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Alternative WWII

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OOC: Lets kick this off ah? Oh and just for referance, King Alexander of Yugoslavia was never assasinated in Marsiles, so there is no regency counsil in Yugoslavia, the King is still in controle.




News had spread to the people that the Nazis ha moved into Czechoslovakia. Which could only mean that they were looking toward the Balkans, well that was the theory to most Yugoslav people. Coupled with te political pressure from both Germany and Italy about the Kings policies, nothing seemed to be going to the favour of Yugoslavia. Well thats the feelng that the Black Proganda gave.


From the advent of the Italian and German facists, Yugoslavia had lost many supporters, and many strongholds, within itself. The Kings' agression was also beginng to look bleak. Many people looked across to Italy, and Germany and were saying, why do we not get the freedom these people have. Many more people where looking to the east, and Communism.


A man named Josip Broz Tito had the previous year retured to Yugoslavia, and began to critcise western democrasies, especialy the Italian and Germany fasicts. By now he had became a major figure in the Yugoslav underground, and was leading a re-establshed Communist Party of Yugoslavia, following Comintern policies. The man was becoming a major figure among the Yugoslav people. Regularly making speaches and distrobutig posters throught Yugoslavia. Even dispite the British support to other anti-facist groups in the region, Tito still seemed to be controling the politca influence in the balkands.


Tito used te Nazis expansion, and their presure on the King to his advantage, and on this day, Titos presure payed off.


King Alexander I was making a trip to Croatia. He was in Zagreb. He was giving a reassurance speach from a small podium set up in the citys main square. He as finishing off his speach, as a loud bang, followed by a crack, erupted in the square. Amidst, the confusion the King had been shot, and was lying face downon the stage, for all of his subjects to see. While in Budapest. Communist influenced officers lead a assault on the main government building, and had declaired Tito, leader. Who emediatly declaired the country as free of Imperialism, free of facism, and free of the monarcy, and announced the formation of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia by the next day.


Meanwhile, in Britian. Neville Chamberlin was aking up to the news that Anti-Facist groups, under ritish influance in the Balklands where packing up, after the Coup de 'est by the Yugoslav communists, and the news that Germany has just annexed the Sudatenland.

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The situation in Spain was in favour of Franco and the nationalists. Though, the republicans still held large parts of Spain and they wouldn't leave it without a fight.


Chief of army, Emilio Mola Vidal hade been working on a plan to cut off madrid. With the capital in the hands of the nationalists the republicans will to fight would drop. With the use of German and Italian tanks backeded up by spanish cavalry they would try something new for the spanish army. They would strike hard an fast, use the tanks as a spearhead and fric through the republican lines. After the mobile forces hade broken thorugh the infantry would follow. Of course the legion condor would work together with the army so that the assualt will be as succesful as possible.


Franco had started to give up hope to ever get Bilboa by force, but Bilboa is not a major problem. Madrid and Barcelona needs to be taken to break the morale of the anarchist/communist-horde.

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OOC: Yeah Belgrade, no idea here Budapest came from :S .




A new constetution in Yugoslavia had been drawn up by Tito and government. It resemled that of the Soviet Union. He had created six Socialist Republics within the state of Yugoslavia. Tito hoped it would create a little bit of sability within the many cultures of Yugoslavia. Which to some extent did. It seemed Tito was becoming good at uniting people. Using the Nazis and the Western democracies as a uniting factor for the people, using socialism to unite the classes, and pointing their anger n the directon of the West, however, unbeknown to them the West would be an ally soon.


Tito had also began to organise a strong military, and also began to put together a good infomation bureau the UDBA (Uprava dr?avne bezbednosti/sigurnosti/varnosti ) The State Security Administration. This was the first step Tito took to stepping away from the Soviet Unions grasp. A slight step away from the Cominform, but still working with it.


The UDBA was already given the task of weapons reasearch, and production was being drawn up for a Yugoslav copy of the Soviet Mousin Nagant, and Germany Mauser Gewer Karabinare 98 K, and mny other equiptment was being copyed. Tito had an idea of Yugoslavia becoming self-seficiant, rather than relying on many other countries. However for now, Tito turned to the USSR for weapons. Hopfuly he could secure something for now.


