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The People?s Republic of Red Iberic Workers

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Socialist Greetings Comrades!


I?m the Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs of The People?s Republic of Red Iberic Workers, a beautiful country with stunning beaches of white sand and crystalline sea water with an enormous barrier reef that rounds our Republic.

The jungle grows near the cities and the villages... Our patriotic workers love this environment and they take care of this becuase this is our wealth.


So, it?s a sunny country but is young and we want to grow in a socialist manner (our department is interested offering quality tourism, our hotels, restaurants and pubs are one of the best, I think and I have explained that our beaches and forest are beautiful.) You can breathe the peace and pure air here!!


The History of our country was bloody, with many civil wars against our enemies (now in the exile), the state?s enemies, the nationalist and the fascists-conservatives.


The official language is castillian (bad named "spanish") and the currency is the red peseta.


In the Republic the capital city is Puerto Naxos, an ancient pirate city in front of the sea. Our Comrade General Secretary is Rose Amoros. We have a Red Iberic Constitution and there isn?t political parties because our democracy is popular.


So you are invited and if you are socialist you will have important discounts!!


See you all Comrades!!


*I have no idea of the game but I like too much the idea of create the own country. So if someone can explain a bit ideas of the game I?ll greet with a week vacation in one of my best hotel. Thanks!!!

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I think if Europa was to have a World War, capitalism would crumble. Mainly because it would be the West vs East, and the East only has Miiros and Damak Var left. Superpowers in their own right, of course, but there's only so much they'd take before succumbing to a attrition war.


Also, welcome to the forum, Iberic! Glad to see you finally found your email. smile.gif

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Oh great another socialist, what has the world come to?! Anyways, Welcome to Europa!


Ironic isn't it, in Europa western society is predominantly socialist while the east is capitalist. A reverse of what it is in real life, real life in the cold war that is. Whatever


Long Live Oriental Capitalism!

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Thanks for all!! (Including also the imperialist-liberal BlackJack and Haken.) And trust me, here, in the western there is much people tired of Capitalism and we are feeling that is particularly fierce in the last years...


Talking about "our Europa", what can I do now? Can I sell anything? Can I buy something? How can I determine my money for spending in goods? Can I have a country in the map (I think not yet, I saw some rules)? Can I have an army? Any ideas?


Thank you!



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You can do all those things except get a plot on the map, you dont have the requirements yet. The thing is, you have to make it realistic to your country and be sure not to overstep your bounds. For example, you wouldn't have a world class military or nukes.


Here is a calculator to determine your nations financial status




Now you can start writing up the background of your country. There is a number of places you can do it just look around. You might even take the time to write up its history, I know I won't for mine.


For now I would start building relations with other countries. You do want good relations if you want any tourists. Like say, hold a conference, give foreign ambassadors a tour of your nation, talk it out and some free trade agreements here and there if thats your thing.


You could start doing some government reforms to turn your country into a capitalist one. smile.gif just kidding. Well, you can, but im not saying you have to. But just think about it, capitalism is a great thing.


Oh yes, before you do any major RPing, plan it out in the OOC section first. Also know the difference between OOC and IC talk, I'll explain if you don't.

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"Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it's just the opposite."


@Tag (ww2): Come on, work with me here. wink.gif


@Republic of Red Iberic Workers: another hint for roleplaying, Europa prefers to use real life-like numbers. So even if you have 5 billion population, you probably will never see large trained forces counting over a million. Same goes with every number really.

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