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What's console is better?

What's the best console right now?  

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  1. 1. What's the best console right now?

    • Xbox
    • PS3
    • Wii

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I haven't really played the latter two, but I'm a fan on Nintendo and I liked what little Wii I've gotten.


I tried fixing the tags, but only the PS3 one came out, having to do with how it's reading the url links. So, unless you get other pictures (just tell me what to set them to), I changed the poll questions.

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I'm...Well, I'm a bit hesitant to get into this discussion. I can get pretty wound up about this stuff.


I'm going to say the 360 will when because of the price compared to the PS3, and the fact that all the big name exclusives for the PS3 are also going to be released for the 360.


The systems have almost the same power graphics wise, but I've never really cared about graphics. I don't even own a HDTV and don't have any plans in the near future to buy one.


I hate the Wii. I think motion-sensor games are a waste of time and arn't very fun, considering most people jump around like idiots when playing it. Graphics wise, I've seen better pumped out of the Gamecube at times, and I believe that once this whole 'oh hay itz new guyz!!11one' wears off, it'll go the same way as the GC.


Mario and Link can't carry a console on their own, and from what I've seen, there's far little in store for that router they call a gaming platform.


Sorry if it seems a little harsh, but I've said all I'm going to say, and will no longer look at this thread in the hopes of keeping all of our blood pressures low.

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I haven't played any of the next-gen consoles except for the 360 at a Best Buy demo, but I own an original XBox and I'm quite fond of it. I think price-wise the 360 definitely wins, and it has the Xbox Live thing going for it, where I don't see that Sony has anything that comes close. I, like Voc, think the Wii's novelty will eventually wear off - there's only so many motion-sensor games you can do before the formula gets old. It does look like people have fun playing it, though. I think the PS3 should come in dead last since it's WAY overpriced and you get similar quality out of an Xbox 360, as well as similar game catalogs. Xbox Live for the win, though, I've never used it, but playing Halo with millions of other people just seems like loads of fun.

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I have both the Xbox 360 and the PS3. I must say the Xbox wins for now. Both really are the same console, however, they both are basicly a symbol of both companies policies rather than a games console. The PS3 requiers you to buy a cooler to play longer than about 6 hours at a time. They both also require you to down load a patch so they can play older games from the PS2 nd Xbox. The PS2 used USB connction for it's controlers, while the Xbox uses Bluetooth. Both forms of PC input, both alowing you to turn the console into a PC, also, both require you to buy a hardrive for extra memory.


In my oppinion, the Wii takes the win, for originality, and in the true sence on it being a "Next Generation Console", however, to me the 360 takes my vote as it's the only I have games for, and I dont have the Wii.

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I had the opportunity to play the Wii sometime ago... it's just awesome! It's a videogame for someone who doesn't likes videogames, which is great, because the producers will try to make the games fun, and not 40-hour long RPGs about witches, a mercenary school, and a depressed dude with a huge scar on his forehead. The PS3 seems like too much sand for our trucks. Too expensive, needs a huge plasma TV, with expensive games, and our PS2 is more than enough by now. XBOX 360 must be a great videogame if you live in the civilization.

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My twin's got the XBox 360, but I've not actually played on it yet. This is partly because he doesn't have a game which interests me on it, and also because he takes it to university with him (we're currently at home at the moment, as it's the Easter break). I'm still a fan of the old PS2 and the excellent Timesplitters: Future Perfect.


The main thing which has put me off this generation of consoles is the ridiculously large price-tag which they all have, especially as I'm but a poor student. tongue.gif


I've also discovered a very good RPG, which you can download free from the internet (although it's limited and you have to buy it to get the rest of the game), which is without the usual orcs, witches and the like. It's based on medieval Europe and has the best cavalry combat, ever.


That's sucking up all my time, recently.

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Games I like for 360: Gears of War

-Hitman Blood Money (very fun, but you can get enough fullfilment by just renting it out from a blockbuster or something if they have that in Europe where most of you people are from)

-Madden 07 (very popular sports game here in the US, it's American Football so you boys probably won't be interested)


But overall, I'm actually more of a PC gamer. Unfortunately my PC when I bought it was THE GAMING MACHINE, is now actually not that great. I play Oblivion for PC and it's so much more fun with all the mods you can get with it. PC gaming is a painfully more expensive than console gaming, but more gratifying in my point of view.