To: Comrad Stalin of the United Soviet Socialist Republics

From: Comrade Tito of the Socialist Federal Republics of Yugslavia


Great Comrade, Our country, after our resent triumph over imperialism is currently under treach from Italian and Nazi dogs, we fear that we may become engulfed in conflict with these evils that denie socialism. There for, we ask for your help in suplyng us with weapons incase action is taken against us.


Comrade Stalin, I request your help urgently.


OOC: Tito is using the Fasicts to his advantage, even though the Fasicts have not yetdone anything about the rise of communism in Yugoslavia, he is playing the Russians into belifing the fasicts threaten socialist stability, and hopefuly either turn them against the fasicts, or get weapons or even both. Just to let you know.



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The war in Manchuria had been an ongoing conflict since 1931. Japan, land of the rising sun and hell bent on establishing itself as a major world power. Its dependancy on US oil was a major threat in the eyes of the Emperor. But in the south, Indonesia had oil of its own. Unfortunately seizing this territory could quite possibly trigger war with the western powers and their sleeping tiger, the only force capable of stopping the Japanese conquest. If Japan can grab a secure source of oil and keep the United States out of the Pacific, then China would eventually fall and the resources of Asia would be theirs for the taking.

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OOC: *Tune of the Imperial March*


The Great War should have been the war that ended all wars. Germany had to bear the burden: the Versailles Treaty was too hard for the crippled power to overcome, yet also too weak to end the threat of Germany. The Weiner Republic quickly lost the support of the people. Men from all ideologies struggled for dominance over the young democracy. It was decorated war veteran and failed artist Adolf Hitler that was elected as Chancellor. The fire in the Reichstag was blamed on a communist and a mass-hysteria against the reds erupted. During the following years, the Austrian gained almost absolute power. Under his reign, Germany was rebuild above its former glory. A new facist state rose from the ashes of chaos against the dangerous temptations of Marx's fantasy. The economy prospered, the national pride restored... and the military rebuild. To accomplish this restoration of power, women were put back in their houses, where they needed to provide fresh arian babies. Jews, communists, gays, gypsies,... were pressured out of work. Disabled were sent to camps to attain to their special needs...


The League of Nations stood little in the way when the German army bursted out of its restricted size. And it did even less to prevent Nazi Germany to expand beyond her official boundries. First Austria, former ally, was welcomed within the open arms of the Nazi boundries. Sudetenland was second, effectively destroying the defensive line of a strong neighbour. Tanks and troops were sent, via the brand new highways, to the rest of Czechoslovakia. Hitler grew confident: his army would overrun the unstable and betrayed country so quickly, that the rulers of the world wouldn't find enough time to spare in bewteen their own interests.


Adolf Hitler grew confident. The question he had to ask himself was not "now what?", but "where?".


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Tears of Joy
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"Hitlers taken Czechoslovaka."


A silence fell across the room. The war cabinet looked bleack.


"any fighting?"


"None sir, the country justfell to the Nazi influence."




Again a silence fell across the room, all heads pointed down. Germany had now secured central Europe. It was anyones bet to who was next. The problem was, all of the surrounding countries looked weak. Poland still had mounted cavalry, Belgium and Holland hardly had the divisions to set up an effective defence. Romainia, Slovakia, and Hungary all were under Germany influance. Italy, looked in the same state as the UK however, where Hitlers' firends.


In the east Japan was gathering forces. British territory could probably hold against the Japs, but not unless the Auzzies, Kiwies and Indians helped out too. But first, the colonies would have to be carlmed. They where begining to become united together, for the first time in a while, but then again, what abot after the current situation. No, dont think about that, long term desions are out the window now. The situation was very tought. Chamberlin was already looking bad. It was time to do something.


"Bugger this. I'm flying to Germany!" Out spoke the doomed and gloomed PM.


"Mr Chamberlin?"


"While i'm gone, I want mobalization to begin in the colonies, We need to et somthing underway. It's our last hope. I will travel to Berlin, and talk with him, it is truley our last hope.


To: Fuhrer of the German Riech, Adolf Hitler

From: Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Neville Chamberlin


Good sir it is about time the two of us talk over the current sitution at hand.As you read this Hur Hitler, I am boarding my plane bound for Berlin. Perhapse we can settle something out.




