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Strengthening the Bonds


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To: The Aristocratic Confederation

From: The Free City of Miiros, Office of the Executor

Subject: Conference Request


Noble Confederates,


Noting in the past that our two nations have worked splendidly together in the initial colonization and continued administration of the Kelly Island Outpost; it is apparent a discussion for greater friendship between our two great lands is long overdue. That is why, with the support of many Miirosi and Senators, I would like to hold a conference in Orthen to discuss many issues economic, political, and military in nature that would be of interest to both of our grand states. We shall also be inviting the nation of Damak Var, another great bastion of capitalism in the south to the proceedings.


Eagerly awaiting your response,

Andrea deVries, Executor of the Free City


To: The Grand Commonwealth of Damak Var

From: The Free City of Miiros, Office of the Executor

Subject: Conference Request


Noble Varians,


Noting that our two great nations cherish similar philosophies and have never had negative relations in the past, I would to extend an invitation to your glorious nation. In Orthen, I have called a meeting between the Aristocratic Confederation and Miiros and I would be overjoyed for Damak Var to attend. Matters of economic, political, and military importance will be discussed and I believe all of our states can benefit greatly from such an assembly.


Eagerly awaiting your response,

Andrea deVries, Executor of the Free City

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To: The Free City of Miiros

From: The Aristocratic Confederation


Honored Allies,


I can not but agree that a greater colaboration is long past due. I, myself, will come to Orthen in hope of propagating and renewing our friendship.


I will immediately arrange a flight; me and the Presidential entourage may well land in Orthen in a matter of hours! I look forward to meeting with you again.


President Aemilianus, of the Capitalist Confederation

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Aemilianus smiled as he took his seat in the wonderful Miirosi meeting chamber. Light from the world rushed in through the large windows, giving him a sense of calmness he hadn't felt in a while. "Hm, real light," Aemilianus thought to himself ""I will have these in the Capitol when I return." He took a sip of some fruit juice blend local to the region. It was sweet, but not too sweet, while having somekind of ambrosiatic after-taste. "I will have this delight as well."


Aemilianus noted that everyone had taken their seats, cleared his throat and addressed his audiance, although it did seem like he was speaking directly to the Executor. "I can't describe how enthused I am to see this begin again." He said in their native tongue, smiling at himself as the Miirosi seemed rather impressed with the fluency of his comment; which he had been practicing for a greater portion of the flight. Aemilianus had been given lessons, not only for that reason, but he also thought it to be an interesting language.


"I can see no end to the possibilities we can foster." He continued in the all-conquering English, showing his genuine interest and delight in simply having this talk in his voice.

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The executor smiled warmly as the Confederate president spoke. ?I welcome you all on behalf of Miiros; thank you for coming,? she began in a genial manner. ?And you are right: it has been far too long. We have a lot in common as a people, Miiros and the Aristocratic Confederation. We both believe in the tenants of capitalism and the liberty it brings; we both wish to foster strong economies; we both wish to keep Europa safe for our people. So why not work together in these things??


Andrea rose her hand, motioning for an aide to come forth. The aide stepped out of anonymity and began to pass out a thick blue and black folder to each of the Confederate diplomats and the Miirosi ministers. ?Contained within these folders are a number of proposals that I believe can vastly improve our two nations standing in the region. Keep in mind that all the conditions are negotiable and we do not have to agree upon all of the proposals, but I think even one will be extremely beneficial. Now, I?ll leave the first proposal to the Guildmaster here, as it has to do with trade.?


The Executor silenced herself, leaving the floor for the leader of the Miirosi Traders? Guild, a corporate union of the greatest corporations in the Free City. The group?s influence and reach became so immense that in the 1970s it effectively coerced the Senate into abolishing the Ministry of Commerce and allowed the Guild to take over the former duties of the department. The Guildmaster himself was a rather suave looking man, tall and lithe. His hair, iron gray, reached far beyond his shoulders and he wore a neatly trimmed beard. When he spoke, his voice filled the room; the rich baritone sound demanded attention.


?I would like to thank you all, once again, for coming today,? the Guildmaster began, smoothing his suit jacket as he stood. ?We Miirosi have always taken great pride in our history as some of the Orient?s finest traders and merchants. During the Dark Ages, our grand ships still sailed the seas while other nations warred and stagnated. Today in the modern age, we still sweep the seas, but there are others now.? The Guildmaster took a long drink of water before continuing. ?Some fear the merchants of Miiros: unrightfully so. They hide behind tariffs and taxes to keep our goods away; they seal their ports and shut their gates to our businesses. Those nations fear progress, fear change. Those are the nations that stagnate and falter while other great states rise. We know the Aristocratic Confederation and Damak Var are not among these stagnant states. That is why our first proposal to you is one of free trade.?