PC Games I like, played heavily on all but one but not anymore(so many, these are the ones I can remember)-


-Rome Total War (if you play lets battle it out sometime)

-Medieval Total War 2 (have it, really want to play it, computer doesn't support it)

-Civilization 4 (meh....it's okay)


-Eve Online (MMORPG that you download, best MMO there currently is in my opinon. Though a bit tedious until you actually get good)

-Battlefield 2 (best FPS multiplayer I have played, and best there is I think. Well, I haven't played 2142 yet. F*** Halo 2)

-Guild Wars (it was really cool for a while, and once spent 16 hours straight playing it. just lost interest in the end after I spent a bunch of gold on a business venture that turned sour)


I am a very avid gamer to be honest, but there hasn't really been a game lately that has really caught my fancy. So I usually just spend my free time reading books now. How lame don't you think?

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I just completed Resistance: Fall of Man for he PS3, and my oh my, does the PS3 seem promising after playing this. The graphics, and gae play, is very very good, but, like I say, the Xbox 360, is basicly the same thing, but what I must say, is that, I have only one game for my PS3, and thats, one more enteraining game than what there i for the 360. I've notice games for the 360 see to once you complete them, dull out. I can only think of 2 games for the Xbox, which were entertaining, that would be Quake 4, and Gears of War, however I have to say, Resistance: Fall of Man, is a meeting between both those games, and graphicly, it is about the same as gers of war,but game play wise, blows them both out of the water.

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The thing is that the situation is a bit muddled at the moment. The PS3 is better hardware than the 360 and its more powerful than the 360, but it has to prove itself to the market which has had acess to the 360 for 2 years and access to the PS3 for, well, a few weeks.


The thing is that if the PS3 does prove itself then it will take the market by storm, and if something even marginally better came out on PS3 which showed the PS3's hardware advantage over the 360 then a new Xbox would probably come out a lot sooner than expected which leaves a question.

If Microsoft had to release a new Xbox just to keep up with the PS3, would it not actually be a next gen console, would it just be an improvement in the same generation? Also, what would happen when the next generation of consoles comes out (i.e. PS4, Nintendo's offerring) would there be yet another Xbox to replace the one which would only have been out for 2 or 3 years?

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-Medieval Total War 2 (have it, really want to play it, computer doesn't support it)

Not as good a game as the original, in my opinion. I find the battles less involving as the as the ones in the original, and raising armies is much more difficult and time consuming. I think that the new graphics have actually taken away from the battles, rather than added to them. The campaign mode map is much better, but I did much prefer the fact that the original also gave you a fair bit of information about the goings on, like notification of the arrival of the Black Death and the Little Ice Age, as well as other things. The system of merchants is also very confusing.


On the subject of consoles (which is on top, sorry!), I don't think the PS3 can really justify the ridiculously high price we (the British, that is) pay for it. It seems have the online feature just bolted on. Although, to be fair, I've only played the Xbox 360, and only then Oblivion. I don't get the chance to play any console very often, nor can I afford to buy any of them try them out. My twin's got the 360, and I'm playing that at the moment.

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I have the 360 Elite and I love it.

I've also got a Sony paperweight i.e. the PS3


As far as the next generations go, I'm going to stick with my 360. I played the demo of bioshock before work, that is some serious woah.


Plus I'm heavily addicted to GRAW 1/2, Gears of Wa and Rainbow Six Vegas.


I still have an original xbox but it's been modded so no xbox live, just xlink kai.



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I noticed your comment about Resistance Fall of Man Adaptus. I have to say, as a PS3 owner as well, I was let down by the game play. It's pretty, dont get me wrong, but the mechanics of the game are nowhere near GoW.


There is no duck and fire over a wall, and the AI is mediocre. What enemy in the world see's your comrade with a rocket launcher, and you with an SMG and chooses you as the first logical choice to target. Not only that, out of twenty or so people rushing a defensive spot, you are always the first target.


That's a bit askew.


Graphically for some games, PS3 is very nice. Warhawk for one, Motorstorm..mmm..tasty.


Still, compared with some of the titles available now for the xbox-




Orange Box H2

Sega Rally Revo


Halo 3 - Even though in certain areas I admit it looks like the Halo 2 engine still. -Shrug-


When Sony also looses it's exclusives such as MGS4 and others, it's a sign of the times that the XBOX is the champ for now. I'm not saying it will always be, that's absurd, but for the now, PS3 is severely lacking in quality gaming. Reverse playability is great, but I already owned a PS2, time to move on.


I want one game for the PS3, and that my friends is Killzone 2. The first one was nice, and I enjoyed it. I hope this one delivers that same experience as well.



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