The small RAF plane hummed into the background as Europes last hope asended into the sky to talk with the "Mighty Fuhrer" , Perhape an agreeent could be made.

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The Japanese high command sat down together in a well lit conference room. No chairs, they sat on the floor as was customary. Emperor Hirohito cleared his throat and began to address his fellow officials.


"The most vital component of this nation is its ability to keep the war running. By that I mean our industry. We must garrison and entrench our forces on all islands which could be used as a staging ground for bombing to the homeland.


I want the military to commence planning on the conquest of Indonesia and islands south of the Philippines. It is possible we can avoid war with the United States so we will not pursue Philippine islands for now.


The push into China is somewhat successful and I would like us to continue in this endeavor. They are divided and weak, it should be a matter of time before their whole nation falls.


Gentlemen, you know what needs to be done."

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Dear primeminister of Greatbritain,

I am certain you have been informed of what happend in Yugoslavia not more than a few weeks ago. Communism is spreading to the balcans and the government of Yugoslavia has fallen, that particular government was also graet friends with your french allies. Italy, Britain and France must work together to get rid of communism in Yugoslavia and reinstate monarchy for the sake of peace in the region. 

I hope Italy and Britain can act together as friends, our relations have been damaged in the past. But we shouldn't be enemies, we should work together when we haje the same goals.


Benito Mussolini

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Dear Mr Mussolini,


I have heard of the spread of communism in Yugoslavia. Or own efforts to back a democratic coupe where faulted. However. How can one comment on the spread of communism as such an evil thing, as the spread of your facism as done basicly the same thing. I find your stance on Yugoslavia quite hipocritical of your own ideological ventures. Am I not right?


I am not against you however on the spread of communism, however, a servant of facism is just as worse. You are quite lucky Mr Chamberlin did not get your letter. Or he would have ben rather announed at your attempts Mr Mussolini.


I accept your stance on communism however, unfortunitly you are our enemy, as is Germany, as is Yugoslavia. We must decline your request.


Sir Anthony Eden. Foreign Secatary.



Meanwhile in Yugoslavia....


"Italy do not like us. They do not like the fact of communism so close to their boarders."


"They wouldnt. Their facist dogs."


"Can we mount an effectiv defence against them?"


"No, however they would not yet risk an attack, not with British presence in north africa. Not that britian would help us. But it would mean Britian would have a reason to declaire war on Italy."




"How is our forces coming on?"


"No responce from the Russians for help, however our copines are coming along fine, if we can hold off an attack on us we will be able to equipt our troops with copied weapons."


"Good. What about aircraft, and a naval force?"


"Rickety old ships, and old planes. Several hunderet biplanes."


"Humpf...Whats our current standings?"


"About 140,000 troops, thats including conscripts, and about 500,000 reservists orgonised around the Reupublics' boarders, all under JNA command in wartime however."


"Thats good, but are they equipt?"


"Nope, only the 140,000 standing forces will be fully eqquipt by the end of decomber. Thats if we last that long."


"Ok, Well I want you to play catch up in the air. Thats a must, but to save some money, and man power, consentrait on a costal defence force rather than a full blown navy for now. As long as they can not land, thats ok. In the mean time. I have seen these troops being used during the Spanish Civil War, they used parachutes to deploy into battle. Jumping from aircraft, that put a bit of emphasis on this. I like to call them Zrakkaplja Vojak, Airdrop Soldiers. If the Italins or Germanys do invade, these would be good for a counter attack."


"Yes comrad no problem."

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President Roosevelt's reaction toward the news from abroad was one of caution, his advisers could see that easily. His long known desire to "quarantine" these aggressor nations had been known publicly, and no doubt the world would be watching for his next move. Polls of the populace showed a dislike of the Nazi strategy and ideals, of course for a free and democratic nation as the United States. But Roosevelt would remain cautious. And, several days of discussion suggested that it might be time to begin aiding the free nations of Britain and France, in an attempt to stop the Nazis. Only time would tell.




Australia, as far off as any one nation could be to the recent current events, had just received word through the shipping routes of the most updated news. Australia, through the Statute of Westminster 1931 had formally ended a majority of the links between the British government and the Dominion of Australia, but Australia had yet to adopt it. It still needed Britain to guide it. It's delay in the receiving news of the advancing crisis was only one sign to show.

