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Political Growth

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Around a large table sat a massive veriaty of people. All ministers were present around the large table. Even the Foreign Minister and Minister for International Development were on a large screen via satalite link. Many Royal Staff also sat around the table, including the King, Lord Soverign of the Armed Forces, Prince Andrew, and Lord Soverign to the Interior Prince John, and many other Lords holding other positions.


The King sat at the head of the table, to his right sat Prime Minister Fairfax. They both scanded the people at the table.


"It's time for expansion." Proclaimed the King. Fairfax nodded as he said it.


The heads around the table looked at one another, disscusions began between them.


"It's true." Fairfax followed on. "Our nation is small in comparison to friends, Tagmatium and Akiiryu. Our pepulations has already exeded our bounderies. It's time we expanded. Not just for Adaptus, but for Europa. We're not talking about expanding the boarders."


"Oh no". Continued the King. "we're talking about expanding everything. The miliary, the economy, the boarders. Our realtions. Everything needs to be wider and bigger. Europa has came to a standstill, as has the old nations. It's time we came back alive. Younger nations have began to step into our places. Just look at Damak Var, they have grasped an island in the middle of a massive alliance, and LT area of influence."


Ministers and Lord Lieutenents nodded. It was clear things need to be expanded. Now was the perfect oppertunity to do such a thing. Adaptus has just climbed up out of a depression after the Civil War, not it was time to build higher.


Darius Henderson, who was sat still on his aircraft on his way to Damak Var's confrence suddenly spoke out. " The Princepality of Osteinham (OOC: Plot 23), it's people are turning to anarchy. The populace is also small. It's practicly 3rd world. We could help them. Tthe Princepality, I can tell you off the top of my head, has, great farmland, exelent road link, they are a little run down, but in good areas, and with a little work, can work well. The government is none existant now, the Prince hold power, however is semi-present. To busy living the high life. The populace live in anarchy. We could easily take the country politcaly. Move in a military contingent, hold an election to wether the people wont to join the Fed, let the Prince stay, but he'll have no power, and much less money. We'll leave the desision up to the people, I guess the Prince wont try anything against us militarily, he doesnt have a military, just a milita."


"You have thought that well havent you Darius."


"we've had plans for it for a while now sir." Darius smiled.


"Sounds good. We'll develope the idea." Charles scanned the table again, as if looking for more ideas.


"We'll lets put out a message to nations letting them know we're seekign new relations?" Jackson the Minister of Trade and Industry put forward.


"We've already started comprsing the message." The Prime Minister replyed.


The meeting continued into the night as they desided what was to happen.




To: Nations of Europa

From: The Federated Kingdom of Adaptus


We have desided the time has come to persue new relations around Europa. We feel the Leage of the Treaty was a dieing agreement, thus why we pulled out. Our nation is now left with nothing but unofficials allies. We would liek to change this. Please, any nations intrested in our offer of new relations let us know. We thank you for your tiem in reading this.


Charles Hollowfield,

King of Adaptus, and Adapton People.

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To: Federated Kingdom of Adaptus

From: Royal Commonwealth of Cabarria


Due to our recent agreement to begin a military partnership between our two countries, we wish to reiterate our fervent desire to pursue excellent relations with your fine nation. We wish you well in any international ventures you put forth, and remind you that, in matters large and small, Cabarria shall stand by the side of the people of Adaptus.

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To: The Federated Kingdom of Adaptus

From: The Syndicate Federation of Stilistra


Stilistra is interested in re-openeing ties with all nations of Europa. The Federation is growing rapidly in terms of our economy and now is the best time to buy and sell for both parties. We hope a friendship can be feostered between us and that we can both become stronger as nations and as allies in the time to come.


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To: The Federated Kingdom of Adaptus

From; The Sublime Principate of Akiiryu


The Sublime Principate would like to further develop political and trade relations with your state for the mutual benefit of both or countries.


The recent coup d'etat in Stilistra indicates that the battle against the forces of oppression and darkness, so recently won in your fair country, is not yet over. The Prince, Baronic Council and People of Akiiryu sincerely hope that the People of Adaptus will stand with the Sublime Principate against this mence to the peace and stability of Europa.

