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Banner: Red Iberic Workers

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I think the first thing of a young country is to have a flag but to an image to show to the rest of the world, so I should wish that someone could do for me an avatar, there is some ideas for do so (If all they can be showed in the avatar it would be perfect)...


The capital city at night:




Some happy people of my republic here:




His environment:






And the Gallach?s Golden Statue, the guide of the iberic revolution:




And if you could input my flag and the name of my country: People?s Republic of Red Iberic Workers.


Too much Thank you!!!!!!


*A question, how can I attach images in the post? Thank you.

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Iberic, I'm whipping something up in Paint right now. It's not going to have everything you wanted, but it's all I can do with what I have.


EDIT: Done. I used what I thought was the strongest of your images and imposed it over your national flag. It's not flashy, but I think it looks pretty nice.


user posted image


And if that doesn't work, just click this link to see it.


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