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Peoples Republic of Kaisastan

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Hello, I am Vashaan Ketevor, Supreme Chancellor of Kaisastan. It has been believed for many thousands of years that Kaisastan is the Zhonghua or the Central Land, Though many beliefs of our elders are now long forgotten, we are happy to join Europa .



The Country

Capitol: Weisung (Way-song)

Government: Nationalist-Republic

Peoples: Kaizers

Population: Unknown, there has not been an official census in hundreds of years

National Holiday: November 9th

National Animal: White Tiger

Motto: Remember the Zhonghua

Currency: Yuan


Supreme Chancellor: Vashaan Ketevor has been the supreme Chancellor since Kaisastan was reformed in 1992, he is the one who signs the bills and makes them into laws, if he does not like the way a bill is wrote he dismisses it.

1. Personal Parlement: The S.C. personal assistants who tell him what is going on, basically his eyes in the sky.


Division of Lawmakers: The Parlement of Kaisastan these are the ones who make bills and try to persuade the S.C. to make them into official laws, and the ones who deal with the budget of Kaisastan.

1. The Parlement has 14 members, there are only 4 sectors in Kaisastan, the Parlement members are devided by sectors. The members come from each sector, and the sectors who have more population than others have more members.


Devision of Defence: The Army & Police, basically the ones who protect Kaisastan, and the people living in it.


Division of Homeland: The set of people who make sure there is fruit, vegitables, and meat, for the people of Kaisastan to eat, whether it be grown or imported.


Division of Education: The people are the ones who make sure students are being taught up to standard, they also decide who gets governmental help (tuitions).



Mountains: 10%

Plateaus: 25%

Hilly Terrain: 22%

Plains: 30%

Main Rivers (Not including, small rivers, lakes, or ponds): 13%


Kaisastan is a small Nation settling between two mountains, this is a perfect climate because these mountains only snow during the short winter months of December and January, for the other 10 months it stays in the temp. range of 69 degrees to 82 degrees.



user posted image

Red Dots = Hills, Mountains, and platueas.

Blue Dots = Rivers, creeks, ponds, and lakes

Black Dots = Cities, towns, amd villages


Around Kaisastan

Here is a Personal Estate of Vashaan Ketevor.

user posted image


One of the Technology Institues in Ventwe, Kaisastan.

user posted image


Business in Ozspavai

user posted image


Capitol of Kaisastan, Weisung

user posted image


Small Town outside of Weisung

user posted image


Roman Catholic Church in Weisung

user posted image


Top Five Priorities

Defence of Nation


Law and Order




Lost History of Kaisastan: by Researcher, Johnathon Melet


Kaisastan was taken over by the Communist Russians during the Cold War. The Russians found out after envading and taking over that even though they might now be the governing body that they could not take the will of the people of Kaisastan. Most people who rejected The U.S.S.R. moved to China, and Taiwan. Once the tirant rule of the U.S.S.R. was over Vashaan Ketevor took over rule and made the country into a Nationalist-Republic (Taiwan-Nationalist Republic). There are still elections in this country but there is no electorial limit and the people of Kaisastan respect what Vashaan has done for the country and elect him again, every five years.


The Capital Weisung, as told by Vashaan Ketevor

This happens to be one of the luckiest cities that the Communist Russians took over, once Russia took over they only destroyed the Churches and left everything the way it was. To me personally it was left alone because it shares striking resemblences to the slavic's way of building things. It also has the Weisung river going right in the heart of the city.

(Images too come very, very, very soon smile.gif)

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