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Europan Northwest Summit

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FROM: Deltannia

TO: Adaptus, Akiiryu, Tagmatium, Vanarambaion, Vocenae, Phil IV (OOC: This was a matter of courtesy as you are in the northwest, if Vanarambaion or Phil IV wishes to respond, they may though).


Deltannia would like to call to the attention of all nations in the Northwestern Corridor of Europa to the increasing threats from the interior. A coalition is forming and the threat of war lies on the horizon. The increase of militancy of nations associated with the collapse of the former Stilistran (Stilistrian?) government threatens the peace of our nations here in the Corridor, where we have existed side-by-side for much time now.


As nations of political, military, economic, and intellectual might, Deltannia calls for representatives to collect in our capital city of Delta to discuss the urgent matters as quickly and conveniently as possible. All accommodations have already been made. Deltannia fears that war may already be upon us.


Deltannian Foreign Ministry

Deltannian Naval High Council

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OOC: Since Tagmatium hasn't been here in about a week, I'll start. Also, sorry Adaptus, although I think you should still go on with that. That is somewhat different in that you're trying to (re-)establish ties whereas we need to discuss security matters.


The various nations of the Northwestern Corridor has arrived at ENS to discuss. The suites had been setup and the small conference hall in the center of Delta was ready to receive its guests.


Arriving on the runway of Deltannian International Airport was a small private plane owned by the navy, carrying several of the top officers in the High Council. The days of threats and war had seemed to be over, but alas they had returned.


"Prepare all of the Fleet Admirals and get them to the conference at once. We'll hold the first meeting tomorrow morning."

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"Greetings, representatives of the Northwest. Let us get quickly down to business.


"We all know of the threats growing in the world around us, let us not pretend and waste time. Deltannia is concerned about the security of our nations as a whole, which have been quite peaceful as of late. We must find a solution to this problem. We must be decisive in our course of action as a whole, or war will reign down around and upon us."

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General Korrino rubbed his eyes, fighting the exhaustion he felt. For months now he had been criss-cossing all over the Imperial Republic, from the Adapton Border, to the capital, and more recently, overseeing the frustrating Operation Annex in Accran Vocenae. For the first time, he didn't want to be involved with politics and just wanted to be home in Arco. He'd have to see about getting Trejik back from that Varian farce out in the Kosscow as soon as possible.


But, the Deltannian did have a point. Since the end of the AdSoc War, Europa had leapt from one problem right into the next. He sighed quietly, and stood from his seat at the table.


"I agree. The peace we've experienced has been riddled with subtle, yet growing threats from numerous nations throughout the region. If we are to preserve the peace, then we must consolidate our efforts into securing our own backyards"

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"Therefore we need options. We all grow tired of this rising trend. Surely our nations are civilized enough to rise above these petty engagements, and our holding peace is favorable for the future.


"We need those options. Now. We no longer have the luxury of sitting idly by. A union of our nations, on any level, will make the Northwest the strongest region in Europa. No nation here can disagree with this claim.


"As you know, Deltannia has, until recently, been quite an isolationist country. But it is no longer the time for those policies. We propose a treaty to ally our nations against any threat in the future, for a stable Europa once and for all."

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