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The Old Guard

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On a dark night in a dark room, a meeting was being held. 5 men and 3 women sat in the room and celebrated, around a large table full of drinks and "snacks?. Out side, was the capital city, of Belgarad. This was the center of government for the Federal Republic of Yurosavia, or as most nations would recognize it as plot 157. A country not yet internationally recognized as an independent entity.


However, the nation had recently acquired a new government, in where Mr. Bernard Hinch was elected as Primer. Mr. Hinch to must people was a what seemed to be a model leader, he looked promising to bring the Federal Republic to a greater age, and international recognition. o archive this, Mr. Hinch has signed an alliance pact with several other island nations, most in the Kosscow. These nations where small, and basically under an influence of the Federal Republic.


During this meeting, the participants talked about all manner of things, and they swayed brandy, and whisky, and spoke loudly, and hardily. In a manner most would recognize as Adapton. The people in the room, where all dressed in a black uniform, with a distinct silver marking on it's collar. A marking which read CP. On their sleeves, a very distinctive, "V" shape, and a distinctive red ribbon crossing it reading the word AdSoc.


These people where the last remnants of a forgotten, defeated power. These were the Old Guard. All senior, or should it be said, former senior officers of the once menacing, Civil Protection. The group had came to Yurosavia in search of popularity. One man in that room, had most definitely gained popularity. Mr. Hinch, or rather, ThunderMarshal Albert Finch. He had arrived in Yurosavia, during the AdSoc War. He was tasked with infiltrating other nations, and spreading the AdSoc doctrine, it was all part of the AdSoc master plan. However, seeing defeat in Adaptus he set up the old Guard, a remnant of senior officers true to the AdSoc cause. It was unbeknown to most that in the end AdSoc had been ran by senior officers, after the assassination of Winston O'Brian Smith, and these officers, where what was left from that pact. Out of the original 24 "Falcons", 8 made it out of Adaptus and to Yurosavia. Now the Old Guard has established that doctrine within Yurosavia, it was only a matter of time before the Federal Republic did get its "International Recognition."


Earlier in the year Finch - under the alias of Hinch, had won the election in the Federal Republic, and now was celebrating the resent arms deal he had concluded with the islands states Yurosavia was allied with. He was also celebrating the fact his anti-capitalism propaganda had worked. His propaganda had pictured Adaptus, the now right-wing haven as being a model capitalism menace, which had turned popular opinion away from the Federated Kingdom. Which just made relations much worse.


While in Adaptus.....


"It's an honour to join the Federation, and it's Kingdom."


"it's an honour to have such worthy peoples as part of our Federation."


Cameras flashed, and hands where shook, as the southern plot of 23, otherwise known as the United States of Adthus. A former part of Alexander the Greats' empire was being incorporated into the Federated Kingdom. Prime Minister Philip Fairfax had just finished his deal with President Daius to unite once and for all, the old provinces of Adaptus. Now Adaptus was again a truly united people.

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"He can not allow such imperialism anymore! It is high time these capitalist pigs see what we see. Peace and stability brother!"


Hinch stepped down from the balcony outside the Primers Palace in Belgarad, crowds cheering as he stepped down from his platform of propaganda.


"They believed it". He was surrounded by the Old Guard, now established members of his cabinet, and armed forces. "It is only a matter of time before this thing goes ahead."


"ThunderMarshal shall we begin mobilisation?"


"Not yet." Came a voice from behind.


"GrandConstable." Finch gave an AdSoc salute. Alexander Best, as the second in command of AdSoc in the mainland, he had arrived in Yurosavia only a month before hand. He had assumed control of the Old Guard from Finch, much to his annoyance. On his arrival in Yurosavia Best had promoted himself to GrandConstable a rank in AdSoc which matched that of General of the Army, or Overall Field Marshal. The top man. Again this was much to the dissent of the main Old Guard. However, Best knew what he was doing.


"We shall wait a little longer, we'll do it properly. Finch, you and your cabinet should perhaps come up with a harshly wrote letter and send it to Adaptus. However, mention nothing of an attack or invasion."


