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Shootings at American University

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It's a terrible thing to happen.


When I heard about it on the radio my first thought was, why didn't they call off classes for the day after the first shooting? Then they interviewed a guy with the police who said that the university is something like 26,000 people, and you just can't close it down instantly especially when many of the students and teachers are on their way already and you have no way of reaching them.


This is what happens when crazies can get their hands on guns just like that.

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I find it strange that Cho Seung was allowed to bring a gun on campus anyway


You must not be familiar with our university system. There are no checkpoints, gates, or security scanners all over the place. It would be very easy to put a gun in a backpack and bring it to your dorm or wherever. (assuming you hide it and don't brag about it)


He wasn't "allowed", he just did it.


ak.gifsmiley_339.gif Guns are not the answer

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