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My nation is called the Federation of Kotsalvat (FK for short, for obvious reasons we leave out the O). I am an experienced NS player, having a largely unsuccesful stint in Eastern Europe. I created my own region, Incursia, and stayed there for a bit before I got fed up of being alone and have since moved around through 000000000000Canada, 23 zeroes, to the EU and then to here.


As kotsalvat goes it has a population of 323 million and is a UN member (I've already endorsed the Europa delegate). For a long time Kotsalvat was a dictatorship with poor political and civil freedoms, but recently the country has undergone transition to a democratic parliament, installing local councils to de-centralize power in Kotsalvat.

My other nation, Byzantica, is a non-UN nation located in a region called Equilism. It is a much, much newer nation having 14 million citizens and is a democratic nation.


I hope for a long and happy trime here in Europa.



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Welcome to Europa, make yourself at home here.We have quite a higher standar of RP here, than in other regions. So just to let you know. But feel free to look around at some older RP's to get the idea. But again welcome.


We value membership here, and we're currently going through some changes forum and government wise, so keep your eyes pealed at those. But if your intrested in the WW2 RP, take a look in the OOC area, and sign up, it's bound to be a goos experiance. Also if you have any questions, comments, or quieries, do not hesitate to ask, either the admins or mods.


Again Welcome to Europa. Enjoy yourself.

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