"Ok, on top of that, I?ll rally the people a little more, and then, once we receive a message back from Adaptus, or, on the other hand receive nothing, we shall say to those tramps out there, that it is an outrage, blah, blah, blah."


"Exactly. However, step up training in the forces. I mannaged to move the finances of the AdSoc party into my account, and then into a bogus off-shore account before AdSoc fell. Luckily it was just in time before the CI5 in Adaptus could realise it. So we have about an extra 4 million Euros for the military budget, not much, but it should hopefully be enough to kit our soldiers out with some half decent gear, rather than dammed AK-47's from the stone age."



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The next day, a letter landed on Prime Minister Fairfax?s' deck. The mark on the front of the envelope did not instantly ring a bell, however after further inspection he did seem to recall the emblem. Philip them proceeded to open the envelope using his finger in a letter opener style. The letter was headed The People's Court of Policies. Bellow this was another larger emblem, the same as what appeared on the envelope. Further bellow that it read, Federal Republic of Yurosavia, communiqu?. Philip's eyes widened. It was a while since her had heard of Yurosavia.


To: The Federated Kingdom of Adaptus

From: The Federal Republic of Yurosavia


I hate to inform you, but your last annexation of the United States of Adthus disgusted us in our proud nations. We condemn your actions, and we hope other nations of the world follow our path. This is a disgraceful act of imperialism which we hope to put a stop to. The United States of Adthus had a right to it's own freedom, you and your right-wing ways have now taken that from the USA (OOC: I never intended that :S) with your horribly violent imperialism. We are disgusted in your actions, and recognise the USA still as an independent entity.


Primer Bernard Hinch,

The Federal Republic of Yurosavia.


Fairfax looked on at the letter with a slight view of confusion, and bewilderment. He continued to discard of the letter into a recycle bin, while saying t himself. "Crazy people."


To the Prime Ministers intellect however, he had not realised that a copy of the letter had been sent to all the major nations in Europa. It looked as though a storm could be brewing.

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"This is unacceptable."


The Parliament of the Federal Republic was up in arms, shouting, and yelling, at the fact the Adapton government had yet sent a reply. Primer Hinch was speaking loudly, as he proposed his next steps. His party had gained dominance over the parliament and was assuring his dominance.


"It is absolutely disrespectful that such a so called honourable government should ignore our threats. We should teach these people a lesson they shall never forget. I propose the full mobilisation of the Federal Forces, in co-operation with the Forces of other member of the Franconian Pact, to launch an assault on the mainland of Adaptus to strike back at these dishonourable aggressors. we shall liberate these people once and for all." All while he spoke ministers all over the parliament where shouting in agreement.


By the evening the members of the Franconia Pact, the military alliance which bound the Federal Republic to the Kosscow islands, and the islands to it's north had been informed of the idea, and had voted in favour of the military assault. By midnight, the first invasion plans where being drawn up.


Ironically, the day before, Vickers Weapon Systems had just concluded a deal with the military of Yurosavia, using government, and stolen funds for such things as new assault rifles, and new tanks, and such. All funding in the Federal Republic had been turned to the military, and a formidably force was being put together.


by the early hours of the morning, several Yurosav aircraft had taken off from an airbase in the West Phalklands, and were heading for the Phalkands. At 02:30 hours, the aircraft had reached the coast of the Phalkands, and had a small contingent of Adapton Merchant Navy ships bound for Stanley, the capital of the Phalklands. The explosions echoed through the Adapton halls of politics.

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"We carnt let the press get ahold of this. No matter what. Stick with the gas explosion story. We can not let this story get out!"


The Prime Minister stat in his officer, alongside the Minister of Defence, Home Secratary, Intellagance Minister, and First Minister of the Phalklands. It was 10 in the morning, and Adaptons where wakig up to news of gas explosions on several Merchant Navy Vessels in the Phalklands.


"Who the hell has done this?" Requested RtH Lord Devonshire. I have hundreds families waking up now with no fathers, husbands, brothers, sisters, wifes and mothers. Which f*ckers did this!"


