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Howdies from Hakhamanishiyan

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Howdy all. This will be the second time that I've visited Europa, though with another nation, and a good while ago. I've a semi-veteran NS'er with just about three years of experience, mostly in Jethnea...All that said, I'm really here to roleplay, something that I enjoy a great deal. I created this nation with some vaguely Iranian-esque in mind, hence the name, Hakhamanishiyan--which is the ancient Persian name for the dominion of the Achaemenid Empire. I suppose whatever I flesh out for the RP section will have something to do with that, or at least something faintly Near Eastern in flavor. I look forward to getting to know you all a little better, and I would really appreciate a few personal pointers on where to go, and what sort of thing the established community would enjoy/need.


Many thanks...


Hak or Hak-Man, I guess.

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Ok, so first-off, apologies for pulling the ol' switcheroo here but I'm just going to say to heck with it and pull my primary nation here. Beautancus is my oldest nation, whereas Hakhamanishiyan is my youngest and smallest...and I think that with the material I have already in place for Beautancus I would have a much better time roleplaying here. It also helps that Beautancus is my UN nation. So apologies again for any problems this might have caused. I also intend to only roleplay with Beautancus, so the issue of two nations one player won't come up at all. Thank you.

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