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Socialist Greeting patriotic comrades from the republic and good morning.


- Production


"The I annual state?s economic plan works perfectly" says the Financial Secretary. In fact jobs have increased in all the regions of our Republic. The fishing?s production has increased 2,31%, the technological production has increased 3,73%, the iberic ham production has increased 5,57%, (etc.) All it has to thank to all the iberic workers and patriotic comrades."


- The UN Memorandum of State?s Organization about our Glorious Republic


The actual UN Memorandum of State?s Organization that reports our Republic like a Scandinavian Liberal Paradise has been disapproved by the Foreign Secretary: "Our Constitution is socialist, our workers are socialist, our ideas are socialist, our big nation, entirely, is socialist!! (applauses) Only because we have changed and opened our red vision and we have given the freedom to our workers and comrades to decide when they can die when a degenerative or mortal illness affected them or because we use bicycles or public transport and not private and smoking cars... Is this what you want, UN representatives? Less socialism in the world? Is this what the UN want? We can be socialist and modern, comrades, but we decide this not others, give us another step forward, Thank you (applauses)" These were the words of the Comrade Secretary, Miguel Perdido, in the II Foreign Affairs Meeting celebrated today in Naxos? Palace.


- - The General Secretary Comrade, Rose Amoros, requests Europa?s Nations


And today in the same public meeting, our General Secretary requests all the nations of Europa, whatever the political wing, right or left, to meet with our nation and to establish long and perennial relations because, the General Secretary Comrade told: ?Our nation wants to be a point of reference for peace in the region. So the first step is to maintain relations with all countries they want, we are inviting them and expecting their messages to know what it?s his position with us and what they expect from us. I recognise our People?s Republic has already maintained contacts with certain nations but we want to know the positions of others.? Our Comrade declared also: ?We are holding some buildings in the Old town for creating Consulates and Embassies of any nation.?


- First Migrations politics was accepted.


The II Foreign Affairs Meeting has approved some laws in migrations politics like the tourist and diplomatic visas. The tourist visa is intended for 90 days visits to our Republic, in some cases it isn?t to be compulsory, but it will depend to agreement with nations. The diplomatic visa is permanent and our nation will give them when the first diplomats arrive ?but the first is relations with other countries, afterwards the visa will be conferred? says our National Secretary.



Eh? Uh? We have a hot of the press? The UN representative that has written the Memorandum about our Republic has recognised the mistake of qualifying our country like a Scandinavian Liberal Paradise and he has sent a note to our Government affirming ?It?s an embarrassing situation and we lament it. We have changed all references in the Memorandum. We respect all Governments and his political Organizations?.

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Red sun is awakening.

And hope is all we have

Our weapons hammer and sickle

Enough to defeat our enemies,

The enemies of People,

This is the morning of the Revolution.

This is the morning of our Liberation.


Socialist Greeting patriotic comrades from the republic and good morning.




?The Step Forward Politic will be our perfect instrument for accomplishing the production objectives? says the Financial Secretary. In fact, the technology sector has increased to astronomical percentages. Production modems has increased 56%, cable mts 35%, computers 77%, wi-fi technology 62% (etc.) All, it has to thank to our patriotic workers and comrades, three ?vivas? (OOC: like hurra) for them? ?Viva! ?Viva! ?Viva!


Contra-revolutionary strikes exploited in the entire Republic but we have defeated our Enemies another time.


Exactly, strikes in our self-organised companies and factories of Information Technology exploited few days ago, last Monday, in Puerto Naxos and Valence.


In the Monday morning many mistaken or confused workers didn?t hold their jobs, they took up the streets making barricades. They wanted an egoistic increase in his wages. Our Information Technology factories had to close and the production fell incredibly in only one day.


Why? The answer is easy. Contra-Revolutionary elements were behind the egoistic strikes, and surely our worst enemy, Pepe Ansar organised disturbs from his exile. We have to be careful Comrades. Ansar is watching our progression.


Our National Secretary, Rose Amoros and the Auditors had to hold an urgent and secret meeting for manage the crisis. Auditors? Council enacted an especial and urgent Regulation to freeze the wages and to allow the representatives of self organised factories to fire suspected contra-revolutionary or conflictive workers; State will reassign them in other peaceful jobs. Our People?s Red Police is strong and our comrades were able to slow down the crisis, in only two days, they defeated the last insurgent focus in Puerto Naxos using rubber-ball shotguns and tear gas grenades. Finally, our People?s Red Police arrested leaders of the strikes.