"Carlm down Ben, we have an Idea." The itelglagance minister returned, despertatly trying to carlm down the worked up Lord Deveonshire.


"Luke whos your prime suspects? The Itellagance Minister turned to the PM and had a quick look at the other ministrs, beforelighting up cigerette, then procesding to talk.


"Well sir. We have narrowed it down to three options. First, is that the CRA are making a return. However, this is unlikely, due to it being an air-to-surface anti-ship missile which destroyed the vessels. However, we sharnt rule them out as they have known to be well armed in the past, and it would not suprise me if they has mannaged to aquire several aircraft. Second, is rouge FAF pilots, loyal to AdSoc. We have not rulled this out, as an AdSoc style of attack was used to destroy the vessels. The Aircraft littered the area twice, which is distinctive of AdSoc tactics. the final theory is te Federal Republic of Yuroavia. They have allies in the Kosscw, and after their little letter the otehr day, I would not be supprised it was them. However, our last reports on them came up as they were unable to conduct such a raid, due to inerior tactics, and aircraft. However, with AdSoc tactics beingused it hs lead us to belive that this nations isnot workng under it's own steam."


"I See." The Prime Minister siwiveld around on his chair, to watch out of the window for a while. He took a cigar case from his top pocket and took out a small King Edward Cigar, placed it between his lips, and span back round before lighting it. "what precauions hav ben taken?" He scourd across the room at each minister.


"I've signed the papers for the Phalkland Terratorials to get involved,They have set up a pirimeter around the whole thing and are deniging access to press, for now. I thought it was better to get the Terratorials on it rather than police."


"it's a good start Ben."


"I have contacted Prince Andrew, and he has allowed my full responcipility for now of the situations, and i've sent the FAF Regiment to set up some mobile anti-air defences in the area, incase a second attack is made. Oh and sir. I would advise BIKINI Special Black alert status."


"Ok. BIKINI Special Black, as of now. Get missile instaltions, both nuclear and Anti-Air sh*t hot right away."


"Yes sir."


Back in Yurosavia......


"The fist strike was a success, they had no idea. They will be on alert now. What is you next course Constable?"


"Step up the strikes from West Phalkland, while the Armada disembarks. These air attacks will distract the FDF as they will think the attack will be on the Phalkands, instead we shall slip the Armaba around he back of Island 0.1, Franconia and then onto Island 0.7 where it will use as a stageing point for the attck on the mainland. Since no one owns island 0.7, we'll annaxe it in the prosess."


"Yes sir."

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It was late in the afternoon and the sun was just on the horizon, and the sky was an eerie orange. The press were just beginning to leave, as Territorials were changing shifts. As one camera crew was packing away on the dock side, a slight roar could be heard. The press had begun to twig on slightly that the Merchant Ships had not went up as a result of a gas explosion, due to the increased anti-air defences in the area.


On of the crew members turned and looked to the sun. "It has to be some sort of air attack, especially if they have aircraft in the air." Another crew member nodded.


While they packed away they noticed some activity around the explosion points, and around the military cordon. Several FAF Regiment troops ran about, as if taking cover, as several ADATS system began to kick into action.


"Hey up". One of the crew members said, as he lifted his camera from the back of his land rover. "This looks interesting."


As the roar got louder it journalists realised this was no Adapton air patrol, as a ground attack plane began to line up for a run at a target. Just as it came into view, two ADATS systems fired with a whiz. The camera crew hurried into action as their cameras captured the action. Both missiles collided with their targets, sending both aircraft into oblivion. However, only to have two ore aircraft appear from behind the first. Again to other ADATS systems fired, one struck, however, the second did not. The remaining aircraft was now joined by two more wingmen. As they swept in and fired a variety of air-to-ground missiles, striking most of the area.


As they pulled away for a second pass, two Vityaz aircraft cut in front of them, as the two enemy aircraft pulled away from the formation, the leader fired a second volley, this time of napalm onto the site, blowing most things within the cordon away. The camera crew looked on in horror.