?Let us cast aside the shackles that governments place on trade and allow our people the very best in goods and services. With a free trade agreement, our three nations can grow stronger through friendly competition. We will build grander markets than the weak ones in the sheltered lands and the standards of living will rise in both countries. With free trade between the Aristocratic Confederation, Damak Var, and Miiros, the world is more liberated and we shall all benefit. What say you to this proposal??


OOC: I?ll think of a way to include Damak Var in a later meeting, unless AC does not oppose the Varians "poofing" into this one. =P I could just change the OP to include a telegram to Damak Var too.

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Aemilianus' Economic Counsel almost burst while listening to the Guildmaster, but a sharp look from the Foreign Minister kept her silent. Aemilianus opened his folder and skimmed the details of the Free-Trade agreement. The usual rambling of economic jibberish, but Aemilianus understood it.


Aemilianus opened his mouth to respond, but was tapped on the shoulder, getting his attention, and was passed a note from somewhere down the table. He read it to himself and passed a dissaproving glare back down at one of the Counsels. He shifted his respect back to the Guildmaster. "I can't imagine anyone in the entire Confederation thinking this be an unfortunate proposal. I, myself, am grateful to hear this offer, although we would have proposed it if you hadn't. But that is a tangent to the point. The Senate had already approved this idea before I'd left. No deliberation necessary, the Confederation is undoubtedly on board and in support of this."



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OOC: Well AC, if you don't mind, I would like to attend this meeting. Just to open up trade, business, commerce between you and Miiros...no interest in gaining a foothold in the kelly outpost.


?Let us cast aside the shackles that governments place on trade and allow our people the very best in goods and services. With a free trade agreement, our three nations can grow stronger through friendly competition. We will build grander markets than the weak ones in the sheltered lands and the standards of living will rise in both countries.


That would be splendid, I want that.


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OOC: Ok, I've edited my posts to magically include the Varians. I'll let you play catch DV before I post another proposal. And yes, the Miirosi are excessively flowerly and bombastic people. A stark contrast to the "all business" attitude of other capitalist states.

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Consul Lance Newman nodded his head casually. "It is about damn time. On behalf of the Grand Council of the Thirteen Proud Provinces and People of Damak Var, I accept your proposal. Let it be known that Damak Var welcome progress, change, and commerce between all nations."

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The executor clapped her hands together and exclaimed: ?Fabulous!? The Guildmaster returned to his seat as Andrea rose from her own, flipping to the next section in the folder. ?Now, our next proposal is more political in nature. Explaining this one will be our lovely Foreign Minister, Melissa Vander. Melissa??


Minister Vander cleared her throat as she took the floor. ?Distinguished leaders and delegates, rather than simply becoming partners in trade, it is an outstanding idea that our people become friends. What Miiros proposes is a three-war program where all of our nations engages in student exchange. Not only will the younger generation learn in a foreign land, but they will live there and partake of another history and culture. Internships could also be made available in Varian, Confederate, and Miirosi companies for university students attending school participating in this exchange program.?


?On the darker side of things, we also propose that the Aristocratic Confederation, Damak Var, and Miiros, all agree to extradite any criminals wanted for crimes in another state along with a general cooperation among our law enforcement agencies. We propose a general database of criminals open to all three nations to further promote law and order in Europa.?


?My final proposal is a guarantee that our borders shall remain open to one another (at least for civilians) and that traffic between our three lands shall not be halted.?

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"Damak Var has no problem with student exchange and internships, as long as Varians are given suitable accomodations and an outstanding educational experience which we are sure the Miirosi and Confederation can provide. Damak Var promises the same thing in return.


We agree to extraditing criminals, but we do not promise that the Varian law enforcement agencies will go out of their way to apprehend fugitives. Cooperation between law enforcement forces is acceptable, as well as the database.


Finally, Damak Var accepts open borders but will only allow foreigners to stay for a maximum of six months. Certain circumstances, where the foreigner is a exchange student, intern, acquires a working visa, or has been given special permission by the Varian government will be excused from this policy. Damak Var will not return foreign citizens who commit crimes on Varian soil, unless the government of the criminal's citizenship promises to prosecute and exercise proper justice once he has been returned."

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"Confederate students have already been encouraged to travel to Miiros, but I think that this programme is a well advised accomodation. Indeed, the Confederacy will take part in this.


As well; any enemy of Miiros is an enemy of the Confederation. I will inform the Internal Security Bureau that it will soon be policy to extradite said criminals, immediately upon a justified arrest. I suppose that it is also proper to incorporate the databases in order to concert our efforts to secure our nations from petty criminals to, perhaps, foreign spies.


