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Validaire Van?ili Sensitive Index

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Validiare Van?ili Sensitive Index


The sensitive index of the main R?vira of Validiare is a broad overview how the most influential, biggest by marketcap, employees and revenue are listed of European origin. Only recently, the Sensitive Index has purchased the rights of the Teribili Index and is now in Validaire only the Van?ili is allowed to list non-Validiare companies. This is a great addition to the European market place, as many regulations are now history and mark an era of even more freedom of capitalistical trade, as free enterprise into the index is also allowed.


The Validaire Van?ili allows all sorts of European companies to be listed for a good picture of business in Europe. The annual fee for being part such a prestigious group of listed companies is ?M 10,000 a year. This is but a tip for such large cap companies, and those who are part of the first 15 to list, get their first year for free. Feel free to ask us questions of any concern, we'll get back to you asap.


Information about the Sensitive Index



Initial Public Offering. Simply put, a company (or a part of) goes to the stock market for the first time.


Share price:

Price per single share. In the UK, share prices are denominated in pence, The eurozone uses the Euro. (?).



Traders don't have to type a company's full name to start trading. Instead, symbols are used.


How to list?

Submit your company, some information (primary market sector), share price in ?M, symbol and that's all there is to it.


(OOC: As a Switzerland type nation, I'll just do a sort of stock market. )

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