The Vityaz flight swooped in, and took out the leader of the enemy formation, then proceeding to chase, and destroy the rest of the aircraft. However, the damage was done. As was the political scars depend.

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"Ok, we've lost our hances of keeping this from the press. I'm plannig to makea speach soon." Prime Minister Fairfax dipped his head in disopointment. He did not like the situation. "But first, I want the latest news."


Again the same people sat in the room, however, now they where sitting in the War Room. Joined by several CI5 and CI6 agents, and by the General Staff. Also sitting in the corner of the roomwas Prince Andrew, Soverign of the Armed Forces, and Prince John, Soverign on the Interior. Both sat in the corner disussing the situation.


"FAF Regiment are in place and have upped security on the area, with extra RADAR, and Arrow High level anti-air."


"Also sir, Several Sharp Class Corvettes have ben placed in the area."


"Air patrols have also stepped up sir."


"Ok, Wat about intellagance?"


"Sir I'll et our friends handle this." Spoke the Minister of Intellagance, as he passed the floor onto the CI6 agents.


"We'll, it seems the attacks are coming from th West Phalklands, which would lead to blive the attacks coming from them. However, it seems the aircraft are unmarked, and rather high tech for such a small and unstable economy of the West Phalklands. Agents there noticed that the aircraft where taking off from an airbase on the islands, however, pilots are said to be of Yurosav origin. We have come to the conclusion that the Federal Republic of Yurosavia, long with allies in West Phalkland, are conducing the attacks, and are prepering an invasion on the our Phalkland islands. However, no formal declaration of war has been made sir."


Just the the shaddy man ended the sentance, the Intellagance Minister stood, and interupted to the end the sentance. "And that sir, is why we would advice stepping up to BIKINI Red."


The Prime Minister sunk his head into his hands and let out a great sigh. Silence crawled across the room, as the occupents pondered the latest desision. Fianly the PM lifted his head, and looked across the room. he then turned his eyes to Martins his Defence Minister and nodded. The he turned to Prince Andrew, and again nodded. Prince Andrew then stood and came to the table.


"BIKINI Red Alert is in place now." Philip then looked to the Prince who continued the sentance.


"Full Mobalisation of the Phalklands incase of an invasion. Also, I want semi-mobalisation on the Mainland troops, prepered for operation incase it is needed. that suit you Philip?"


Again the PM nodded with his head back in his hands.


"Since no formal declaration exisists we shall stay at BIKINI Red for the time being, and stick to a defensive docterine."


This time the people around the table nodded. That was the command, and that brought the nation on the edge. With the news of attacks on the Phalklands, and troop mobalisation, again, it seemed war was close to the people of Adaptus.

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For four days now the Adapton military in the Phalklands had been fighting off a fearce bommber campaign. Each day, more and more aircraft, and each day more heavey aircraft were attacking. It suprised the Adaptons that the aircraft that flew over where rather high-tech for the foe they faced. Yurosavia, a year ago was armed with with MiG-21's and TU- 16's, not what the Adaptons were seeing. A barrage of rather modern and effective aircraft. The list was long. F-16's F/A-18's, Su-37's even a high level wave of Blackjack Bombers was used. However resently, since this morning the barrage of aircraft had seced.


While in Alnmouth, several ships appeared on the horizon. With the extra security in the Phalklands, an invasion armada had mannaged to slip by Adapton naval defences, slightly undiscovered. A few miles from the Armardas current position it had encountered several Adapton OPV's and a Corvette, after these vessesl failed to answer to radio comms, several more ships were dispatched from the Kosscow, but where at least 3 hours away. But in the Harbor of Alnmouth large ships could be seen, as well as obvious other ships. These sightings confirmed the FDF's theories from that morning that an invasion was to occur on the mainland. Emediatly troops and aircraft were deployed to the area, and the war was about to begin.


As people began to scramble to get away from the incoming fleet, the first wave of artiliery pounded the port and surounding area. Volly after volly fell upon the port, turning it into a scene of chaos and disorder, as well as destruction. Aircraft swooped overhead and beyond the port, no dout scouring the countryside looking for incoming FDF defenders. While several Wings of Adapton aircraft arrived to stop them from getting to FDF troops. Massive battles erupted in the skies.


