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OOC: Adapton Imperialism

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I want to set up and RP, along side the zombie thing, where Adaptus is invaded b a coalition of smaller unmaped nations, rom around the north. The basic story is, Several of the old AdSoc officers infeltrated these nations, and turned them, not nesaseraly communist, but turned hem against Adaptus the result, is an invasion of Adaptus, due to it'sapparent "extensive" and "cruel" capitaist policies. But it is actualy a ploy by the "old Guard", as they will be known, to coup Adaptus.


In the end, the invasion will be defended succesfuly, and will place several areas in the the Kosscow, and in the North East under Adapton mandates, after a succesful counter invasion campaign, something similar to the war in the pacific in WW2. However, I Have 2 legitimate claims on the map, so two plots will be kept, but some pots will be in the Kosscow, several island, will be under Adapton mandated.


With there no longer being an effective alliance system in Euopa any more, the coalition takes there chance to strike Adaptus, while it has not major alliance ties, and while it's major ally, Tagmatium, is in the middle of an internal crisis. However, during this assault, the deases will not avoid Adaptus, by the end of the RP the first strains of the deasies will be found in Adaptus.


I'm oppening this RP up to everyone, as it is a swing at some old imperialism, ad some nations may be against such a move by the FKA. The plots in question are, Plots, 157, 24, and islands 0.7, 0.1, 0.2, and 0.31.


Plot 24 will be annaxed by Adaptus legitmemitly, and will be kept as an original plot. This is seen by the coalition as an act of imperialism, and is the final straw t ever growing tensions, and they invade. Once the Federated Kingdom fights them back, the islands are kept under Adapton mandate, while plot 15 is annaxed as my final plot claim, as the Adapton Government sees fit to use the plot further, thanks to a large amount of oil found on the island, and the fact that the AdSoc "Old Guard" are hiding here. I like to think that plot 157 will become my iraq.

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Perhapse they could, but thats only if your rag tag bag of men can beat off my high-tech, super soldiers.

Have you any knowledge of the Suverinian industrial strength? And keep in mind your country have just been through a war. To keep a suverinian invasion off bay and to make steady conquest would be impossible...

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I don't know how much Tagmatium would be able to help, but there is probably a force in Adaptus about the size of a division, maybe even that of a corps, which is led by Mesardonites. They may help in the event of an invasion, but that's all the Imperial Government will commit to any battle once they realise they've got the living dead within their own borders.


Aki'd possibly help.

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I won't. But they would probably have quite some initial success.

You could try it, but, yeah, as Aki said, it probably wouldn't work. The Tagmatine Western Army would definately come into play if any move was made against Adaptus, with or without what was happening in Tagmatium. Obviously, the Western Army would be used to help secure their area of the Greater Holy Empire if nothing happened, but if it did... You'd have a large force of the oldest professional army in Europa (an IC claim they make) breathing down Suverina's neck, and considering the fact that the Greater Queendom isn't in the Greater Holy Empire's good books, it may be a rather quicker action than prefered.

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Suverina is quite busy with fighting. Besides, our army is mostly trained for defensive guerilla style warfare. We want war to come to us, if we must fight. Our offensiove strategy is to grab land and hold it.

Hey, try to beat the inflexible Tagmatine army with that...


"A strongly-held defensive postion? Soften them up with artillery then send in masses of infantry!"


"A rebel city? Soften them up with artillery then send in masses of infantry!"


"On the attack? Soften them up with artillery then send in masses of infantry!"

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