compartment, explosion detection / suppression system for the turret

Equipment: drivers night vision sight AN/VVS2(V) 504, communication systems [A2 KFOR: chain protection]

Airportable: Any transport aircraft.

Cost: $1,150,000.00


The Panzer II is a worthy light tank of our Armed Forces. It can tango with some of the best and packs good firepower with good speed and light weight.

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Sub Machine Guns

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Machinepistole MP-48?

Company:Heinrich & Karl Inc. H&K?

Service: 1966-1988

Caliber 9x19mm

Weight 3,2 kg empty

Length (stock closed/open) 496 / 775 mm

Barrel length 204 mm

Rate of fire 720 rounds per minute

Magazine capacity 20, or 40 round box clips

Effective range 150-250 meters

Cost: $550.00 per unit


The MP-48 was a short lived smg of the Royal Army. It provided decent firepower and range for our forces. Was a famous weapon during the Kanslavian war of independence and became the popular symbol of reemergence of the Cypricean war machine during the low points in Cypricean history. An all weather and easy to use weapon.

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Sub Machine Guns

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Machinepistole MP-49?

Company: Heinrich & Karl Inc. H&K?


Weight: 2.88 kg (6.35 lb) (MP5A3)

Length Fixed stock:

680 mm (26.8 in)

Retractable stock:

490 mm (19.3 in), retracted

660 mm (26 in), extended

Barrel length 225 mm (8.85 in)

Cartridge 9 ? 19 mm Luger

Action Roller-delayed blowback, closed bolt

Rate of fire 800 round/min

Muzzle velocity 270 m/s (886 ft/s)

Effective range 200 m (219 yd)

Feed system 15- or 30-round detachable box magazine

Sights Rear: rotary diopter; front: tritium hooded post.

Cost: $750.00 per unit


Another fine weapon that continues to be used in our Royal Army. It is equipped by Counter Terrorist units, police, special forces, airborne units, and army. You can attach almost anything to this weapon.



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Fighter Crafts

Company: Northridge Becker Aerospace? :JF-20 Mjolnir?

Year: 2004-Present

Role: All purpose fighter craft

Cost: $220,000,000.00 per unit

user posted image

Crew: 1

Length: 22.6 m (74 ft 2 in)

Wingspan: 15.16 m to 16.7 m (49 ft 9 in to 54 ft 9 in)

Height: 6.3 m (20 ft 8 in)

Wing area: 666 ft? (203 m?)

Empty weight: 36,100 lbs (16375 kg)

Loaded weight: 55,115 lb (25,000 kg)

Max takeoff weight: 77,162 lbs (35,000 kg)

Powerplant: 2? Michael Koch AL-37FU afterburning, thrust-vectoring (in PFU modification) turbofans with digital control.

Dry thrust: 83.4 kN (18,700 lbf) each

Thrust with afterburner: 142.2 kN (32,000 lbf) each

Thrust vectoring: ?20? at 30? per second in pitch and yaw



Maximum speed: Mach 2.6

* At sea level: Mach 1.35 (1,400 km/h, 870 miles))

Range: 3,300 km (2,050 mi)

Service ceiling: 18,000 m (59,050 ft)

Rate of climb: 230 m/s (45,300 ft/min)

Wing loading: 79.4 lb/ft? (360 kg/m?)



Guns: 2? 27 mm Muller Autocannons 280 rounds each

Air to air loadout:

6? MAA-135 Phoenix II (Cypriceos)

2? AIM-9 Sidewinder

Air to ground loadout:

2? AIM-120 AMRAAM and

2? AIM-9 Sidewinder and one of the following:

2? 1,000 lb JDAM or

2? Wind Corrected Munitions Dispensers (WCMDs) or

8? 250 lb GBU-39 Small Diameter Bombs


Radar: Can detect enemies from 280 miles


Provides the speed and manueverability of a Flanker, the stealth capabilities of an F-22, and the firepower of an JF-14 Gungnir. This fighter is the aircraft of the 21st century. Want countries to show you respect. Then get one of these for your airforce today.

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Sub Machine Guns

user posted image

Machinepistole MP-51?

Company: Heinrich & Karl Inc. H&K?

Service: 2006-Present

Weight 4.5 lb

Length 28" overall

19.5" stock folded

Barrel length 10" barrel

Cartridge: 4.6 x 30 mm

Action Gas operated, rotating bolt

Muzzle velocity 2,425 ft/s with 10" barrel

Maximum range 200-300 Meters

Feed system 30 round detachable box magazine (firearm)

Sights: Backup iron sights, Picatinny rails

Cost: $1150.00 per unit


One of our alternate SMG/PDW of the CRA 21st century army. It has a pictinny rail on the handle and all over the weapon which allows for many add ons and snap on parts. A very reliable and versatile weapon.

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Panzer V: Odin Schwerer Panzer(Heavy Tank) mk II?

Company: Richthofen Tanks Inc.?

Service: 1943-1945(mkI), 1985-Present(mkII)

Weight: 73 tons

Length 7.62 m

10.286 m with gun forward

Width 3.755 m

Height 3.09 m

Crew 5 (commander, gunner, loader, radio operator, driver)

Armor: 3rd generation heavy composite with steel

Primary armament: 1x 140mm Richthofen gun (40 rounds)

Secondary armament: 2? 7.56mm MG-50

1 x 12.7mm MG-131

Total: 5,500 rounds

Engine: Michael Koch MTU MB 873 Ka-503 12-cylinder diesel (2,350 hp)

Power/weight: 32 hp/ton

Transmission:Maybach OLVAR EG 40 12 16 B (8 forward and 4 reverse)


Range: 380km

Speed: 52 km/h

Cost: $5,200,000 per unit

The best tank to ever roll out of our tank factories. Known to other armies as the "Widowmaker" and Cypricean soldiers as "Panzer-Zerst?rer" (Tank Destroyer) due to it's awesome firepower. This is built for the 21st century and is equipped with Richthofen 140mm cannon advanced firecontrol systems, and all that jazz used by the Thor tanks. This tank is one serious can of whoop a$$.