As the airbattles raged on, surface launched anti-ship missiles in the form of IRBM's were launched from within Adaptus, but it was no use, the assault vessels had already began there journy to the Adapton cost. The first vessels moved strait into the port. These were small fast inflatable craft carrying Yurosav special forces. Shorty after these arrived in the ports, transport helicopters began to land within the port. The troops which alighted these aircraft prosseded to secure the town of Alnmouth, with the boats launding in the harbor and docks, continued to secure the port. By the evening, Alnmouth bad been secured by the Yurosav's.


During the assault on Alnmouth, a simultanious airborn assault was conduncted on the nearby city of West Denton, During this, three waves of large transport aircraft droped around 3500 paratroopers in one of the largest airborn assaults Adaptus had seen. That to was secured, and Adapton airpower in the area had only two based to flew from, with the loss of West Denton came the lost of FAF Staunt Haven the main FAF base for the south west of Adaptus. Within a day Adaptus had been sevearly damaged, and a quick counter attack was out of the question, and with the low military presence in the area, the Yurosav's bearly had casulties. To Adapton embarassment, it was a textbook invasion.

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By now, the Yurosav forces had landed all along the West Adapton coast, leading most of the Imperia region of Adaptus in Yurosav hands. Adapton Forces where suverly damaged during the assaults. The FDF had tried several quick counterattacks along the coast, however they failed due to by now massive Yurosav military presence.


the invasion had lead to a political crisis in Adaptus, with Prime Minister Philip Fairfax at it's head. On the suface of his term he had expanded the navy, but had made cuts to the Army and Air Force, leaving them in a bad situation for the invasion. After the Civil War the previous year, the FDF had not been able to return to privatistion, it was living of Adapton government subsidies, however, this lead to the massive reduction in money to spend. The only effective force in Adaptus at the current was the CI5 and the CI6, Adapton intellagance services.


CI6 had found out the Yurosavia, helped by the West Phalklands, and several other Kosscow island nations, was using many islands in the Kosscow to support the invasion of Adaptus. They had determined this to be the reason why Adapton Naval units could not keep up with the shear amount of Yurosav ships in the area, they had to many bases. It was aparent to the FDF that in order to stop the constand flow of troops into Yurosav Adaptus, was to get rid of Yurosav presence in many of the major north western islands. It had been found that Island 0.7 was the Yurosav forward island base, taking that, would cut off effective renforcements to Yurosav Adaptus, for a long while, and would also able the FDF to launch a simultanious assault, from land and sea, at one point in Yurosav Adaptus, and hopfuly cut it in half, again reducing the cuirculation of equipment and troops around Yurosav Adaptus. This plan had also been agreed on by Prince Andrew, and the Prime Minister, which bassicly ment it was a go, however, in a backlash to this plan, to effcetivly cease Yurosav control over the North Western Islands, it was seen that an effective sphere of influance would have to be contructed in those islands, the problem with this being the current, fragile international community in Europa my be highly against this, especially as the islands where in close proxsimity to all of the major powers in Europa, bar the Oriental states, whoes power had no use in the North.


the previous day, Prime Minister Fairfax, and King Hollowfield signed a paper they whised not would be signed. A policy, agreed both the Primer and King of the State of BIKINI Special Red Alert was accepted. This allowed all military control to be given to the Soverign Military Leader, begin Prince Andrew, and control of all military was now in the hands of the Prince and the General Staff, politicians had no authority over the FDF now, just Prince Andrew.


At FRN Swanhunters, an assault fleet was being put together, headyed by the new Imperitor Class Battleships, and the Maximus II and Rex Class Aircraft Carriers. Ilustrius Class Assault ships where being massed also. In the mean time, on land, just outside of Adthens, a massive Battlegroup was being put together at Catterick garrison, Warcop Garrison and Leazus Barricks. This compiled of 2 Divisions, consisting of 8 Brigades. These where the land assault force which was to sweap Yurosav Adaptus.