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In the large halls of Hartford Palace, a meeting was taking place. In the old Companion Hall, where once met the Knights of the Companion Cavalry, now sat the many ministers and royalty which operated the new Adapton Government.


It was the largest meeting to take place sinc ethe previous meeting on the subject. Even the three delegates sent to Daamak Var's confrence where again on screen via satalite. The King and Lord Protector stood at the end of the room, about to give their talk.


"We've had much repsonce from the telegram we have sent out. However, it seems this task may be more difficult than we had expected." Charles looked across the room. He noticed the consentraited faces of each of the peopel around the table. He also noticed the large security presence.


Philip Fairfax continued. " It seems we have had clashes in responces. The Sublime Principate has asked us to side with them on the current situation with the Syndicate Federation. It I belive would be a good idea to do, as we own the SPA a favour after they helped us in the Civil War. I think you all will agree on that."


As Charles and Philip scanned the table, the heads around it began to nod.


The King continued on from the Lord Protector. "We think that it is a good time to do something for Europa as a whole out of this also. The Alliance and LT are dead, yet the EOS is alive and well. It is the only alliance in operation at current, and is quite frankly, a piss take. It's mainly full of eastern states, and is not opening to other states outside the east. That leaves the west, in a tattered and divided state. It's time to end that."


Before the King could continue, Ord Lieutenant of the Colonies Daniel Scott spoke out. " My Lord, do you propose a new alliance?"


"Yes. It's been a while in the makeing. Many have thought about it, but to long has it been outstanding. I belive the Vocean government had an idea for this a while ago also. Perhapse they could help with it;s construction."


"Our only problem, is starting this alliance." Continued the Prime Minister. "We have never undertaken something like this before. We have established what is needed. An effective, and complex trade route system, for the betterment of all western nations, as well as a unified meeting area, and effective protection system for the trade routes. However, to set up, it will be much harder."


The Minister of Transport began his part. "What about a confrence of our own sir? That could work."


"We've thought about that." replied the King. "However, confrences dont seem to work well."


"What about a sort of seminar your Majesty." Jack Issac commented from his satalite link. "Something where we can announce the idea to many of people. It wont be as much of a hassle as confrence, where a whole load of leader shout about how great their nations is. We can get right to the point with a good speach. Give them some question time. Then once thats over, see whos willing to join. Those willing to join can then line up, and add their nations name to the signature book. We can even put on a show or two for entertainment, and also put together a fine meal while we go over whats to be said."


"Ahahaha." The Lord Protector burst into laughter. "Thats a mad idea."


"Yet it could quite work." Charles added.


"I got the idea from the business seminars I used to attend for my old company." Jack finalised.


"Fair enough. But what about nations we dont wont to attend?"


"They dont get an invite?" Jack added with a sort of questionalbe tone.


"That could work. Lets do it." The King ended. I want this to be the greatest show in Europa. Now lets get to it."




*Offical Invitation to the Greater Europa Senimar*


Your nation (Of the following) - Deltannia, Vocenae, Phill VII, Tagmatium, Akiiryu, Mongol - Swedes, Suvernia, Cabarria, Haken Rider, Ide Jima, Damak Var, Bhalman, Pirilao, Rekamgil, Koku, Great United Kingdom, Sodoff, North cadia. - is invited to -


The greatest event in Europa. The event will include many great acts on stage. A great five course formal meal for each delegation, and finaly a large presentation by the King of Adaptus and Lord Protector of the Adapton people.


The programe for the evening is as follows:-


First Act - Appitiser Musical Prefromances by - King, The Bugs, Eninen, My Chemistry Love, Red Night, The Madness, and many more.

Second Act - Main meal is served, stand up comedy by - Lee Evins, Billy Conoly, Chris Tucker, Peter Kay, Ricky Gavais.

Thrid Act - Desert is Served - Presentation by The King of Adaptus Chlares Hollowfield, and the Lord Protector of the Adapton People Philip Fairfax.


Hosts for the Night - Ant & Dec


The evening is in responce to the new relations in which the Federated Kingdom of Adaptus is seeking. Te event is to promote trade and relations throught Europa. We hope your nations delegation attends our great evening. The Night is free to all national leaders. We hope you enjoy it.

