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The Federated Times 10th April 2007


Exclusive: Old Dictatorship Planned Ethnic Cleansing


Recently declassified files have shown how the previous dictatorship under General Metzorbrovsky, then known as 'Big Brother' had planned the massacre of thousands of ethnic Bosnian-Serbs in the semi-autonomous province of the Eastern European Union.

The files, created before the 1995 genocide in the EEU, show how the military viewed the Bosnian-Serbs to be planning to take over the EEU regional government and secede from Kotsalvat.

The genocide itself was covered up by the government and was followed by full scale military 'peackeeping' operations in the region, which ended in 1997. Five years later in 2002 the dictatorship fell and only in April this year were the files released.

The estimated death toll of the genocide was 113,000, however the number of Bosnian Serbs in the EEU today accounts for around half the regions population of 5 million, the population of the region being just 1.6 million in 1995.

Today the EEU is rebuilding despite being completely war torn. The EEu is the only place where the past dictatorial regieme remains, however it is closely monitored and controlled from Pristina.

Today Metzorbrovsky is exiled from Kotsalvat and is believed to be in hiding in the Empire of Byzantica, however officials there can find no trace of him. Most of the former officials of his reigeime fled through the EEU where they were captured and executed by ethnic Albanian forces, beleived to be working for the Environmental Terrorist Association or ETA, whose operatives are believed to be welcomed by the EEU officials.



Other News


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Ashtama, head of ETA, releases video glorifying Pristina bombing in 2003


Kosovska Mitrovica loses 1-0 to C.F Pristina

Grozny 'on downward spiral'. Knocked out of League 1

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The Federal Times


General Metzorbrovsky deported from Byzantica, trial begins.

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The former dictator of Kotsalvat and accused war criminal, General Metzorbrovsky, has been deported from The Empire of Byzantica following a long court case between human rights group Amnesty Byzantica and the Byzantine government.


His trial has begun in the Kotsalvatian National Security council's Human Rights court, though some observers have called for his trial to be held in the East European Union. The likely outcome of the trial will be death by firing squad however his defence team, supplied by Kotsalvat Legal, says they hold out a small hope of being able to get him life imprisonment. The Government has hired a defence team costing ?1.1 billion in an effort to get justice for what he did.


Metzorbrovsky took over power after the government of Kotsalvat lost the Civil war in 1922. He ruled with an Iron fist until 2002, when his reigieme was deposed in a coup de'tat by the then head of the Politburo, who instated a rule of democracy. Metzorbrovsky then fled to Byzantica where he was discovered hiding in the Autonomous region of Republika SRPSKA. He confessed to the Byzantine authorities that he had killed 1.1 million Kotsalvatian citizens, after which a court case began between Amnesty and the Byzantine Government, the former arguing that it was against international law to deport him to Kotsalvat where he would be killed, the latter arguing that Byzantica would not want to be seen as a hotbed for former dictators and that Metzorbrovsky should be sent to Kotsalvat for trial.


The trial is ongoing and the verdict will be announced soon.



Other News:


ETA 'increasingly militant' says Interior ministry report.

Kotsalvation stocks rally as oil prices fall, market closing up 1.1% at 10,336




Pristina ends losing streak, beating Snivrapol 1-0

Grozny relegated after losing to leaders Kosovska 8-1

Tennis-George Smirvanov defeats Metrovich to go into Pristina Open

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