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Cabarria and Adaptus enter military relationship



The nation of Adaptus has agreed to provide Cabarria with military advisors and hardware in support of Cabarria's effort to modernize its military. "This is an important development for us," Defence Secretary Blackwell said. "Combined with our recent recruitment efforts, this will help bring our military into the modern era and ensure that the nations of Europa will respect our ability to defend ourselves."


The office of the Prime Minister also expressed enthusiasm with building a friendly relationship with Adaptus. "We think this benefits both our countries," PM Kyle Durhanion said. "We need each other, especially due to Adaptus' recent civil war and their attempts to reestablish themselves on the world stage. Adaptus gets our trade, and we get the knowledge and technical prowess of Adaptus. We hope this is the beginning of a long friendship with Adaptus."


Sources in the military indicate that all areas of the military are being brought up to speed with the latest hardware and training techniques.

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Cabarria christens two new aircraft carriers


Today King Brandheld IV, together with Prime Minister Kyle Durhanion and Defense Secretary Garrison Blackwell, attended the christening ceremony for Cabarria's two newest aircraft carriers, the CSS Taramar and the CSS Risinion. The ceremony took place at the naval shipyards at Arvengard with a host of the Knights of the Orchid in attendance. The buzzing shipyards provided a bustling backdrop for the King as he gave a speech praising his three Orders of Knighthood and Cabarria's military ally, Adaptus.


"Without Adaptus," King Brandheld said, "we would not be standing at Arvengard today. Through our contract with Vickers Weapons we have been able to bring our armed forces into the modern era, especially our navy, which must now be considered a potent force on the seas of Europa.


"Some have questioned the need to modernize. I will tell you that as I look across Europa, I see conflict brewing in all quarters, and the Knighthoods of Cabarria must be prepared to meet whatever challenges we may face. We have purchased the latest equipment from Adaptus, but as these shipyards behind me attest, we will work ourselves to build and maintain our armed forces to keep our great nation safe."


With the commissioning of these two new carriers, which join the CSS Valoria and the CSS Armarion, Cabarria has doubled the size of its carrier fleet. Sources inside the Orchid Knights say Adaptus has provided Cabarria with other naval vessels as well, and the King and the Prime Minister toured Cabarria's new submarines, also a delivery from Adaptus. The Rose Knights and the Iris Knights have also reportedly received hardware augmenting both the army and air force; however exact numbers were not provided by the Ministry of Defense.

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Cabarria formally annexes Plot 134 by popular vote


History was made Monday as the citizens of Plot 134 voted to join the nation of Cabarria by a victory margin of 86% in favor to 14% against. Opposition groups conceded defeat, acknowledging the fairness of the election and the groundwell of support for the move.


King Brandheld IV and Prime Minister Kyle Durhanion both expressed their warm feeling for their new citizens. "This is a historic day in the annals of our great nation," King Brandheld said. "We welcome these new people, natives and settlers alike, into the Cabarrian family."


"The population of Plot 134 has been historically Cabarrian in nature," explained Dr. Harold Berenor, Professor of History at the University of Kanamar. "Settlers and migrants from Cabarria have always been streaming over and settling down in Plot 134 , but especially for the last seven decades, attracted by wide open spaces and a few welcoming natives. Plot 134 was Cabarrian in all but name only, and now this vote has formalized what has been recognized already."


Opposition leader Vantu Haboria was disappointed but upbeat about the loss. "We had hoped to remain an autonomous region, but the Cabarrian settlers massively outnumber us natives. And it didn't help that nearly 45% of natives voted for annexation anyway. We're not very concerned about life under Cabarrian government, as Cabarrian law and custom has pretty much been the norm around here anyway. We merely hoped to remain autonomous, but at least we're happy we'll get the chance for representation in Cabarria's government."


Support for annexation was indeed strong in the native community, with many seeing annexation as a means of better economic and social benefits. Formal ceremonies are planned for next month in the capital of Dargrad.

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To: the Government of the Royal Commonwealth of Cabarria

From: the Imperial Government of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Annexation of Plot 134


Dear honoured leaders of Cabarria,


The Imperial Government views the circumstances of your recent annexation of plot 134 with some suspicion. History can not really be given as a fair ground for annexation of a plot, nor can the fact that there exists a large amount of Cabarrian settlers in the plot already. The vote for absorption into Cabarria itself appears also rather suspect, as it appears that citizens of your nation, or settlers as the your government has termed them, which in itself smacks of imperialism, were especially moved to plot 134 to facilitate the victory of your government in the election.


Therefore, in order to show that the elections were free and fair and not the move of an imperialistic and aggressive expansionist government, the Imperial Government asks that free and independent observers are allowed in to review the results of this election.


Obviously, this is a request that can be refused by your good selves. There is no way that we can make you reverse your plans for plot 134, nor can we force your settlers away from their homes. This is merely a request to allay fears that some in the international community have about the nature of the government of the Royal Commonwealth, especially after the recent dramatic expansion in Cabarria?s naval power.


