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Alright, I am going to roleplay Damak Var?s annexation of the following islands as protectorates-territories.


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As well as the other one to the east near the Bainbridge islands.


Story goes like this?Damak Var is filled with hills, trees, and is cold due to the high elevation of most of the land. There is very little farmland, and unaccommodating weather to go with it. The price for food is unpleasantly high. As Damak Var has to import much of it, and since it is coming from far away people eat a lot of preservatives. Which is another reason why seafood is a large part of the Varian diet.


Various companies and the people want to introduce fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat to the market. But there is no where to grow it, and that kind of food is too perishable to ship into the country.


However, those two islands in the token sea, and the other one next to the Bainbridge Islands is perfect for that kind of thing. They get adequate rainfall, not too many hills, and good soil as well.


Only problem is, these islands are not uninhabited so I can?t just come in and plant the Varian flag. There is a underdeveloped, 3rd world, native people and society. They do farm the land, but do not nearly have enough technology to do it at the full potential in which it can be. The islands will be primitive peoples and are united by a centuries old monarchy which is based in the island in the east by Bainbridge Islands. Although they have managed to get their hands on semi-modern technologies, the people of the islands rarely get any foreign trade, or even trade with each other. The people of the islands are culturally similar, but the bodies of water separating them caused the evolution of some differences. Though they do stick to tradition, and tradition makes the monarch the official ruler of the three.


Damak Var goes to each of the ruler, and she (the Queen) rejects the offer to be a protectorate in exchange for monetary donations to their governments each year, and protection from the Varian Navy. Not to mention the opportunity to decrease unemployment (for low wages of course). She also wants to isolate her islands from any external influence.


There are 3 options I am considering to go about this?


1) Invasion, but we will treat the people humanely once subdued.

2) Deals with the heir to each of the monarch, then assassination of the current monarch.

3) The Verstecktoper, (name for Varian Covert Operations and Intelligence Agency, like the CIA, and has their own Elite Commando Units.) incites revolt, and props up a rebel faction that is more compliant to Damak Var and wish for our help. They oust the Queen, crush resistance, coerce the other two islands to recognize the faction as the new regime, sign the treaty with Damak Var (which involves disarming and disbandment of the military arm, we will coerce them to do this), then we prop up the leader of the faction as the new monarch. Obedient and Loyal to the Grand Commonwealth (of Damak Var, yes, I changed the title to my nation again).


I am up for suggestions, on how to grab the islands, as well as revisions and major changes to the plot of this RP. The only things I cannot think of right now is how to include other people.


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Sounds good to me. I think Mongol-Swedes would be interested in protecting the inhabitants as always, so you could get him in. If that does happen, I might go in under this reason, but for the actual purpose of trying to stem a naval movement, I don't know. I'd have to work that out, but if Mongol-Swedes is around, you can bet he'd join as he has in the past.


Vocenae, what's with that? He has the right to expand, no?

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things is, these two islands are near me, they are small, and unnumbered. They also have no strategical value to anybody else really. Bainbridge Islands is inactive, so I thought it wouldn't really matter if i claimed them.


I'm also trying to go for the British Imperialism thing, having territories far and abroad.

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See, I was right.


But what I meant was, strategically, I guess if Damak Var were to show an increased imperialism, especially with a large navy, Deltannia would get involved. Between island 0.33 and this, and to maintain island control, you'd have to increase your fleet size. So, Deltannia might get involved under the veil of saying it's for helping the people, when really it'd be to stop your navy.


And, just thinking of it, if you might say, well, other nations can have large navies, this is true, but a real world parallel to this would be that several nations have atomic weapons, and they try and stop other nations from getting them too. Just to keep a power check over them. We'll see.

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Hehe, General, that's the real difference between other nations and mine. I guess I'm a little more genuine or something, even if I'm sneaky about it. Like a teenage rebel or something.


Plus, having a less advanced and smaller standing army, they've got something to prove.


Hey, General, if this comes about, we'll have to talk about transportation, so I don't have to poke my brain for a solid enough means to move a lot of people in a short time, without breaking the 4th wall or whatever.

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Well, ditto on the standing army. Although your's is more of a congregation of small armies, I would think.


Maybe then, that's how Deltannia would get involved, by offering transport for Mongol-Swedes. Plus, with Tarragat, we'll be able to have a closer base of operations.


How does that sound, Damak Var? I think we have an RP in the making here. Plus, it'll fit well with some of the international events going on now. 2-thumbup.gif

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Are we talking open war? Also I never said invasion was going to be my choice of action, it is just one of the options. Most likely I am going to choose the third one and we will have to operate against each other behind the scenes.


Plus, it's not like Damak Var is comming in for pure profit and to oppress the people. No, nothing like that. Perhaps a garrison to keep the peace, and protection from the Varian Navy, but no military presence in excess once I take them.


Also we will be helping develop the islands like we are Rutanika to look favorable in the eyes of the international community and minimize resistance from the natives. The farming companies will also provide the natives with jobs which is a plus for them.


Basically I want to oust the Queen somehow and put a more compliant regime. People will oppose Varian influence but I will do my best to get them to accept it.


But still, this isn't the final plot of the RP. We can change it totally, if you guys have a better idea that I like.

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I just think he needs to slow down on claiming all this stuff. Maybe wait a month or so and then claim something else and so on and so forth.


To me he's just "grab this grab this k grab grab grab" right now. It's not like we've got a competitive plot environment here, you CAN take your time to get the things you want.

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Alright, Vocenae, that's cool, I'll agree to that.


Damak Var, we're talking about open war if you do that. Like I said, I might not do it, depending on how you go about it. But you can be sure that Mongol-Swedes will do something to help them, he always does.

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This isn't the Mongols comming in to make piles of skulls, or the Spanish enslaving the people and squeezing as much natural resources out as they can. NO!


They get many benefits/aid, a decent level of self rule, Varian protection, while we profit from it at the same time.

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It's ironic how you're the one doing this, yet I'm the one with citizens partly of Mongol ethnicity. laugh.gif


I'll reiterate. My nation (more of a confederation of tribal communes, really, but it works!!!) wants to be there, in person, in force, if necessary (they'd rather not resort to that), to ensure that the indigenous people get their fair say.


They'd want to make sure that they're getting the opportunity to not have their plant genetic resources exploited by foreign entities, that they themselves receive a massive (something like 70% or more) return on the profits from their labors and any business that goes down on their lands, and to encourage the Varians to be open with their operations there, particularly anything relating to 'defense measures' going on there, again, to ensure that the indigenous people are protected from colonialist excesses.


Now I'm just saying this without any provocation, but it would hardly be a matter of hypocrisy when my nation would ask yours to be open and frank about any policing going on there. The same folks that go to fight the wars of the Mongol-Swedes generally are the ones policing their own tribal lands and communes (that's why I tend to send a smaller number of fighters than other nations).


Otherwise, the Mongol-Swedes would support an uprising much like the French supported the American Revolution.


I just wanted to make it clear once again that the Mongol-Swedes are only interested in preserving the honor and dignity of indigenous peoples, so that they will not suffer under the same colonialism that they themselves suffered under.

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Ha ha, we tried that in the past. Mongol-Swedes doesn't really care while something against the belief is going on, but good luck nonetheless trying to persuade. I mean, obviously, if you could find an agreeable solution, then that would be another matter.

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