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Geo of Europa

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Hi there. I have been playing with this idea in my head for a while and I was wondering if anyone shared these thoughts. It concerns our region's map. The bodies of water for example don't carry a name. I would like everyone to come up with at least some ideas and then we could have a poll to see which ones are best.


What do we need to name?



Northern sea:

  • Sea of Kingdoms
  • Sea of Kings
  • Kings Sea
  • Tethys Sea
Strait at the top of the map:
  • Borean Strait
Northeastern sea, above Sevrun:
  • Sevrenian Sea
Sea in the south of Jaihu:
  • Jaihu Sea

Sea around Meda:

  • Sea of the Dragon/Dragon's Sea (see map)
Bay west of The Europa Empire:
  • Centridge Bay
Bay at the east end of the southern sea, above Byzantium Nova:
  • Romaion Bay
bay at the southeastern corner of the map:
  • Purple Sea
  • Purple Bay

Southern sea:

Strait that closes southern sea:
  • Punta Ballena Strait
Strait between Vanarambaion and Phil IV-Orioni:
  • The Channel
  • The Narrow Strait
Channel between Argenland and Rosario's Island (ancient St. Mary's Island):
  • Libertador Channel
Sea in the South of Argenland/Orioni/Listen2me:
  • Mediterranian
  • Miniterranian
Sea east to Selene2u:
  • Selenian sea

Bay between San Ba and Paranoid schizos:

  • Paraian Bay


Sea to the east of Balitrow-woud (old 'Stoned Smurfs'-lot):

  • Stoners Sea
  • Stoney Seas
  • Sea of Smurfs
  • Smurfs Sea
All midwestern islands, from MMRTA-island east to old smurfs area west:
  • Smurfean Isles



If you have any more ideas for the names, post them bellow and they will be added as fast as possible.

IF you suggest a name, be sure to mention what it's for. wink.gif

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Strait between Vanarambaion and Phil IV-Orioni:


"The Channel"


A little "conservative", but works for France and UK. wink.gif



A problem is, that most oceans, lakes etc. on our earth are named after a region or a country close to it, like the "indian ocean", the "japanese sea" or they have a very simple name according to their position like "polar sea", "northern sea".


Since we don't have that kind of history, I guess we have a little problem (or someone who is extraordinary in creating names ?).

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We could name the places after nations that have passed on. Pot and whoever was in possession of the eastern part of my island before I took it over, for instance.

Something like Stoned Islands or Stoney Seas?

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Sea in the South of Argenland/Orioni/Listen2me:

- Mediterranium Sea? May be this is between lands...


This is the Southern Sea laugh.gif



Sea between Selene2u and plot 102/46:

Helenic Sea


Sea that have the Meda Island:

Meda Sea


Strait that closes southern sea:

Punta Ballena Strait (this work with the Gibraltar Strait rolleyes.gif )


Sea in the south of Jaihu:

Jaihu Sea tongue.gif

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Some helpfull words:

Islands, Isle, Archipelago

Ocean, Sea, Bay, Gulf, Channel, Strait,


Lake, River,

Desert, Plains




Sometimes seas or rivers are also called after colors (Black See, Red See, Yellow River,..). Just a though, maybe we could use something similar. An example: Blue Sea rolleyes.gif (I know, it's not very original)


Sometimes North/South/East/West are used to refer to certain seas (eg South Pacific, North Sea,...). Some examples: Nordersea, S?dsee,..


Oh, and I would like to call that bay west of my nation Centridge Bay, if that's OK.

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I said that I can create names. That is true but I need some time to think them.(My time has been recently distributed in other things)



I am leaving to a christmas-vacation friday so I can unleash my creativity then and present my ideas in January.


Sorry but this must wait until January 9th or something like that.

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Since my vacation has been moved for a day I decided to look in this.


Bay of Romaion (the bay at the east end of the southern sea. (Above Byzantine Empire)).

Selenian sea (Sea east to Selene2u)

Purple Sea (the bay at the southeastern corner of the map)

Tethys sea (Northern sea as whole. From the western edge of map to the eastern edge.)

Smurfean Isles (Collective name for all islands in the midwestern section of the map. From MMRTA island east to old smurfs area west)

Borean Strait(Strait at the top of the map)

Sevrenian Sea(Northeastern sea, above Sevrun)

Paraian Bay (the Bay between San Ba and Paranoid schizos)


I?ll whip up more after vacation.

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right, ive decided to get on and name some of these places on the map.


i know its not my place as either cartographer, or even thread starter, but i got tired of saying ''that sea above country xxxx'' in RP's, so i decided to make the map. all ive done is added the names of the seas to the standatd map made by BZ, with the places with several names suggested, i have had an attack of ''biggus egonuss'' and made the decision myself biggrin.gifcool.gif


user posted image


hope people like it, some places i have changed myself, i didnt like the 'miniterainian' sugestion, i thought it was too obvious, so i changes it to the far less obvious 'terrainian sea' rolleyes.gif

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