But in the meantime the FAF was given the task of securing at least air superiority over the Yurosav Air Force. To help, several older Maximus Class Carriers, which were seduled for decomission the next year, had been hurridly re-serviced, and carmed with Fleat Air Arm aircraft to sweep Yurosav Adaptus, in co-operation with the FDF.


The plan had been set, and was beginning to be set into motion. Adaptus had suffered a massive loss, and a massive defeat thus far. The war had to be turned around.

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"A Flight fell in?"


"Yes sir."


"B Flight, in on my Starboard wing."


"Steading throttle sir."


"C Flight..."


"Alreeeeeeeet boss."


"Stop mucking about Flight Leftenant, take my Port."


"Sorry sir. C Flight steady."


"Squadron stready......Right lads, this is it. We're the FAF's first assault against X-Ray. You know the score. We're being joined by a Squadron of FAA lads once we have cleared X-Rays' first line."


"Yes sir."


"Once the Fleet Air Arm are with us, we breack off. and go toward our respected targets. Understood."


"Yes Squadron Leader!"




Number 06 Squadron where the first of the FAF and FAA aircraft to launch Operation Ions. The FAFs' attempt at re-gaining air superiority. 06 Sqrn was tasked with striking first blood, in FAF terms, meaning striking the first major target. A Yurosav theater control center.


"Approching X-Ray AA. Contact in 3...2...1"


A loud alerting beep began to echo through many of the aircraft flying in 06 Sqrn. "Missile lock on 4 aircraft."


Several aicraft began evasive manouvers, while the rest continued on their path. Early AA encounteres were succesfuly everted, and the Squadron continued on to the FAA attachment point.


Several aircraft appeared from the North, then radio silence was broke over major channels.


"303 Sqrn requesting permission to join formation."


"Go for it 303. Welcome to Number 06 Squadron."


"Nice one."


The aircraft continued on toward the target. As they began to approch the target area, the second line of Yurosav defences kicked in. This time fighters were dispatched. 06 Sqrn broke formation and began battling with the Yurosav pilots. Fortunitly, Yurosav pilots were not as good as the aircraft they flew, and the Yurosav pilots had a hard time defending their command area. As C Flight and A Flight broke to engage, B Flight moved to ground attack.


As the Yitaz aircraft lined up, they began their fireing procces. After a few seconds, missiles were away, and explosions confirmed. Bomber Command listening in over radio channels imediatly deployed more bomber squadrons to procced with the ground station targeting, as Fighter Command bagan deploying fighters to sweap and clear the skies.

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The air camaign launched by the FAF was begining to make a diffrence. Yurosav domonance was finding it hard to move above ground now. However, in the southern part of Yurosav Adaptus, some major air battles where taking place, and air superiority, was still not in Adapton hands. The FAF had began launched Valkyre raids on major intolations on the Yurosav Adaptus coast, and on Plot 0.7.


Earlyer in the morning, Prince Andrew had given the go ahead for phase two of Operation Ions. Within hours of the Prince putting pen to paper eight Vanguard Submarines, armed with IRBM's had left port. Now they were apearing justoff the coastof Tagmatium and Vocenae. Their targets where Yurosav shipping bases in plot 0.7 and the West Phalklands, the two main areas where Yurosav naval vessels operated from. This was second strike, known in Adapton docterine, as the strike which singaled the start of the main operation. Adaptons always had a thingabout starting things offwith a bang, and this would be no diffrent. In one hour, Adapton targets would be smouldering.


while outside of Adthus....


Troops gathered on parade, it was their final parade before they were deployed into a battlefield. At Leazus Barracks, Adapton Special Forces had been breifed, and were prepearing equiptment. At FAF Boulmer, Federation Paratroopers were prepearing to board, Hercules transports, and Panther helicopters. At Catterick Garrison, Armered Brigades were on Parade prepering being given their last talks. While Finaly at Warcop, Mechanised Brigades were Prepearing their vehicles, mostly Land Rovers, LAV III's and Warrior APC's.


