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Alternative WWII RP OOC

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This will be done in the Past and Future time area as it is not a main stream Europa RP.


So how about it. Anyone can choose to be any nation in the world. If you wish to be a modern day nation which is not around yet, and play for indopendance, then go for it. Lets just see what we can do.


I'll list the major nations though bellow. Have a good long think about it fist. I have also listed some things each nation would have to a possible advantage.


For an in-depth look, cross over to this link to read more about the nations.




Start Date - 21 October 1938



Great Britian - colonies, jets in development Adaptus

De Gauls France - colonies MS

The USA - Manhattan Project

The USSR - Abomb Designs FACG



Nazi Germany - Jets and balistic missiles development, Abomb in development Haken

Japan - Jets in final development stages BlackJack Emperor

Vichy France - Powerful French Fleet

Italy Suvernia





Spain - Uneasy position after Civil War

Brazil Emakera





Saudi Arabia - Oil Fields

Iran - Oil Fields



Poland Spontanious

Yugoslavia - Patisans, Indopendant communists Adaptus

Greece - Partisans



Romaina Validaire



Norway Spontanious









Colonies, Occupied Nations Or Nations Under Foriegn Influance:




Iraq - Oil Fields


Ukrain - Oil Fields




South Africa


West Indies


So what will you do. Will you pick the US, and lead the allies through western Europe. Or wlll you be Germany and try and rally ot of your surrounded positon. Or how about the USSR, and smsh throught the eastern bloc. Or will you be Mexico and ally with the Axis and begin the invasion of the USA? the desison is yours biggrin.gif

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Hungary and Romania were independent. Portugal was strongly axis-leaning. Vichy's fleet was mostly sunk or scuttled in 1940. How alternative is this really? Socialdemocratic mexico that was in the allies is listed as axis leaning? mellow.gif

Bulgaria was also an independent axis state. I wouldn't call Finland neutral as it was in war with both allies and comintern.


(if Brazil somehow didn't join the allies it should be in the allies. They had like 30.000 men in Italy)


I want to be Italy.


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I would class Romaina and Hungary and those places as occupied, they may have been indopendant however, they still where really under the controle of Nazi Germany, well maybe not Romania but sh.

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Suverina is right. Brazil helped invading Italy, but before Germany attacked a Brazilian ship on 1942, the chance of Brazil declaring war on either side was almost none, and it was said that "it's easier to see a snake smoking than Brazil going to this war."


user posted image


Hence the FEB (Brazilian Expeditionary Force)'s logo. Most of the Brazilian soldiers refused to fight with their bolt-action weapons, and were trained in using the regular, semi-automatic weapons of the time by the Americans, and some of the soldiers couldn't fight due to the cold, which made their cavities hurt-- although few soldiers were frostbitten, due to the fact that they filled their combat boots with newspapers to prevent the cold. The FAB (Brazilian Air Force)'s on a similar fashion. It's an angry ostrich firing a heavy weapon, with the words "Senta a Pua!" written on a cloud.


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I didn't think the Brazilians joined the Allies until the arse-end of WWII?


And didn't the Royal Navy ravage the powerful French navy early on in the war?


Whoops, I realise I'm just repeating what people above said.


Anyways, there was nothing wrong with bolt-action rifles, as most countries used them during WWII. All of the major combatant nations used bolt action rifles, the Lee-Enfield SMLE amd the German Karabiner 98K for example, until the very end of the war. Semi-automatic rifles were only really used by the USA and (I think... although I also suspect I'm wrong, I know they were the first to design such a thing) the French during WWII. The Russians also had a semi-automatic rifle, although they also prefered mass-produced submachine guns, due to the sheer weight of metal a whole battalion could throw out if armed with them. I know the British army was armed with bolt-action rifles until after the Korean War, when the Jungle Carbine (the derivative of the Lee-Enfield) was replaced due to the fact it apparently had sights which mucked-up after too much use, although it's also said that this was a story spread about by the ordinary soldiers due to the fact that they were being given a bolt-action rifle when almost all other armies were being issued with semi- or fully-automatic rilfes (AK47, for example). The Lee-Enfield was, and still is, a bloody good rifle (if one can call a thing designed to kill a "good thing").


Errm, I go off on a tangent.

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The Lee-Enfield was, and still is, a bloody good rifle (if one can call a thing designed to kill a "good thing").


A better way to say it is that it is efficient at executing its intended purpose. But which is better, Lee-Enfield or Kar98?


I'm tempted to be the Russians, primarily because I think Stalin was such an evil person.


Quite a reasonable opinion. It must be a trend with men who have ugly mustaches. Considering how many people he killed in slave work camps out in Siberia and many more situations. But yes, you should join Tag. But it's too bad this RP starts past the Battle of Stalingrad. I don't know about you guys but I am really enthusiastic about kicking off this RP.



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Well, you've got to weigh true evil against effective politics. When you do that, you see that Stalin was really just securing his position as the Soviet leader.


Hitler however, was evil. I'd go on to say that terrorists are evil and yadda yadda yadda, but it's a case of effective brainwashing at work there. The ones at the top, yes, pretty evil people, but they have a reason that they were brainwashed into accepting, and so on and so forth, as the cycle goes.


Anywho, not sure who I'm gonna play as yet. My natural instinct is to grab the USA position, but I kinda don't just because it's such a large and important role.

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When you do that, you see that Stalin was really just securing his position as the Soviet leader.

Argh, I'm in danger of sparking off a tangent debate as to whoever was worse between those two utterly foul men, so I'm going to have to bite my tongue on it.


I'm not sure if I will join in, as my knowledge of WWII history is rather lacking. I don't know anything about it like the generals, the campaigns or even any of the battles fought, apart from the more widely known ones. Sorry.


If it were the Byzantine Empire from 800-1204, or the Wars of the Roses, I'd be much better. tongue.gif

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Hmm, makes sense Tag. But the problem is that you couldn't compare brazilian military with, say, russian or british military. The biggest problems with brazilian rifles was not the fact that they were bolt-action-- but that they were way too outdated. Gramps was an airforce soldier on the late 40's, and he always told me about how the mounted machine gun of his base never worked, about how the pistol was the best weapon that they could rely on for most situations, and about how he almost failed training due to the poor condition of his rifle. And this because he served after WW2.


As for me, I'd get a kick out of this RP starting before WW2 starting. In 1944 most of the stuff was already set. If we could start things on 1939, we could play the alliances better, change history to some extent and the like. Then, I'd RP as Brazil. If not, I'll just pick a real nation and be glad for it tongue.gif

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Okie, so how abut we bring the star date back to August 29th 1939?


As for me, I'm quite tempted to either be Great Britian (I love the Gloster Meteor), or a lesser nations, I'mquite tempted at Yugoslavia, or somthign like Poland. Or maybe China, i'm not quite sure yet :S

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If you're Poland you're doomed no matter what probably.

Well if you can convince France and/or Great Britian to attack early when the Germans had virtually no troops on their wester border (1939) than you could hit Germany's industrial sector hard enough to force Germany out of Poland.

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