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I'm back after $#$% hit the fan in a region that me and my friends joined called Nova Atlantica.


I think I can solve this population problem by making suggestions for changes in the rp section.

-lowering the requirements for map plots (A 1.5 billion pop nation should not be stuck with one plot. I might sound selfish but I guarantee new nations will probably stay if these are changed. That's one of the main reasons I left in the 1st place.

-Changes to T&D (It's not really fair for new regions when all the companies are hogging all the products and putting copyrights on them.)


Hopefully I will be accepted again. biggrin.gif

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Welcome back! Regarding map plots, what would you suggest? And I never thought that trade was encumbered, though I haven't delved too deep into it. But if there are indeed hindering copyrights and such I would advocate their removal.

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I don't mind if a company is successful I just want things to be fair for new people and right. Even if a company is huge it shouldn't hoard all the modern day weapons like what EA games does in the industry. Just stick with a few in each catagory.


Sorry to rant but I think this is one of the reasons for poor activity here, and people leaving the regions, I mean how can you start a company if most of the countries are hoarding everything from tanks, to small arms. dry.gif


The problem with this region is it is structured like a mega corporation. There's the people who get everything and have the power and the rest are left with no attention or future in there area really so they stay and leave right away.


If you stick with this whole "Large number of posts = Power" thing this region won't be able to rebuild. Treat new members like they have played the game for 3 years even though they are new and I guarantee you they will stay and before you know it this region will have 300 members again.


Sorry to sound like a commie but that's my 2 cents.

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