Yours sincerely,


Eugenius Wilson,


Minister for Foreign Affairs of



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To: Eugenius Wilson, Holy Empire of Tagmatium

From: King Brandheld IV, Sovereign Monarch of the Royal Commonwealth of Cabarria


Due to the gravity of your request, and the momentousness of this event in Cabarrian history, I felt that I, rather than some government minister, should respond personally to your telegram to show how serious we take this matter. We had somewhat anticipated a hesitant reaction from the international community, one that is quite justified given recent Europan history. Without any hesitation we would welcome international observers to verify these election results to put to rest any fears other powers may have.


We would encourage you to meet with opposition leaders and with pro-annexation leaders alike. The debate was a quite civil one, and although the margin of victory was large, there was by no means unanimity in this decision. However, statements like those of opposition leader Vantu Haboria indicate a willingness to move forward within the framework of a new Cabarrian government.


You are correct when you say history is not an excuse to annex territory - but culture also is an issue, and Plot 134 has been steadily becoming more culturally Cabarrian for many years. You are, however, in error when you suspect us of deliberately moving settlers to facilitate a territory grab. Settlers, drawn like others before them to the fertile fields and wide open spaces, have been moving to Plot 134 of their own accord steadily for the last 200 years, although the pace seems to have accelerated within the last 70 years, culminating in the referendum to become absorbed into the greater Commonwealth. Please be assured that the native population were quite welcoming, and as the 45% approval of the native population indicates, there was a strong feeling of support to become part of Cabarria. Their motivations seem to be those of economics as well as access to higher social institutions such as health care and education. And, I can assure you, the native voice is one that will be heard in our government, as the Plot 134ians have shown themselves to be a people close to our own hearts. But do not take my word - ask the 86% of voters who approved the measure, and then ask the 14% of those who voted against why they are not up in arms about their defeat.


In any case, we have nothing to hide, and Cabarria is eager to show the world we do not grab land like some third-world dictatorship. Your election observers are quite welcome to come, and I will personally ensure that they are given any access and any information they desire. And as far as the increase in our naval power, this was undertaken with seemingly escalating regional conflicts in mind and is a means to be more of a help to the international community to protect the freedoms of all good peoples of Europa. In any event, please know that the concerns of your esteemed nation are taken with much seriousness in the halls of Kanamar, and we look forward to working with you.


---King Brandheld IV

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To: His majesty, King Brandheld IV, Sovereign Monarch of the Royal Commonwealth of Cabarria

From: the Imperial Government of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Election observers


I thank you for your prompt reply on this matter. Do not get us wrong, I wasn?t trying to infer that your nation was a paranoid, tin-pot military dictatorship intent on gobbling up the smaller countries surrounding it, and I would be glad to dispatch independent observers from the Imperial Government in order to allay the fears of the wider region. Of course, the observers would meet with all of those concerned, especially those in opposition to the expansion of your esteemed nation into plot 134. We would hardly like to be accused of bias in favour of Cabarria over the natives of plot 134, nor would the Imperial Government wish that the Royal Commonwealth be accused of preventing the free and independent observers from meeting and talking to representatives of opposition to the annexation.


The Imperial Government would be glad to hear your assurances that the native voice will be heard in the running of the new province, as it would be a travesty if they would be ignored in by the new regime in control of their once independent lands. The observers will be sent as soon as possible, and we thank you for your cooperation. This will only reflect well on the nation of Cabarria.


Eugenius Wilson,


Foreign Minister of


The Greater Holy Empire of



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Diplomacy fails as Zharr and Ishakor go to war


After days of tension and attempts of peaceful resolution following the downing of Zharr Air 402, Cabarrian neighbors Zharr and Ishakor have initiated a shooting war in the hotly contested Lassornen valley.


Zharr bombers hit Ishakor positions as well as several cities in the south, disabling a few Ishakor airfields in what has been claimed as a success by the Zharr High Command. Almost simultaneously, Ishakor mechanized divisions slammed into Zharr defensive lines and heavy shelling has occurred over the last few hours. Military intelligence sources indicate confusion as to which side actually struck first, as the Ishakor armor may have already been on the move when Zharr made its first bombing run.


King Brandheld IV condemned in the strongest terms the recent mutual military action. "It is with grave concern that I send our troops to the border. We cannot allow any fighting to spill into our homeland. We are currently reviewing what other precautionary matters to take, but the security of Cabarria is our most important priority at this time."

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Push to increase military strength follows strife along the border


King Brandheld IV today authorized the call-up of reservists and institution of Phase One of the Military Lottery, drafting inactive potentates, as well as pushing for new acolytes to join the Three Knighthoods. "In these times of peril to our homeland, we must be ready for whatever threat may endanger us. Across our border an uncertain war rages, and we cannot allow any of that bloodshed to threaten us here at home. We must make our border a fortress of such strength that it would hold back the threat of violence."


Public support for Phase One seems initially to be high. The first batch of Lottery Numbers was released by the High Knight Council and is Service batches 21, 45, and 76. Eligible participants are to report to the nearest Stronghold for briefing and training. Knighthood sources estimate these measures will add potentially thousands to all three orders, with the Knights of the Rose being the primary beneficiaries.

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