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?It stinks, that?s what it does,? remarked the Executor sourly over the phone. ?It is a smack in the face, an affront! Why should Adaptus slight the EOS nations lest they plan something? Friendship my ass, they?re plotting against the Orient. Over half of Europa is invited to this thing, why leave the Free City out? By the twin goddesses, we?re the leaders of the Oriental economy. All of the UN polls show it to be true, yet we?ve been ignored. I want to know why.?


The Executor listened to the phone briefly before cutting the person off. ?I do not care.? deVries sighed. ?Listen, issue a message or something assuring them that we too wish to strengthen ties. Let them know that we know that we have been left out of something, but do not let them know that we directly know.?


?Yes, I suppose that was confusing. Anyway, just think of something. First this Stilistra and Akiiryu nonsense and now this. This is turning out to be a damned foul week. Good bye.? The Executor hung up the phone and returned to leading the Free City, hoping her day would somehow improve. As she turned back to her computer, however, the recent M.B.I. report that Brian Aldwynn remained at large smacked her in the face. She sighed and rubbed her forehead before returning to work.


To: The Federated Kingdom of Adaptus

From: The Free City if Miiros, Foreign Ministry


The Free City of Miiros constantly endeavors to establish and improve ties to nations that cherish liberty as dearly as the Federated Kingdom. Miiros would be more than happy to discuss all matters that might strengthen our two states through friendship be it trade, establishing embassies or greater political cooperation between Miiros and Adaptus. We would also like to wish Adaptus the best for their up and coming conference, rumored to be the ?greatest in Europa.? Miiros eagerly anticipates a response and we look forward to any offers the Federated Kingdom might offer.


Foreign Minister Vander, Miiros

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TO: Federated Kingdom of Adaptus

FROM: The Imperial Republic of Vocenae


Friends, we would be honored to attend such an event. Our delegates will be Councilman Trimuo Kirona and his aide, Saelryn Xorito.


Also, we are happy to see that Adaptus is making great strides in re-establishing itself after the Civil War. If there is anything that your neighbors can do to help ease the process of preparing such an event, please, let us know.

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Charles and Philip where disscussing progress to the seminar in Philips office. Philip sat at his desk, with Charles movin around his office. The office fire flckered in the dim light, and the room felt a warm stuffyness in the cold winter evening. The cream fur rug on the floor russled softly as the King pased toward Philips drinks cabinet.


"Responce has been good, even from those damned EOS nations, which we did not invite. They are to rich for their own good."


"Aye to that". Philip replied holding up his tumbler glass full of whisky ashe said it.


Charles opend the drinks cabinet, took out a can of Newcastle Brown which was tucked out of the way behind a large port decanter. Charles loved the stuff. Eeven though the drinks cabinet was made for spirits, in both the Kings and Philips cabinets wher cans of Newcastle Brown for Charles.


"And the preparations are going well to plan Charlie. It all looks good."


"Yes, I carnt wait to see how it goes."


"Have we got our treaty guildlines sorted Charlie?" Philip asked


Charles looked up for a moment, took a sip of his Brown Ale, then looked at Philip. "sh*t Phil. the guidlines, I left them on my desk in the palace."


"No worrie. We'll sort it tomorow. For now lets realax and watch some Lee Eveins, I got the Box Set for my birthday the other week."


"Haha, exelent."


The two moved to the large leather settees in the middle of the room, sat and got comftable, then chilled for the rest of the night watching their favourate comedian live on stage.

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OOC: Time to kick things off aye?




Television crews had arrived outside, and inside the massive hall. The venue was the largest hall inside Hartford Esate. The Royal Theater for the Preforming Arts. A massive hall had been set up, with massive dinng tables fo each goup of dignataries. Men and women rn around makeing te last preparation forthe soon arrivals.


Outside, televisions crews from news crews from across Europa were setting up. Hypaspistai, and SAR were on patrol everywhere. A massive red carpet had been rolled out, leading into the main doors to the Theater. The scene looked more like a movie award ceramony then a meeting for hopefully a new alliance, and new relations.