They, the leaders of the reactionary strikes, have been interrogated and the will be reassigned to more quiet jobs, like fishers or farmers.


After the crisis ended, our National Secretary and Comrade, Rose Amoros, says to our correspondents: ?We can?t allow that not-supportive workers disturb the peace of our country. The important, now, is our nation and all of our workers, ALL? we can?t fall in egoistic and self-interest. When an engineer of a Technologic Plant works, he has to think in our fishers, our farmers, our children, our old people? We can?t allow in this Republic a person that only thinks in himself, only in his wage?. Correspondents asked too about the new Auditor Urgent Regulation: ?This law will be remaining for a long time, we need urgently that our production increases, with this instrument our nation will be rich, and it?s one step forward.?


The Auditor Urgent Regulation: The Step Forward Politic.


You have listened our National Secretary and Comrade telling that the new law will be remaining for a long time. The new and urgent law allow:


- Representatives? State Factories and Companies to fire bad-workers suspected from contra-revolutionary, reactionary or egoistic actions, like demanding wages increases.

- Freezing the wages by Auditors avoiding lack of funds in other social politics like Public Health.

- Increasing the production in our best products, increasing the benefits of state companies and so increasing our wealth.


?This is an authentic step forward for arriving in our supreme objectives, the wealthy of our workers.? Our National Secretary said yesterday.


The Republic requests Europa?s nations. The first Visa Law.


Another time our Foreign Affairs Secretary, Miguel Perdido, requested nations of Europa to strike up peaceful conversations, opening Consulates or Embassies. ?We are waiting for them, we want to listen to their proposals if they have any and we want to be a peace referent in the region.?


The First Visa Law has been promulgated, after the popular ballot, the most important of this Law is:


Emakerans won?t need visa to enter or visit our country


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Socialist Greetings from the Waves


Urgent Message from our Comrade, Guide and Sister, Rose Amoros in answer of the aggressive words of the imperialist oppressor of Renponsa, Norbert Clement:


Comrades! Today is the day that imperialists, fascists and liberals have chosen to intimidate workers, proletarians, citizens and nations that want progress, peace, social equality, environment politics... They feared us but by their corrupt and decadent political system they couldn?t show their people his real face, the face of oppression and war...


Now they have chosen to attack with their words and maybe it could be worse. They were cornering themselves with the harsh reality: corruption, poverty, contamination, oppression, decadence and they were deceiving their workers but the moment was coming. They need enemies to continue deceiving their people and continue stealing and swelling the count of their friends, the bankers, the employers and the mafia.


We wanted speaking about the environmental and social problems with capitalists and this is the answer, aggression. If they want aggression they will have aggression, but doubled.


Workers of the world unite! Progressive nations unite!


Send telegrams and messages to our Foreign Office! Viva La Revoluci?n!


This great speech was made in presence of thousands comrades in the Revolution Military Parade.


Here is Miguel Perdido, the Foreign Affairs Secretary to tell us companions the right sense of the Renponsa aggression.


Another room is showed, maybe a lounge of Naxos Castle, it is fully decorated with baroque motifs, a big mahogany table and the Foreign Affairs Secretary sit in a rococo chair. Behind a big flag of the Republic, an opened window show the cloudless sky


Socialist Greetings Secretary- says the journalist.


Socialist Greetings, comrade journalist


What is the importance of Norbert Clemt words?- the journalist adopt a worried expression.


Difficult question my friend, it?s difficult to know exactly what he wants or what he is hoping. We have not attacked, so the only thing that we can is to wait for more Norbert Clemt words- The Secretary speaks slow and calm.


Are our country in alert?


Now, we are in the typical alert in that case, "country verbal intimidation", I could insure you that our Republic isn?t in real danger now- The same slow and calm speech.


Are we alone?


No, we have received some support messages from other countries, no few. People know the Renponsa attitude is unfair and some nations are with us, in only one day... But they prefer waiting for the correction of Renponsa. But if Renponsa chose the wrong way the should appear and support us


So you, comrade, are telling about alliance...- the journalist seems to be rested with the Secretary words.


Yes, we are preparing several alliance with other nations, we only have to wait


Thank you, big comrade- A smile cross the journalist face.


Socialist Greetings



We return to the news central, the grey newsreader


That is all information we have about the incident, we will continue informing.


Peace and Socialist Greetings from the waves.


End of Transmission.

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An image of a black and white Sputnik crossing the space with signal beeps


Socialist Greetings from the waves.


