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First Annual Defender Awards announced

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First Annual Defender Awards announced

Today the Founderless Regions Alliance (FRA) announced its intention to hold the first annual defender awards on its forums. Despite a date yet to be set for the awards, the FRA has announced that it is ready to start receiving nominations within a week.


The brainchild of the FRA, The Defender Awards is the first of its kind to be held by defenders, and it is hoped that it will soon become an annual event. Northern Chittowa, the organiser of the event, today stated his excitement about the awards, ?These awards wont be like any other that have been held in NS. We have been planning this for some time now, discussing what awards should be included as well as what should be left out. We are now left with a set of awards designed not only for show, but also pride.?


In January 2007, Invaders originally tried to hold the first Invader Awards, however due to lack of organisation, promotion and interest from the parties involved, it soon faded and has yet to be completed. Many sceptics of the awards have asked how the defenders own brand will be any different, and have stated their concerns that this is just be a publicity stunt for the FRA and Defenders in general. Northern Chittowa has strongly denied this by stating, ?This is in no way, shape or form a stunt, but a way to award those who have done a great service to the defender cause.? He went on to say, ?The mistakes of the Invader Awards have been taken on during the discussions for ours and we have already taken steps to ensure that this one shall be successful.?


With the stage for the awards already having been set up on the FRA forums, all that is left, according to its organisers, are the people who will make it a success. ?What we need now, are people from all across the spectrum of NS, ranging from defenders, to neutrals and invaders as well. We want this to be a success, and the only way it will be one, is if people take an active part.?


With awards ranging from the Lifetime Achievement award, to The International Cynic award, there are 13 overall awards which can be won. Despite a date having to yet be announced for the nomination period to start, the FRA are already encouraging people to begin to sign up to their forums at http://z7.invisionfree.com/FRA/index.php?act=idx and to begin to think who they would like to nominate for what award. While the Award forums are read only at the moment, visitors are encouraged to take part in any of the activities taking place on the forums at the time.


While there is scepticism as to how successful this award ceremony shall be, it is hoped by many that it will be a success and the awards shall become an annual event, of which defenders will take pride of being involved in.


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