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Operation Annex

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Accran Vocenae


It had been three years since the rise and fall of the Malleus regime, a corrupt organization that had crumbled to the ground just as fast and bloodily as it had taken power.


Three years, and yet the Accran lands had still not known peace or stability.


The Apache hovered over the shelled out ruins of what was once a sizable town nestles in the foothills of the Imperium. On the map, the town was called 'Solis Ortus', a mining community that had supplied the Imperium with coal. To the Vocian military forces, it was just another hotspot.


"This is Blackhawk 5, sector 7 is cleared of enemy armor but is not secure, repeat, not secure. Confirmed squad of insurgents last seen heading into the carpark across from the shopping district."


"Roger Blackhawk 4. Indigo Team is in the vicinity, we are re-routing them to you."


Operation Annex had been underway for four months, and had really only succeeded in freeing Arnheim and the coastal provinces from insurgent rule. The rebels were using the terrain to restrict most of the Vocian forces from pressing inward, and having a functioning command chain, something the intel had been gravely mistaken about.


The operation was to qwell any anti-Vocian sentiment after the annexation of the Imperium into the Imperial Republic, hopefully taking any pressure off the reconstruction and aid crews that were trying to feed and clothe thousands, and trying to make the roadways traversable again. But with slow progress against the rebels, things were looking poorly for both the reconstruction crews and the soldiers.


OOC: Ok, my long awaited RP is now underway. I don't really expect anyone to join in if they don't want to, as this will sort of progress just through excerpts and events of what my miltary is up to after the end of the AdSoc War and withdrawal from Adaptus. Expect to see alot of references and locations from the Accran Insurgency thread be mentioned here.

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