The grey newsreader in a simple table and a green and straight bottom with an Europa map


Today the exaggeration of Norbert Clement has meant a new turn of screw. In an incomprehensible sign of unjustified fear to their people has mobilized the Responsa Army and fixed some nuclear shelter to their citizens consequence of a so-called attack of People?s Republic of Red Iberic Workers, our glorious country.


While some stolen images and poor quality recordings show citizens of Renponsa hidden in fortified holes and looking at the cleared sky, worried or feared. Others running mad in the streets to nowhere. Other citizens show threatening short weapons to the camera


While our beautiful General Secretary OOC: She is really beautiful was inaugurating a Hospital in the pacific city of Puerto Pollo, she has not spoken about the word conflict, only about the Hospital.


it will be perfect for our elder people- said our beautiful comrade and sister.


The Tv shows a recording of Rose Amoros visiting a room Hospital, showing her perfect smile to a old person that seems to thank for the distinguished visit. We return to the grey newsreader. The Tv changes the camera


Our glorious Defence Secretaryship formed by our best workers are preparing routine movements. Today some strategic points have been occupied by few elements of our beloved Army. Few citizens have seen some few armoured vehicles, for example, in Valence. Let?s see


The TV shows an old man with a straw hat and white linen shirt and with a small stick in his mouth


Yes, I have seen three "Linces" in that direction... I think they were "Linces"... I don?t know sure- (the man pointed at a secondary and small road) - I don?t know where they had been gone, only this small road... No problem, I am calm, our Republic wants peace and our comrade, Rose Amoros can manage the situation, no doubt about it


The Tv changes to the newsreader


Our Defence Secretaryship has confirmed that the current situation is under control, they are only doing routine movements


The camera moved further away, the Sputnik beeps sounds another time


We will continue inform you about this an another important questions for our Republic. Socialist Greetings Comrades.


(End of transmission)

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An image of a black and white Sputnik crossing the space with signal beeps


Socialist Greetings from the waves.- says an impersonal voice


A trailer with different images of Europa, almost all in black and white: a factory with three enormous chimmeis, coal stained workers, peasants ploughing in cold land in the north of the region, intellectuals discussing in an emakeran caf?






A soft tune accompanied the name of the great personality and the pictures are joining in black on the screen. A perfect narrator starts telling...


Alyson Blauvelt was born in the far land of Cypriceos. When she was young she began to interest in culture and politics


Some pictures of a young Alyson


She was one of the best qualifications of his promotion and soon she turned to combat the injustice of Europa, fighting against oppression and fighting for the poor. She defends Peace from his nation, Cypriceos.


Thanks to her actions, nowadays, Cypriceos is a more just nation, with social equality in his agenda but there is still a lot left to do.


Alyson was in our glorious nation. She gave several Conferences in Puerto Naxos, Cuenca and Valence about: "The current political situation in Europa", "The Political alternative, Nowadays". Also, she was with important socialist personalities in public meetings in Naxos Castle. She was with young people in the schools and the little "pioneers". She was with our elder people. She was with our fishermen in the south. In the anniversary of the Republic... Alyson is one of us.


Different pictures of Alyson in our Republic, in her different visits


Thanks for all Alyson, continue working for peace, continue working for a better Cypriceos, continue working for the poor and fighting the injustice


The Documentary ends. A man with glasses, bearded, dressing a corduroy jacket and smoking a pipe look at the camera with a paper pile


Up to here the documentary of a great personality of Europa. The next week we will study another europpean big personality, maybe, personalities of culture... Socialist Greetings comrades


End of Transmission.

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An image of a black and white Sputnik crossing the space with signal beeps


Socialist Greetings from the waves- says the typical grey newsreader.


The camera show a close-up of the newsreader?s face


Today the senators and our sister and comrade General Secretary, Rose Amoros, have maintained have had a urgent meeting about the current situation. In this particular case, they discussed the brutal, cruel and racist images of a cyprecean assassin killing prisoners with rifles and grenades- the tone of the speech is lowing to serious and affected.- Let?s see the conclusions of the meeting


The Parliament has an urgent Meeting


The camera shows the atrium with a enormous People?s Republic flag and a Rose Amoros in a close up, she speaks in a serious tone, like the newsreader, and slow speech in spite of her youth


Dear workers, comrades and companions of our Republic. The current situation with Renponsa and Cypriceos was calming thanks to the Norbert Clement words, admitting that the first way is the peace. We were glad with his speech.