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Panzer I: L??urr Heller Panzer(Light Tank) ?

Company: Richthofen Tanks Inc.?

Service: 1950-Present

Crew 3

Weight (kg): 10 tons

Length (mm) 4400

Width (mm) 2200

Height (mm) 2100

Main weapon caliber (mm) 76

Barrel length (calibres) 23

Auxiliary gun calibre x2 (mm) 7.62mm x 2 guns (1 coxial and 1 turret)

Traverse arc (degree) 360

Elevation (degree) 35

Depression (degree) -10

Ammunition of the main gun 45

Ammunition of the auxiliary gun 3000

Engine power output (h.p.) 195

Max. road speed (km/h) 87

Max. road range (km) 640

Max. swim speed (km/h) 6.4

Vertical obstance (mm) 500

Trench (mm) 2000

Depth of fording, without preparation (mm) 1000


Cost: $900,000 per unit


One of Richthofen Tanks light scout tanks. It may not have the firepower of a Thor but it makes up with that in speed. Want an army tank but don't want to be a major world player then this is the tank for your country.

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Kampf-SchrotflinteCombat Shotgun CS-1?

Company: Heinrich & Karl Inc. H&K?

Weight 3 kg (6.61 lbs)

Length:varies with model

Barrel length 254 mm (10 inches)

Caliber: 12 gauge

Action pump-action

Effective range 40 m

Feed system up to 8+1 rounds, internal tube magazine

Cost: $800.00 per unit


Actually a hunting shotgun believe it or not. It's camoflauge skin makes it a good soldier weapon while in different terrain. Very deadly up close and very reliable used by our armies to this day. Up can attach all kinds of parts to it.

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Assault Rifles

user posted image

Sturmgewehr AR-49?

Company: Heinrich & Karl Inc.?

Service: 1950-Present (Minor Roles)

Type: Semi, or Fully automatic

Weight: 4.09 kg (9.0 lbs.)

Length: 1,026 mm (40.4 in)

Barrel length: 450 mm (17.7 in)

Cartridge: 7.62 ? 51 mm

Caliber: 7.62 mm (.308 in)

Action:Roller-delayed blowback

Rate of fire: 600 round/min

Muzzle velocity: 790 m/s (2,600 ft/s)

Effective range: 500 - 750 meters

Feed system 20, or 30-round detachable box magazine

Sights Rear: rotary diopter; front: hooded post

Cost: $900.00 per unit


The AR-49 was a very reliable rifle that has lasted almost 50 years in our army and is used by National Guard, police, and Royal Guard. It used to be the standard issue rifle up until 1984 but it still has a role and still has awesome knockdown punch and good range.

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Infantry Fighting Vehicles

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Infanterie-K?mpfende Tr?ger IKT-2 Vidar?

Company: Richthofen Tanks Inc.?

Service: 2002 - Present

Weight 31.5 tonne, 43 tonne maximum weight with add-on armor

Length 7.4 m

Width 3.7 m (uparmored)

Height 3.1 m

Crew 3 + 6 (Troops)

Armor: Modular

Missiles: 7 TOW Missiles

Primary armament: 30 mm Muller autocannon; 200 rounds/min rapid shot, 700 rounds/min fully automatic

Secondary 7.62mm MG 50; 76 mm grenade launcher; Smoke-grenade launchers

Engine: Michael Koch V10 892 diesel 1073 hp (800 kW)

Power/weight: 33.52 hp/tonne

Suspension hydropneumatic

Operational range 600 km

Speed 70 km/h

Cost: $2,600,000.00 per unit


The latest IKT to come out of our war factories. It is the Michael Koch of IFV's in the Europan market. Improved Armor compared to it's predicessor, better firepower, solid armor against vehicles and landmines, and state of the art fire control systems.

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Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles

user posted image

FM-101Fahrbarer Mehrzwecktr?ger Heimdall?

Company: Richthofen Tanks Inc.?

Service: 1997 - Present

Weight combat weight: 6.2 tons

Length 5.23m

Width 2.22m

Height 2.1m

Crew 1-8

Armor: Light Composite

Primary armament: H&K Remote Weapons systems

Secondary armament: Firing ports for troops

Engine: Michael Koch30 Water cooled turbo charged 6.5 litre 190hp

Power/weight 31 horsepower per ton

Suspension Helical coil suspension

Operational range: 752 km

Speed: 115 km/h (72Mph)

Cost: $925,000 per unit standard


The FM-101 Heimdall shows that it's not about the size of a dog in a fight but the size of the fight in the dog with it's unlimited capabilities. It provides awesome speed, firepower, and good protection for a light vehicle.

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Light Machine Guns

user posted image

LMJ-22(Leichter Maschineninjektor)?



Lenght: 1040mm


Feed: Belt or Magazine

Rate of Fire: 750-850 rpm

Cost: $2300.00 per unit


Based around the M249 Saw this weapon is the Cypriceos version the only difference is size, look and weight. It is one of the ultimate squad support weapons. Get a couple of these in your squad and you have complete supremacy over your foes. Comes with bipod, and it can either be belt fed or by magazines.

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