Inside, Philip and Charles the two who would be making the most important speach of their lives where talking with the hosts of the evening. Ant and Dec where just about to enter the stage for their warm up. Charles and Philip ere asking them for advice.


"Thanks for the advice."


"No problem you majesty. Never a problem to help out a royal." Dec returned


"Aye, bever a problem, we love to help out, and it's an houner being here youe Majesty, and Sir Lord Protector."


"Thank you." Philip looked back at where one of the stage hands has appereared.


"You're wanted for your warm up." He mostioned to Ant and Dec. The two then bowed to the King and lead off onto the satge..


"People Shol be ariveing soon Charlie."


"Yeah, lets hope this thing works out."

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"Well well, these people have really outdone themselves this time." Consul James Fincham said as the limousine was pulling up to the redcarpet. Admiring all the grandeur laid out before them.


"Waste of good money I'll say." His closest advisor and best friend Jim replied to him.


"That's the problem with us Varians, we just can't have fun can we?" Jim searched for an answer but before he could the consul interrupted. "Never mind, now put your cheery face on we are about to get out. Bad enough it's just two of us, I bet all the other nations are going to send a whole mob to this event."


Both of them stepped out the limousine at and were temorarily blinded by the flashes. They walked together side by side down the redcarpet, ignoring the press. The typical Varian attitude, all business.

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"Haha, they love to waste their lights, and they can't even outdo the glorious lights of the Ali Mosque" the grizzled tribal warrior-diplomat Fortin Lobonsky lamented as the 5-vehicle convoy of white Toyota pickups made their way to the 'gala' event, the same trucks used to transport the M-S battle leaders.


"My chief, the menu for the evening has been appropriated, as well as the general itinerary for the evening" an aide for Lobonsky quipped, handing the chieftain a set of laminated smart-cards prepared for the evening. He himself was dressed a simple polo shirt and brown slacks, typical street dress for the average citizen of Ulaanbataar.


He stepped out of the lead vehicle with a 20-man security detail, each man armed with Skorpion machine-pistols. He knew he was a very unpopular person in the world amongst certain elite power circles, leading and influencing populist revolutions, defeating an international organization of powerful men and women bent on taking his homeland from him by deceit and by force.


"Sir, incoming Adapton security" the team chief motioned. The party was only getting started. Lobonsky was counting on the debt these Adaptons owed to the hundreds of fine, dedicated fighters who gave hope to this country.


And as for the press? Well, they had their own agenda, and he had his.

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"How lavish. Doesn't quite seem Adapton, does it?"


"Sir, perhaps it's best to forget the past. Just because you fought them in the past doesn't mean we did."


"That's the problem with you younger generation. You don't remember the past...."


The Deltannian party had been greeted by the finest of Adaptus, and were enjoying themselves. They looked around and could see that the other delegates were as well.


"Sir, Adaptus is our neighbor, it is best to be friendly with them."


"Of course it is. Just do your job."


"Quick, you two, here they come, engage your diplomacy well."


"Have fun, I think I'll go have a look around..."

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?The ignored our communiqu??? remarked the Executor in disbelief. ?By the gods, are they diplomatically retarded or does King Charles mean to make us an enemy on purpose?? The Executor paced her balcony as she shouted into her PDA, the unfortunate soul on the other line was, of course, the Foreign Minister of the Free City, Melissa Vander.


?I am not sure, Madame Executor, but you need to calm down,? pleaded the Foreign Minister. It was not often that the Executor got into one of her moods, but when she did it was trying on everyone. ?I am sure they meant no offense.?


?How did one as na?ve as yourself get appointed Foreign Minister? Of course they meant offense. You do not simply ignore a call for friendship and cooperation unless you mean offense.?


?Fine, they meant us offense, but there is no need to speak to me so! I am trying to help you, Andrea. You would do well to remember that?


Andrea regretted speaking so harshly to her friend. ?I am sorry, Melissa. It is just that I am quickly growing sick of these north-westerners. I swear by the Twins, they all have some grudge or something. What did we do? I have half a mind to send a delegation anyway just to spite them.?