But today we watched carefully and with horror the CTN program news, showing a fascist action against some poor prisoners, killed by the cypricean rifles and grenades. First, this is an insult to the people of Cypricean, in his hate way to provoke a war, in his way to lie his people with his immoral program. Second, it is a insult to the peace, if Norbert Clement had sorted out the situation, Cypriceos has ruined all with a simple Tv Program.


Also, we were able to watch how a cypricean citizen can discover a communist, reaching the height of bad taste, made in a mockery tone that had to be defined as pure Racism.


We have to remember to all nations that here, in our Republic, the death penalty is forbidden for many years. So we call all progressive nations, regardless, if they are socialist or not for making a protest note to Cypriceos by his Tv program, CTN.


We appeal, for example, to the Miirosi representatives for watching this aberration. We appeal to Vocenae that is a liberal country but it has always showed as a moderate nation. To Tagmatium because it is one of the attacked by the Cyprecean Tv program. Even, we appeal Renponsa to bring into line to his ally.


The past day we were able to be, my comrades, a force demonstration of the Cypricean army with fighters and tanks, threating our peace. So we have to call to all dear people that prepare for defence our country of any aggression. The general alert has been setted in Orange and near to Red Alert. We call now for all people to prepare to the consequences, being ready for defend our country from any external aggression.


And we call again to all progressive nations to prepare for any agression, including, of course, our allies.


Thanks for all workers, comrades and companions.


The camera surrounds all the rounded precint of the Parliament, with his old covered balconies and his forum. All the senators were stood up aoolauding the General Secretary.


Our Republic in Orange Alert


How our dear Rose Amoros told us, our nation is in Orange Alert and we have a very important person who can explain the measures as he can tell us- the newsreader turned his face to a big tanned man, with a red beret, a lot of golden medals and a camouflage uniform. The Army Commander, Chaves.- Good Night, comrade general Chaves.


Socialist Greetings comrade- says the general with a smile.


First of all, how is our Orange Alert Plan?


The orange alert involves the defence of any external attack by air or sea. So, this plan preparates all of our air defence and naval force. But also people that can defend our country for being prepared for our call if it is neccesary


And, could comrade give us an example of our plan?


Yesss... For example we have located all the AA 1 "Lince" in different locations to defend our country but there are other measures, of course...


user posted image


An AA 1 "Lince" is showed on the screen. A subtitle indicates that is near Cuenca


Could, comrade and I know it is a difficult thing, send a reassuring message to our brave workers, men and women


Of course I could. The Orange Alert is a defensive plan, it is only this and the plan will not allow to hypothetical enemy fighters to get in our beloved country


Thanks for all great people?s commander


Socialist greetings


International News: the Liberation of Tanasos?


Today we knew certain troop movements near Volos in Tanasos. Is this an attempt to liberation the nation from his government? We do not know sure. Our Foreign Affairs General Secretary, Miguel Perdido, has told today morning that our Republic has to be cautious although we will support any Front that fights for a Liberation and Progressive Nation. We do not know if anyone of our nation have contacted with Tanasos elements but we will inform you, work companions, about all when we have more details of the incident. That is all comrades and socialist greetings.


En of transmission. [/color]

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An image of a black and white Sputnik crossing the space with signal beeps


Socialist Greetings from the waves- says the typical grey newsreader.Headlines


Our People?s Republic welcomes King Lucius Moros


Today our General Secretary, the beautiful, Rose Amoros, has welcomed the outgoing and just proclaimed King Lucius Moros by a public and official note sent to Miiros this morning - The newsreader bows his sight and start to read solemn-"The People?s Republic of Red Iberic Workers wants to welcome the proclamed King Lucius Moros as head of the government of Miiros. We appreciate his good intentions fighting for people progress. In this challenge we offer any means we have to achieve it. So we are available for anything at his convenience and we request him to send a permanent ambassador of the People?s Republic of Red Iberic Workers to his glorious nation, Miiros. Rose Amoros"


High Comrade Miguel Perdido considers to send an ambassador and his assistants to the Social Democratic Confederation


Today in press conference, comrade Miguel Perdido, Foreign Affairs General Secretary, have considered to send an ambassador and his assistants to the Social Democratic Confederation, establishing a permanent embassy in its territory. Let?s see dear companions.


The TV Screen shows a recording in an official conference room in the Foreign Affairs Secretariat Building in Puerto Naxos. In the center of the room, Miguel Perdido standing up in front of a small support plenty of documents. Behind a big flag of the Republic.