I will ammend our foreign policy to make an exception for Miirosi citizens, and will reciprocate the Varian policy. Miirosi will have a full run at Confederation citizenship, and will be allowed to stay in the Confederacy for indefinate amounts of time. Meanwhile, Varians will be deported after six months, unless they have the visa which is necessary for all other Europans."

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OOC: It shouldn't be too difficult for Miirosi and Confederate citizens to obtain a Varian visa. But the government wants to make sure that all people who are going to stay in the country for extended amounts of time are properly registered.


Oh yes, I forgot to mention one last thing. Foreign citizens (Miirosi, Confederate, or anybody) who commit crimes in Damak Var, with a Visa, are subject to Varian jurisdiction. They will be tried in a Varian court (attorneys from their country of citizenship is allowed if not one will be provided for them) and will face the Varian justice system if found guilty.

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Aemilianus continued on, "There has never been, I suppose, in our lond and distant histories, ever such an occasion upon which the Free City and the Confederation have ever been so closely tied.


The Confederacy has proven itself, many times before, able to defend our home, to ride out the storm of war, and to outlive the menace of tyranny, when necessary for years, when necessary alone. Many times has the Confederation, in it's growing day, was threatened by the xenos threat and those who wrought it; and had survived by only the graces of God. But only by those graces, it would seem to me.


I had hoped, when I departed two days ago, that I could be the one who provided to the Confederates a means by which those graces would become a latter hope. I had hoped, and still hope, that the Great City, the Free City of Miiros and the Confederation, linked together in their cause and in their need, will defend to the death their native soil, aiding each other like good comrades to the utmost of their strength. Even though large tracts of Europa and many old and famous States have fallen or may fall into the grip of oppression and all the odious apparatus of tyranical rule, we shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with confidence and strength in the air, we shall defend our friends and loved ones, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender, we shall go on to the end, preserving and promising those ideals upon which our nations were founded, those ideals which many aspire to and hope for, those ideals which others seek to destroy.


I had hoped that a treaty and charter might be signed in the City, formalizing and formulating such an alliance that the torch of liberty, and the light that radiates from it, would be eternally cradled. At any rate, that is what we are going to try to do. That is the resolve of our Government-every man of them. That is the will of Senate and the nation."


A representative approached the Miirosi leadership and handed her a detailed work of a compact which promised a mutual defense of Miirosi and Confederate soils.

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deVries and her ministers were taken slightly aback at Aemilianus? proposal; he had shocked them. It had been their intentions to merely offer both states a non-agression pact with limited naval access to ports, not a full scale commitment to defend one another. Still, they could not deny the Confederate leader without damaging relations and it would be exceedingly useful to have them as an ally.


?You have surprised us, President Aemilianus,? remarked deVries calmly. ?We had no idea these talks would succeed in skyrocketing our friendship to such magnificent levels. These treaties still have to pass through the Senate, however, I am positive that from this moment onward and attack on the Confederation shall be considered as an attack on Miiros.?


?That brings us to our final matter of business, since President Aemilianus has already breached the subject of the military. I will allow my Defense Minister, John Haggerty to outline the proposed agreement.?


?Thank you, Madame Executor,? spoke John gruffly before standing to speak. ?Gentlemen, I am no diplomat so I shall lay this out as bluntly as possible, so we can all get back to our other work. If someone would turn on the projector, we can begin.?


The lighting dimmed as shutters automatically fixed into place over the windows and a tiny machine whirred into life, displaying a large map of Europa on the wall.


?Gentlemen, as you can see, vast expanses of water separate our three nations. This can be seen as both a hindrance and a blessing. If we three were to allow our naval forces to have use of key Miirosi, Varian, or Confederate naval facilities then we three would be able to project our naval power significantly farther than would normally be possible. Damak Var and the Confederacy would be able to operate, with our blessing, in the Orient and you two would reciprocate for Miiros should we require forces in the south or Occident.?


?Lastly we would like non-aggression pacts signed between us, although President Aemilianus took this a step further already. We have bigger things to worry about than each other. We should be natural allies, not foes. With these two agreements we can focus our resources and energies to other things.?


The projector deactivated and the brilliant sunlight once again flooded the room as the windows were cleared. The Defense Minister sat and gave the other two delegations the floor.

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Lance Newman nodded, "On behalf of the Grand Commonwealth of Damak Var, I will sign your treaty. I believe this will give us much greater Naval power in the South and Orient. Also I have no doubt that the Confederacy and Miirosi will not abuse this privilege. I can promise the same for Damak Var."


OOC: zNone of us get any use of Rutanika because I can't set up a naval base there. Also once the developement is done I have to withdraw my naval force.

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