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OOC: I hope you know what you are doing Stilistra. Could be a dark path you are headed down. Though running a totalitarian nation is fun, that's how Damak Var use to be. You should read about my past coup, it was much better wink.gif. Three top leaders in government including the head of the military formed a Triumvirate and put about 20 holes in the Emperor while he sat on his throne (literally). Then they burned his body. More blood, more excitement. smile.gif But that coup was to end the on going fascism.



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OOC: You misunderstand Akiiryu's stance here...it is not about democracy/civil rights at all (although the Akiiryan Government does tend to look down on governments who overtly oppress their people due to Akiiryan concepts of honour), but rather about Cass's usurpation of power (hereditary monarchies/autocracies tend to dislike the idea of people overthrowing the status quo) and the threat his junta presents to Akiiryan interests.


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I'm sorry; I missed what you're trying to say here.


But, lemme say that Cass is directing a good portion of the economy toward producing the new gunzors. When the war starts, most of the economy will be devoted toward winning the war... which means more tanks and bullets and stuff.

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Building weapons cost money, and so does the war. You have to consider just how much of a buildup you are doing. The more to the extreme, it will really start draining your treasury. Also the upkeep costs after its been built. Perhaps at some point youll have to consider raising taxes, foreign loans, and selling war bonds. (which have all been done in real wars). You have lots of natural reasources, so that could meen massive exportation of that to compensate.


Finance is the trick, and its quite tricky.

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I'm not saying the Stilistran military is massive. Compulsory military service only means the kids are getting into boot camp, most aren't staying in the forces because arming them proper would be kinda hard.


As time goes on and more weapons are produced, more will be invited back into the active service. The reserves will hang onto the older weapons for a while.


Mind ye', if Hitler hadn't started that war with Russia when he did, Germany could have won without full production. And wasn't Germany getting flattened in the 40's by bombers? And still managed to increase production until the very end.


This isn't so much of a build-up as it is an overhaul. New weapons, not more. No worries, Cass won't let this cause instability.

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Miiros, you talk of Stilistra's regime having blank checks of power and stranglehold over the populace. But Akiiryu's democracy isn't so great either. Trade is just fine, every nation needs to trade. Plus, Stilistra posses you no threat.


Stilistra, I highly suggest you make a counter announcement on international news to the trade embargo Akiiryu placed. Just to gain some favor of world opinion. Remember, the totalitarianism of Stilistra is also not as blatant as Akiiryu. You still have an elected senate (do you?) while they have a "Prince" and hereditary monarchy! It's hypocrisy. Akiiryu talks of his own interests OOC, but that's not really a legitimate argument IC. He can't say that your totalitarianism and lack of political power for the people is wrong (even though it is) because of his own government style. Maybe display some of Jackson's "dirt". Also mention how you would like to continue friendly trade with everybody for the good of all your nations and wish them many years of prosperity bla..bla...bla


-just a suggestion, think about it please. It is important that you sway the support of the international community however you can and us smaller nations need to stick together.

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deVries is trying to weigh her options right now, BJE. She doesn't trust Stilistra because the laws and rampant nationalism set off warning bells and the Akiiryans irk her because she views them as bullies, however, they have a powerful military and economy. In the end it will probably boil down to which one serves Miirosi interests best.

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Bullies? Really? Akiiryu isn't bullying anyone...just 'encouarging' people to stand up against an illegal regime that threatens the very stability of Europa...Then again, M, I am glad you're playing your state the way it should be played...ie looking out for its own values and interests.





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BJE does have a point. Cass hasn't completely strangeld the political process, although a good chunk of power is reserved to him, now.


Akiiryu is the only one to actually denounce the new government. Miiros kinda accepted it by starting a little chat. We're trading and exchanging students with DV... the rest of Europa seems to not exist, or at least; they don't care. If that is true, than we'll just assume normal business is transpiring.


Sides, I don't think Aki ever said anything about my political rights situation. He just stated that Cass is an illegitimate leader cos he wasn't elected. Neither was Prince whats-his-face... but that's a story for another day... Unless someone deposes Cass, he won't be giving into Akiiryuan (I don't know your adjective) demands.

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I think you all miss the point.


The Akiiryan Prince is a hereditary ruler and, by long standing Akiiryan laws and cultural values, the legitimate and legal ruler of the state. Democracy, at least in the classical western sense, is not part of the Akiiryan political tradition, and, frankly, the large majority of the population think that it is s stupid idea anyways. I should also note that Akiiryans do have a large number of rights, however, again, not in the classical western sense (which is what the rights indicator on the NS page is measured on). These rights are much more akin to those you might find in medieval European countries. Indeed, the relationship between Akiiryan nobles and their subjects is not simply a one-way dictatoral street, but rather a complex mass of rights and obligations on both sides.


Thus, it really doesn't doesn't matter if the prince is elected or not (he is, btw, technically elected if you count the confirmation of his rule given by the barons and the high priests when a new monarch ascends the throne).


With regards to Cass, the same can be said. It doesn't matter that Cass wasn't elected, what matters is the fact that he overthrew the legitimate and legal government. He didn't follow the right processes. Thus,Akiiryan eyes, the style of government doesn't matter as long as it is seen as legitimate.


I should note that one thing that does matter to Akiiryans is the way a government (legitimate or not) acts .


Currently, Akiiryu doesn't like the way Stilistra is acting or sounding (uber-nationalistic and expansionistic). Nor does it like the fact Cass overthrew the legitimate government.

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I should note that one thing that does matter to Akiiryans is the way a government (legitimate or not) acts . Currently, Akiiryu doesn't like the way Stilistra is acting or sounding (uber-nationalistic and expansionistic). Nor does it like the fact Cass overthrew the legitimate government.


Stilistran's have an expectation that when government fails, it dies. It's part of the nationalist feeling that's been brewing. That said; when the democracy began to slip with a lame congress and President, Mr. Cass saw the opportunity to kill the old, ineffective regime and install one that could act swiftly to build a Nation.


Now that Cass has done what he did, the common folk are noticing that the military is becoming formidable, the economy is improving as well as the standard of living and their nationalist feelings are being nursed. According to them, Cass was the right choice; he just wasn't on the ballot last time around.


Most Stilistrans will atest that Cass' coup was as legal as the last election, despite there being no law. Akiiryans probably won't accept that Cass is popular and, according to the masses, legit.

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