We think that is neccesary to send an ambassador to the Social Democratic Confederation. The serious situation in Tanasos and the speech conflict with Cypriceos requires it. But we need first the official permission of Tarentum.


Who will be our ambassador if we have the permission? Question a invisible journalist voice.


We have several candidates. This evening we are going to select one. With him we will send assistants to plan the embassy in Tarentum.


So, when could the ambassador and his assistants arrive to the Confederation?


When we have the permission of the Confederation, I think they will arrive in two days, not more. This situation is urgent but we need to follow the diplomatic way procedure.


End of the recording


That is all socialist comrades this afternoon. We will continue informing about these and another news in next news.


End of transmission.

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An image of a black and white Sputnik crossing the space with signal beeps


We have had to interrupt the common programmes consequence of a newflash that will join us against fascism




Today the vile governors of Renponsa have accused of a terrorist attack in a oil pipeline in Trinkon. Obviously, the secret agency or anyone related with the Renponsa government planified it because our peaceful government, nation and people could not do, specially when our government was looking for peace in the region. Dear companions we have to listen the wordos of our beautiful sister, the General Secretary, Rose Amoros


The recording shows a honest and sober Rose Amoros, sitting in front of the General Secretariat table in Naxos Castle, in the baroque Presidental Office, with a big Red Iberic Workers Flag behind and a big mural showing peasants and operators working in lands and factories


Comrades the insult to racional intelligence have commited itself. Renponsa have accused us of a terroist attack that we did not planify, and surely the Renponsa Government was behind it, in few words, a excuse to declare war to our peaceful and socialist progressive country.


In the official Renponsan TV Channel, RNNN, Senators have demanded us forgiveness for the terrorist action. But we can not do it beacuse we do not planified any aggressive action against Renponsa so the last way is that all, citizens and comrades, be prepared for a deffensive war.


In few minutes from declaration we ordered the Red Alert mobilizing all the Army Forces and they are prepared for an immediate attack action. We can not allow this blasphemy and we will respond to any attack against our territory with strength and determination. They could be a million but we are patriotic and resolute three hundred against fascism and the injustice of this ideology.


Also, this could be an illegal war based on lies and treasons so we appeal to our allies:


The glorious Nations of Cathunters, Social Democratic Confederation, Emakera and ARealAdvance to fight against the injustice and for the progress as our allies they are.


And we have to appeal to the rest of moderate nations to fight against the insult of Renponsa: Miiros, Beautancus, Cabarria, Tagmatium and others, including Cypriceos to fight against the madness provoked by the irresponsible government of Renponsa. We appeal to people of Renponsa to protest with strikes the decision.


Finally we have to tell you, dear comrades, that this situation could be an opportunity to defeat once and for all the fascism in Europa.


Socialist Greetings, Comrades.


End of the Recording




Today has been declared the Curfew in all country. We have been able to see tanks in the street and soldiers organizing the defence. In harbors the activity is frenzied for a possible and unfair attack from Renponsa.


Dear companions not mobilized you have to be at nine past morning at homes for achieving the best defence against fascism.


If the alarm goes off yo have to direct to public shelters in few minutes.




Assistants of Comrade Chaves will keep meetings today with our allies to planify our defence.


We will continue informing.


Good Luck Comrades and Death to Fascism!


End of Transmission.

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An image of a black and white Sputnik crossing the space with signal beeps


Socialist Greetings from the waves.-. Said the typical grey and calmed newsreader.-Headlines.



Opened Airports


Afterwards almost all tourists evacuation in civil flights, exception made for journalists and diplomatic members, definitely the People?s Republic airports are opened for our companions and workers comrades Cathunters, Emakerans and Social-Democratics flights for support our brave Army or for other aid type. From now on, the airports of Puerto Naxos, Puerto Pollo, Minglanilla, Valence or Almeria in Indalia are opened to our dear allies.


This order was stipulated by our beautiful General Secretary, Rose Amoros. Let?s see.


A recording of Rose Amoros in the main entrance of Naxos Castle, she was doing a press conference in the open air. She was calmed but she shows a little tiredness on her young face.


-As you know the situation is complicated and all help in this crisis is small for us. History tells that we are brave workers but today we are a poor nation and we will need all support. For example, I will have meeting with our brother and neighbour, Consejero Aza?a, Representative of The Cathunters. You know that his nation is an authentic and enviable socialist Utopia, based on peace, but he is ready to send all support he could.


