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New Nuclear Power Station Announced for Perth

The southern city of Perth is to get a second nuclear power station to supplement the ageing Lochside facility, the Chief Scientist announced today. Speaking to official Party media reporters in the Perth town hall, Gerard DeVliet outlined the plan for the power station. It will be funded entirely by the Party but, to the disappointment of private concerns hoping to be given the opportunity to bid for the project, it will be entirely designed, overseen and constructed by the Ministry of Science's engineers and physicists.


Senior Party Member Found Dead

Deputy Chief of Police Maria Deschaul, 47, has been found dead in her office. The cause of death is believed to be an accidental overdose of insulin. Police do not suspect foul play. Inspector Cameron Brackenauer, 48, has been appointed to the post following the shock death of Ms. Deschaul.


Five Sentenced to Death for Religion

Four men and a woman from Schostenberg have been found guilty of religion and sentenced to death by firing squad. One of the men, 62 year old Martin Charles McIlroy, was secretly leading Christian worship services and the other four were members of his illegal congregation. It is believed that many more people are involved in the subversive organization, but leads have been scarce. The executions will be held at some time within the next week.



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