The Counter-Attacking force wasso large, it was desinated a Corps, and named, the Royal Counter Invasion Corps, a temporary corps, but a large formation of troops, just for a counter-attack none the less.


At the same time, Adapton Parliament was in session, and nothing looked good for Prime Minister Fairfax. Usualy, in a declaration of war, the Prime Minister, Soverign of the Armed Forces, and General Staff would work together, however, Fairfax, with complete dissregard to modern politics, handed the situation over to the monarchy, a desion not been made since the Great Adapton War. In Adapton politics this was a really bad move, the opposions had countered his action by saying he favored a monarchy government, and that he was taking power away from the people by handing the situation over. After all, Parliment represented the people, and the house of Lords represented the aristocracy.


This position had lead Marcus Tiberius, the opposion leader to gain alot of popularity with the people. His policies of a re-envigerated defence force, and to co-operating with the monarchy, rather then letting them do what they likedwas just what the people needed. However anger in the parliment was somuch, the press were ready to see opposion parties walk out. However it was not needed. By seven o'clock in the afternoon, the Conservative Party held a vote of no confidence, which lead to a victory for Conservative back benchers, and by half eight, Prime Minister had signed his resignation, which had imediate effect. Leaving Adaptus, leaderless in the eyes of the people. In responce, King Charles ordered that an emergancy election be held within the next few days. On the eve of Operation Ions' final phase, a crisis fell upon Adapton politics.

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The news of Prime Minister Fairfax's resignation had been kept from front line troops. While they began to deploy into battle, officials set up the emergancy election. King Charles was prepearing an emergancy speach and, under emence pressure. Hislong time right hand man, and good firend was now gone from office, and returned to a military career. Charles had called an emergancy Royal Cabinet meeting prior to the election. The Royal Cabinet was the equivilent to a Parties Cabinet, however headed by members of the Royal Family and Aristocracy.


As the first attckas on Yurosav Adaptus were begining. Paratroopers had dropped on cities such as Westerhope, and Blythe, and Special Forces had began assaults on other Yurosav insalations. Armoured assults were prepering to move across the plans of west Imperia, and Mechonised Infantry brigades where heading for the major cities and towns. While in the sea, a massive fleet lead by six of the new Imperator Class Battleships, and Rex and Maximus II Class Carriers, was sweaping into the Ageanius Strait, the part of sea which seperates Adaptus from Plot 0.7. The fleet Thuntered down the strait smashing into the Yurosav Naval Groups, while they raced around in confusion to the attacks on land.


Back in Adaptus, King Charles was lead out onto his balcony by several members of the Royal Cabinet, to begin hisemergancy speach. As he stood, dressing in full Royal atire, he took a sip of water, looked out to the mass of press, and people before him, and began.


"Days, our troops began Operation Ions. A task to re-take western Adaptus. Yurosavia, has not replied to our words, They have chosen the wrong path in attemping such an action. Adapton Forces as we speak are securing western Adaptus, and reuniting our peoples. Our new friends in Adtus have offered us thier military, and it too has been merged with the FDF, and is being re-armed to take up a reserve position. The war is going well."


Charles paused. He looked back at his Cabniet members, and nodded.


"At eight twenty-six last night, Prime Minister and Lord Protector of the Soverignty Philip Fairfax resignedfrom his position, after emence politcal pressure. Mr Fairfax has now returned to the FA and has been granted his former rank of General. However, this has lead to a political crisis in Adaptus. Without a succesor announced, it is Adapton Policy for an imediate Emergancy Election to be held. So, from tomorow morning, at 10am, the polls will be open, and shall close at 10pm."


"Finaly, I bit the parties of Adaptus goodluck, and to our troops, fighting on the front. Good luck."

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  • 2 weeks later...

The election had finished, and results were counted. by now the whole of the North West coast was back in Adapton hands. Adapton Forces had secured major areas of Adapton economic and military significance. The FAF were still making major strikes against South West targets however. And FAF Staunt Haven was still in Yurosav hands, meaning they could mount major air attacks against Losdow, Newcastle and Adthens.