End of the Recording.


Republican Guards to South


Our elite army corps, the brave Republican Guard, are arriving to Naxeria and tomorrow they will arrive to Indalia. It is calculated that over twenty thousand republican guards are movilized in this ground force deploy operation.


Our roads have been wittneses of the march of the Mechanized Infantry Vehicles, "Mastin" and Armored transports, "Ara?a", to the south in the regions Naxeria and our new region, Indalia.


Our General Secretary has told us some details in the same press conference.




-This ground operation is planned to reinforce the II Army in Naxeria and the VI Army in Indalia. What is the meaning? Only that, reinforce our security. We want the peace, so we do not want to start an attack with this new deploy, only defending ourselves with the best means if a direct aggression happens.-. The tone of Rose shows that she was speaking to foreigner journalist.


-What about the fleet moving to south?-. Asked another foreigner journalist.


-It is only for defending our territorial sea from any attack.


End of the recording


That is all and we will continue informing about the current situation. Socialist Greetings.


End of transmission.

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An image of a black and white Sputnik crossing the space with signal beeps.


-Socialist Greetings from the waves-. Said the grey newsreader-. Headlines




Few days ago our General Secretary, Rose Amoros, passed the new urgent budget law without people vote approval. We have to trust in the intelligence of our dear Representative because all her work is to watch for our welfare state and social peace and voting this new law could be dangerous to our interests.


The new law lies in funds diversion, from different items, to our supreme defence mission in Europa.


Also, many workers, men and women, have ascribed voluntarily to the Armament State Factories: Santa Barbara, CASA and Tractor Factory number 185. We can see them working today.


A recording of workers in an assembly line in Tractor Factory number 185, assembling pieces, pressing nuts, hammering metal planks and driving other machines with frenzied movements.


user posted image


Today, Comrade Commander Chaves have said that if there is any surplus in the weaponry production we could sell it to any nation that is interested. He has said that our weapons have good quality but also they are cheap so other nations could be interested in the buying, but he has clarified what this fact depends of surplus and it will be strange because surely we will need all weapons to defend our territory of an hypothetical fascist, counterrevolutionary and reactive attack.


The armament production has increased to five per cent and the objective is to produce more SM 300 "Buho", a fearsome anti-air missile system. But our best workers would produce other weaponry range, like Tipo 92 ?Toro?, our best tank for our best workers soldiers.


Workers Patriotic Posters


Few days ago our patriotic and socialist youth association ?Pioneers for Freedom? have wallpapered the Workers Town of Puerto Naxos, and other important cities, with posters that raise our spirits for victory against fascism.


We are going to see some examples of this socialist art.


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


Also with these posters there are others that shows gratitude to our socialist ally, the Social Democratic Confederation. We are not alone comrades!


Socialist Greetings and that is all companions.


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An image of a black and white Sputnik crossing the space with signal beeps.


- Socialist Greetings from the waves, Headlines.


A Progressive Alliance have been founded!


And we are comrades a nation member founder... The problem, there are still some problems to solve, very little, like the name of the Alliance and few more, so until these things does not sort out we are speaking about rumours.


Our beautiful General Secretary have said today in Puertoi Naxos Castle that when the day of the signature come, here in our small and socialist People?s Republic will be a big festivity.


You have to know, comrades, that this is the first Alliance in which our little country takes part. And is a complete Alliance, with defence and economic trade between members.


For the moment the founder members are:


- The Social Democratic Confederation.

- The Black Jack Emperor.

- La Rep?blica Federativa de Emakera.


Our country, specifically, our Foreign Affairs Secretary have invited other nations to sign the Alliance treaty like The Cathunters, Wyvoria or Cevytsora, but it is soon to know their answers. Another nation that might interested is Cabarria but it is difficult to send an emissary with the Renposa conflict and its proximity to Cabarria lands.


We will inform you, comrades, when we know the day of signature of the treaty.


Our Red Industry grows!


The last measures approved and included in the annual state budget by an urgent government and auditor Law, so we have not been able to vote and approve it, establishes the diversion of some funds to the Armament sector.


We, all, have to understand, comrades, the importance and necessity of the urgent law, we are in war against fascism and we need weapons and vehicles to fight them. Fascists could hide in every corner of our houses and we have to be ready for defending ourselves in front of any aggression.


Furthermore, the weapons industry could yield large profits to our socialist nation if our nation sells to other friends nations. This decision will guarantee the socialist welfare plan.