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Prime Minister Neville Chamberlin was received on short notice, but he was received with the necessary festivities none-the-less. Goebbels, minister of Propaganda, made sure of this. Soldiers paraded with impressive discipline, the sound of their pollished boots filling the open space. When the Brittish were driven to the selected place for discussion, crowds were gathered around the streets. They waved proudly with Nazi flags.


The F?hrer was very willingly to comply with his collague. The Austrian ensured the prime minister that Germany doesn't seek hostile expansion, he only wanted to unify the German people, the German culture, into one Reich. Finally. He also mentioned that he is keeping a close eye to the current red threat.


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Chaimberlin peared across the table at his political rival. Cigerette in hand, and brandy on the table.


"So you wish to unify Germany to post Great War bounderies? It's a hard thing to do, France will no dout be against it, and I carnt have an angrey frog at my door, i'm sick of it. they are hell bent on not allowing any nice things for Germany. Another thing is Poland. I have aready reasured the British poeple th no warm will come to Poland ad too Belgium, just as we stood for the Great War.


However for the Red situation, if you agree to not attacking Poland, and not expanding to far, britian will back you. that is only if you keep your promises. I also noticed your friend in Italy has a new neighbour. Tito. This man, acording to my intelagance services he could become a bigger threat than Stalin."


Chamberlin looked across at Mr Hitler once again, awating a reply, while taking a draw from his cigertte and sipping his brandy.


Meanwhile in Yugoslavia.....


"I heard Chainberlin went to Germany to cut deal with Hitler."


"Well I heard the US want nothing to do with Europe anymore."


"I got told that Japan had conqured our comrade in China and Mongolia."


With the lack of newspapers roumor was running ripe in Yugoslavia. However one thing was for certin. Mobalisation. Tito mobalised Yugoslavia so muchthat the people often thought Tito would start the war and not Hitler. However, unbeknown to them, Yugoslavia id not have enough karkhi smocks let alone rifles for the army.


Yugoslavia lookd to have a strong army on the sureface, but underneigth the muscle was nothing. They still had work to do before Yugoslavia could mount a counter offensive against germany, a counter attack was possible, but only just, and it would not be sustained.

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Britain did not want to cooperate with Italy, they most now be considered our enemies. Now we must find friends. Hungary and Bulgaria are very friendly towards us, perhaps we could also get a deal with Greece.


Galeazzo Ciano was to be sent to Hungary first, than to Bulgaria.


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Hitler was his lack of charming self. He excelled in working the masses, but felt a bit uneasy in the pressence of a small group of officials. The meeting hadn't been going on for over an hour, but it seemed to be lasting for days.


"Ofcourse, Poland is a sovereign country. Altough it holds parts of Prussia, we will not protest it historical boundries in any unprovoked attack. Afterall, Germany isn't an imperial power...


And about Yugoslavia... We will do our, small, part on the continent for the protection of impressionable little nations. Hopefully, Britain will do his part on our side.


Please, do not see me as an agressive man. I have fought on the frontline during the Great War, I've been wounded several times. I know war. I know what it does. Germany wishes the best for it's people, but will only pursue the necessary, mister Chamberlain. Greedy children get theit hand stuck in the cookie jar. That's something certain ideologies will never understand."


Hitler felt more than ready to wrap things up.





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OOC: Oop, I should hav enoticed this earlier.




Chaimberlin shook his head. He agreed about Yugoslavia. a tate whcih was getting a to ahead of itself. However, Chaimbelin was willing to allow Germany to annaxe Austria and Czechoslovkia, however was not inclined to let Poland be invaded. he had already guaraneed to the Polish government their indopendance. However, wether Britian would actualy help was another matter. Not a single person in Britian wanted a waron the continet again, not after the Great War. The British gvernment was only acting on imence pressure from France, and the League of Nations.


Finaly Chaimberlin turned to the F?hrer. "Fine. However, I carnt have France bothering me. Czechoslovakia, and no more. As for Yugoslavia, Mederterainian Naval Forces will moniter them. Our base in Cyrpus should provide enough to deter them for a while. Lets keep fiends through this."

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