However, that was the least of the Parliaments worries,the fact that bombs could be dropping over their head any second, they still were in session. The latest count, had shown that the People's Party of Adaptus had won the election, however, even though Mr Tiberius, leader of the party was a popular man, he refused the position, as did three other major political leaders. The political crisis Philip Fairfax had brought on was to much. So, it was decided by the joint parliament that a coalition government was needed. An election had been held that morning for a man to take charge, but again, the same problem occurred, no one wonted the job. Eventually it was agree that a young MP would lead the country. Cabinet Minister for Defence, Alexander Thermacles. A former Captain in the FA, with a long family line of FA General, and a family tree extending back, almost three thousand years. He joined the Plutocrat Party during the AdSoc war after his detachment of rebel fighters went underground.


Before the AdSoc war, his family was very wealthy. His uncle being Duke of Alamopylae, a county central Adaptus. Now however, he had agreed to take over Adaptus, and brought a new line to his family's name. By the afternoon, he had signed along the dotted line, as had the leaders of each of the major parties in Adaptus. Now, he had to form a collective government.

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While Thermacles set up his Coalition Government, Prince Andrew prepared his troops for the final assault on FAF Staunt Haven and the surrounding area. Prince Andrew had crafted, alongside his General Staff, a large scale gamble. His plan relied on each pice falling correctly in line, if it did not, he was in deep sh*t. His plan involved a large airborne assault on the city of Syrathon, the city which had became the Yurosav HQ. At the same time, blanket aerial assaults on FAF Staunt Haven would occur knocking out, hopefully Yurosav air power. While this happens, an amphibious assault would occur on Whitley Bay, that place where the whole thing started, and booting back Yurosav ships. Finally, Spearheaded by the Royal Hypaspists, and Royal Companion Cavalry Regiment. An armoured thrust with the Companion Cavalry would give way to a mechanised follow up lead by the Hypaspists. The plan was set.

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In the early hours of the morning the attack had began. over 200 aircraft, 1000 vehicles, and over 50,000 troops launched the final stage of Operation Ions. A massive artillery, and air barrage began on FAF Staunt Haven, at the same time, 6000 marines, and 10,000 paratroopers assaulted positions across Yuroasav held Adaptus.


as Vityaz and Typhoon fighters flew overhead, several hundred, Hercules transport aircraft began deploying large amounts of paratroopers. Once they had landed, the large infantry, and cavalry force of the Adapton Army followed up. They began attacks on Yurosav front line installations, and cities.


At the same time, across over in plot 0.7, the first SAR teams arrived to begin disrupting Yurosav communications with the mainland, and to begin raids on other installations. Including a rather interesting R & D centre, housing supposed chemical, biological and other deadly weapons which were to be used again Adaptus.


A Panther light helicopter hovered over some trees, as it came off the beach. The Panthers low humming was the only sound present in the dark. As it reached a small clearing passed the trees, it briefly landed, then turned, and made off toward the sea again, in haste.


The helicopter, piloted by a 0 Sqrn flight lieutenant, had dropped a small nine man 13th Company team into the clearing. The men were of 13th Company of the Royal Hypaspists Special Operations Battalion. A battalion not attached to any regiment, it according to Adapton paperwork, did not exist. This was 13th Company, Adaptus' very secret, and very well trained, secret operation detachment.


The team began to progress toward an old mill. cutting through fields, and trees, they approached a road. The road stood between the team, and the mill. As they stood fast, against the shallow line of brush, lining the road. One man, quickly moved forward to reccee the area. Once on the other side, he raised his hand, and the team followed. As the last man crossed, he laid a small flat object by the small concrete wall at the other side of the road.


The continued on to the old mill. Once they reached the mill, they noticed lights on inside. While most of the team waited, two of them moved into the mill. After about five minuets, the lights went off and the team moved in. Once inside, the moved to the top floor. From there they set up a small reconnaissance point. A laser range finder, and night vision equipment was set up, and the team began a two day reconnaissance task, looking at a small concrete building,on the side of a hill, about 8km away.

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