The Government has approved the enlargement of our weapons Industries, Tractor Factory Number 185, Santa B?rbara and CASA Roja, also the construction of other plants. If you are interested helping our country to fight against fascism, you can request the change of your job to another in weapons factory in the Economic Secretariat Official Buildings.


Weapons sold to Suverina!


A few number of Tipo 65B Sabueso has been sold to Suverina. This could be the beginning of continuous weapons trade relations between our country and Suverina.


As we can know, Suverina has said that is interested in more weapons of our People?s Republic.


Military Base in Tarentum?


And socialist democratic military base in our airports... Maybe an Air Force of the Social Democratic Confederation would be sent to our Republic in defence of freedom against Renposa Fascism.


Our red workers are preparing barracks and hangars for social democratic fighters and air carriers.


In an intelligent reciprocity decision, some People?s Republic airplanes could form a permanent air force in the Social Democratic Confederation. We are waiting for permission of our friends to land our planes in Tarentum, we have to know that the people of Tanasos need the victory of their Revolution, they need help. From now on, social democratic airplanes could land in our military airport of Valence.



Socialist Greetings and that is all companions, we will continue informing.

Edited by Republic of Red Iberic Workers (see edit history)
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OOC: In this post I explain how I obtain the new plot, called Indalia.


An image of a black and white Sputnik crossing the space with signal beeps.


- Socialist Greetings from the waves, comrades, Headlines.


The Revolution has triumphed in Indalia!


Small nationalist redoubts are left in the north of Indalia but we could say that the Revolution has triumphed in this nation.


One month ago our heroic troops crossed the border of Indalia in an attempt to help the revolutionary militias and the rebel army. Now we know that this attempt has been a success. But first we have to explain some ideas and facts about Indalia, the ground inhabited by brothers, iberics that they lived in an authentic madness and nightmare nationalist regime.


Indalia is an old territory formed by old iberics, indalians, and other tribal groups. The south was conquered in the XVII Century by the great seafarer, Balboa, and the territory joined Nueva Iberia. In the XIX Century, Franco IV granted Indalia the independence, after a long war and trying to avoid the fall of the regime. In the XX Century Indalia changed from a liberal and poor government to nationalist dictatorship, sponsored by Ide Jima. An indalian family became the rulers of the nation destiny, the Galera Family, they received funds, weapons and equipment of the treacherous ide-jimians, maintaining a corrupt and coercive regime against its people.


But our beloved nation was on alert. Our beloved representatives were awaiting for the fall of the sponsors, Ide Jima, for saving the oppressed people of Indalia. With the chaos and collapse in Ide Jima, the situation in Indalia goes from bad to worse. The death by a disease of the last dictator of Indalia, Pepe Galera, without issue was the perfect occasion for our heroic army to enter in Indalia saving its workers.


Our generals knew that in the small indalian army there were two factions, the nationalist and rebels, the last wanted the revolution and a real change for their country. They knew that workers of Indalia were fed up with corruption. So they planned few weeks ago a surgical military action. Let?s listen General Ernesto.


The screens change and shows an old bearded man, he was in another TV set, with a big map of Indalia behind him, showing army counters. He uses a pointer.


- Good night comrades, we will try to explain you the operations in Indalia, So...- He directed to the map.- The plan was very easy all time. We have to enter from Galagrad, crossing the indalian border, to Nijar airport, the primary objective in this campaign. We knew that Nijar was ruled by the rebel faction so our soldiers did not shoot, they opened the doors to us. We only had to advance 150 kilometres by this road, it was very quiet.


The second military action was more complicated. We know the capital city, Almeria was in chaos after the death of dictator, Pepe Galera, with revolutionary civilian militia controlling some areas, another with unknown control and other districts with some loyalist-nationalist presence. From Nijar I commanded personally a Republican Guard Force using ?Libelulas? and ?Escorpion? helicopters and ?Mastin? vehicles moving towards Almeria, also we would have the support of self propepelled howitzer, "Buey". The Force moved at night and our primary objective was taking the Parliament, the Presidential House and the Defence Office in a fast and surgical action, changing the nationalist and fascist flags by the revolutionary flag, so a moral injection for the rebel faction and the guerrilla. We registered some combats in the districts defended by the loyalist faction but we outnumbered them easily: rebel soldiers, revolutionary civilian militia and our best workers, the Republican Guards, expelled the fascists from their hideouts in only two days.


