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Return to the Stars

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To: All Nations of Europa
From: Royal Commonwealth of Cabarria

For centuries we have looked upon the stars with hope and promise, and it is the belief of our nation that the long-term survival or our species depends on sending the human family out into the great unknown past the safe blanket of our atmosphere.

To this end, we propose a rebirth and reorganization of the seemingly defunct space agency to achieve the following goals:

  1. Put into orbit communications and science satellites which will benefit all of Europa.
  2. Establish a permanent space station in planetary orbit.
  3. Send probes into deep space.
  4. Oversee private ventures and encourage entrepeneurs that seek to open space up to the masses.
  5. Send a manned mission to another planet.

These goals, we believe, can be beneficial to our region and bring the great nations of Europa together. To those who would answer our call, we welcome you as comrades on our march back to the heavens.

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FROM: Deltannia
TO: Cabarria

Deltannia, along with SystemTechnologies Inc., is willing to revisit the idea of reviving the joint Europan space adventure. Perhaps with advances in technology, as well asthe use of the old agency as a base, we will be able to launch our dreams far into the future.

-- Deltannian Space Agency

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To: Royal Commonwealth of Cabarria
From: The Adapon Space Institute.

The ASI will also join in with joint Europan space exploration. For a while now we have been doing things on our own, it's time we got back into unity.

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