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Iranian Forces Capture British Personnel

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Once again, Iranian forces capture Royal Navy personnel whilst they are undertaking a routine patrol off the coast of Iraq.


It seems to me this is just the Iranians playing at silly buggers again, as I seriously doubt they would be stupid enough to incur the wrath of the UK or the USA over this, what with a brace of US carriers in the area. I imagine the Iranians are merely posturing, coming down hard over the rather blurry border which exists in the Persian Gulf. I don't think either side really wishes anything to come of this, as both of them can't really afford a war right now, especially as the coalition forces are somewhat over stretched now.


Funnily enough, on my drive back to home from Uni, me and my dad did talk about this sort of thing, and the last time the Iranians seized RN personnel.

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Nothing like a good game of Use Your Nationalism To Trump Theirs. It's a shame that those Brits got all tied up in the President's hard-nosed, anti-diplomatic soiree.


Think about it, though. Iran's got nuclear cruise missiles aimed right at them right this very minute from ships out in those waters, plus a couple aircraft carriers loaded with God-knows-what, in terms of ordinance and overall firepower.


This is why we've got to get some kind of big diplomatic push throughout the world to discuss these border issues and get them solved, 'cause the Persian Gulf division seems to have been a back-burner issue even for the nations of the Middle East.

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