With the fall of Almeria the way to north was easier. The nationalist are divided without a clear leader, maybe the general Francisco Jos? Mart?nez, but they have fled to the mountains of the North, without air support and almost without ammunition. While we are organising the civilians volunteers into an authentic army, the rebel faction are surrounding the nationalists in the mountains and our ?Halc?n? are bombing the nationalist shelters. We consider that in a week we could say that the Revolution have succeed in all Indalia.


I hope you have understood our revolutionary actions in Indalia, we need to save its population of the struggling fascist claws.


-Thank you General Ernesto-. said the newsreader, the image of the army general disappeared, and we see the gray man-. So that is all, comrades, good night and Ever Onward to Victory!





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Please re-read the rules on expansion. A single post in your news thread isn't sufficient to annex a plot.

As tempting as it is to expand when your nation hits both the post and population parameters to do so, I must remind everyone that any and every expansion must be properly RP?ed for. This doesn?t mean a one-post mention in your news thread, but a proper thread which goes through your acquisition of that land.



Note: the replies to this were moved to the Map Discussion thread:


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An image of a black and white Sputnik crossing the space with signal beeps.


- Socialist Greetings from the waves. Headlines.


Weapons Contracts with Suverina Queendom in danger


As we have said, the weapons contracts with the Queendom of Suverina are in danger after the declaration by Suverina keeping relations with Machina Haruspex. In an urgent meeting today, Rose Amoros have said that we can keep trade relations with a nation that is talking openly with a fascist state.


You have to know, comrades, that a state Tractor Factory branch would be deployed in Suverina to produce AM 25 "Buey" but we hope that Suverina reconsiders their relations.


A recording of Rose Amoros outside the Naxos castle, in their gardens, in a press conference. Rosa Amoros seems to be angry and firm.


"We hope that the Great Queendom of Suverina reconsiderers its position or we can?t sign any weapons contract and we will refuse to deploy a state Tractor Factory branch in their lands.

Machina Haruspex as we know is a fascist country and we don?t be in the same territory. If Suverina wants we will go out from their lands.


Also I hope that Social Democratic Confederation doesn?t shake his hands in his relations with Haruspex, the answer has to be clear: no!. We are fighting against fascism, I have to remember and we cannot move back.


We are far from the conflict of Tagmatium, Beautancus and Haruspex. We don?t like Tagmatium and Beautancus ideologies, their monarchies and ideas about god and all his liberal paraphernalia, but also Tagmatium supports our fight against Renposa with a trade embargo, so we prefer them than Haruspex and, specifically, we have to be grateful with Tagmatium by their support.


I wish that neo-socialist revolution triumphes in all Europa but first we have to clarify our total opposition against fascism.


That is all comrades."


We have listened the words of our beautiful General Secretary. We will continue informing and Ever Onward to Victory!



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An image of a black and white Sputnik crossing the space with signal beeps.


- Socialist Greetings from the waves-. Said the grey newsreader in a grey decorate-.Headlines.




Few days ago, the seismograph of the city of Puerto Pollo recorded an unusual movement of the tectonic plates and its origin has been located on the south of the Ide Jima. As you have to know, comrades, the Ide Jima is known to all countries by his imperialist and militaristic ideology, so behind the movement could be the hand of the ide jiman and not a simple earthquake.


Also they announced in their TV Channel that they have proved nuclear artillery successfully which it supposes a real risk and danger not only for our Republic, but for all the nations of Europa.


The beautiful General Secretary, Rose Amoros, has spoken today about the ide jiman intentions and she had called an appeal to all countries in Europa.




Rose Amoros in the green gardens of the Naxos Castle, in a sunny day, she is behind a small stand plenty of microphones.


"We protest publicly against the actions of Ide Jima. We didn?t know about the origin of the tectonic plates but there are signs of the hand of the Ide Jiman Military Forces, and not caused by an earthquake.


We think that the conflict between Ishakor and Zharr has to be a lesson for all, including the Ide Jiman governors, about the consequences of carrying too far the military technology, making mass destruction weapons and the consequences to the mankind. For example, we know that in Ishakor almost the 80 per cent of territory is depopulated by the use by Zharr of a strange viral agent. Haven?t it been enough? It seems that Ide Jima wants more danger for all the mankind.


So I want to call to all nations of Europa to make the appropriate protest notes sending them to the Government of Ide Jima. We can?t endanger more our region with these stupid exercises.?




We hope that Ide Jima think over their actions and change his point of view about genocides.


That?s all comrades, we will continue informing you.


Socialist regards.


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