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Italgria reopens borders

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"Mr. President, the strange alien virus which was going through Europa has not hit us yet and apparently on the "black internet" rumours are going around that a cure for the virus has long been found and that it is no treat to any human anymore. The powerfull computer virus has already been disabled. I think its time to reopen our borders"


"Okay, give the order to all military units to partially reopen the borders and call Sabrina to my office. We need to send a official statement to the rest of Europa"





Dear Allies and friends of Europa,


Today we have reopened our borders. We appologize that we abruptly closed our borders and had no contact over these years. We unlucky were not up to date of the new situation in Europa and therefore could not have known that everyting had stabilized again.


We would like to invite all Nations to send representants to Bellaria, to celebrate the opening of the borders and to inform us on the new Europa!


Best regards,

Ambrosio Leandri


OOC: Since I have not logged on for a while I lost my nation. However when I try to create a new nation with the same name it says that my name is reserved for a former nation which would be me smile.gif Therefore I will be withouth nation until I find out if there is a way to recover the nation or atleast the name. If someone knows Id appreciate it!

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