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Government Bonds of Europa

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It hasn't been covered yet and I thought it plays an important part in the world economies.


If your nation is issuing government bonds to the global market and not just your own citizens then state it here. (Or maybe you don't issue bonds at all)


I don't know if we should go as far as including compound interest rates and maturity terms as well as more intricate details. Thoughts on that? Anybody think this thread is pointless?

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In an effort to raise funds for the developement of Rutanika, the Varian Foreign Developement Agency will begin issuing RUTANIKAN-VARIAN UNITY BONDS, available to the global market. Rutanika Bonds will no longer be available once goal of /\/ 2,000,000,000 has been reached.


Bonds can be bought from /\/ 50 to /\/ 10,000 in 13 year maturities only.


Interest Rate: 3.1% compounded twice per year.


A return of atleast initial value of the bonds is guaranteed by the VARIAN GOVERNMENT.


Contact the Varian Foreign Developement Agency to begin a prosperous investment.




governments, businesses, and common people can buy the bonds


Lets not really take inflation into account in this if that's ok.


is 2 billion a realistic number?


the name of the currency in Damak Var is Nitches. So "/\/" is like "$"

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