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Well Emakera, it was you, Nan Gorgwaith, Italgria, Tamurin, Orioni, Bainbridge, Niederoestereich, and myself with Deltannia as a special associate. Now it looks like only the three of us are left as active, which does not bode well for the future of the alliance in my mind. I just wanted to get a sense of who was left.

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I am here in a cloud of sorts. After losing my Nationstates Nation, reacquiring it, and losing my RP Threads, I find it has be difficult to get back into it. (not to mention busy, busy, busy RL)


But it is nice to see some activity on the EOS board. It was very dead the last time I checked it.


I propose we propose something



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Well, once we get a meeting going any time soon, alliances will probably be replaced with government parties, as far as it seems, so those might play a role in making these power structures. But, for RP nations, alliances could still work.


Just not without activity, which is just low overall. It is tough.

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