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Phil re-entering the fore

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Right, after over a year of absence from the RP worl of Europa, i think it is about time to get back into the swing of things.


from what i can gather, the RP world of Europa has come down to a series of Civil wars, invading countries for more space, and groups of countries who all have similer aims in keeping peace and being 'nice' to each other.


now in the past Philia was renowned for being a peacekeepng nation, who wasnt that agressive (as far as i can remember, it was a while ago! lol) but now i want change that, just to shake things up a little.


now, PHilia has been silent for a long while, other than a little RP a while ago beginning the restructuring of the nation, which i never finished. I am about to start anther RP saying what happened. I also wish my nation to now become more agressive, my first action is going to be my attempts to 'colonise' the savages of area 97. (I know its a bit far, but my nation is kinda boxed in! lol, i was origionally thinking about petitioning the ruler of Akiiryu to allow me to move through his territory to colonise 24... but i thought that was asking a little too much of him wink.gif)


i fully expect much of Europa to be outraged at this, and not even i am sure how it will turn out, i havnt exactly plannned much yet, but i have a large nation (3.3 Billion) so my army isn't exactly tiny, even if i have been quiet for a long long time...

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