?Actually, that does not sound like a bad idea,? the Foreign Minister began. ?I mean it?s clear we?re not their favorite people right now, so we cannot do much more harm. Besides, we need to know what is going on over there and they cannot refuse us without causing an incident across international media. It would be a horrid scandal; they would be sweating over it for months.?


?Hmm, I like this plan more by the second. Ready a team then and be sure to send appropriate security.?


?I will at once; I have the perfect delegates in mind??


Miiros took every effort to make the arrival of their delegation as painstaking as possible for the unwitting Adaptons. It began at the airport, with the Adapton air traffic controllers scrambling to find a spot for the Miirosi diplomatic airliner to land and unload its passengers and cargo, which included a number of rather controversial diplomats from the Foreign Ministry, custom vehicles for their transport, and a slew of luggage that would be causing headaches at an Adapton hotel for nearly an hour. Unfortunately for King Charles, the Miirosi were wealthy enough to spite him in unparalleled style.


Minister Vander had selected the perfect delegation to attend the gala. The staff from the Foreign Ministry that did attend were low ranking and unimportant, save for the leading diplomat, a young daughter of a patrician family. Not expecting Miiros to be included in much negotiated, she was mainly a tool of spite meant to garner the envy of other delegations. Young, obscenely attractive and wealthy, she personified Miiros, which Adaptus had purposely overlooked. She had also brought along a few friends, also attractive, young and wealthy.


The Miirosi entourage consisted of three armored vehicles painted in the blue and black colors of the Free City. Two town cars escorted a stretch limousine from the airport, through the streets of the capital, and finally to the arrival point for the diplomats. The vehicles all rolled to a stop, the two security cars boxing in the diplomatic vehicle. The town car doors opened and the sinister figures of Azrael agents poured out, clad in tuxedos which belied their true purpose for the evening: to keep the Miirosi delegation safe by any means necessary. The agents played doormen for the limousine, allowing the Miirosi representatives within to come forth.


The press instantly focused their attention on the Miirosi and for good reason too. The men and women of the delegation were decked out ostentatiously in the best of the Free City?s formalwear. Aware they were meant to impress, the delegates soaked up the attention happily, waving greetings to the various news crews. They looked more like movie stars than formal representatives.


The group of several Miirosi crossed the carpet with the solemn Azrael guards in tow until they reached the reception area.


?Are they not quaint, Octavia?? asked the lead diplomat of another woman in the group.


?Hmm?? she replied, unsure of what the other woman meant.


?The Adaptons, honey. They purport to know opulence. Clearly they have not been to Alexandras. They shame Bacchus.?


?Hmm, I agree Drusilla, but I do not think they worship Bacchus. I believe they are Christian.?


The head diplomat gasped. ?How dreadful it must be for them!? Clearly Vander had not selected the most tactful of her Ministry to attend this event.


The other members of the delegation continued casual conversation close to these lines, ignoring the stares from other groups and the event?s staff, until an Adapton man came up and interrupted them: ?Welcome to the Hartford Estate?s The Royal Theater for the Performing Arts. If I may get your name, I shall escort your delegation to their table.?


?I am Drusilla Delacroix, leader of the Miirosi delegation. Please be quick about this; these shoes are simply murderous on my feet.?


The man looked apprehensive. ?Uhm, I am sorry, but uhh? it may be a moment. I will be right back.? The man rushed off to inform his superiors that an uninvited delegation had arrived.

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OOC: Miiros, it's King Charles and Prime Minister Philip. tongue.gif Sorry about that ifit was unclear. Oh and by the way, my keyboard is begining to go on the blink, so it does not type verywell, thats why I have had many typos lately.




King Charles and Lord Protector Philip were stood to the entrance to the great theater hall. They began greating the first arivals. The Varian and S delegates where begining to be seated. The Deltannian Delegate was just beeing seen to their seats. Philip turned to great the next delegate to arive.


"Bloody hell Charlie it's the Miiriosi."


Charles look astonished. Both men stood in their most formal atire. Charles in his Royal robe, and crown, and Philip in his, very rare, Lord Protectors formal dress.


"What the hell, well we can not mak a scene, even if they were no invited. Just at as though there is nothing diffrent."


"No problem."


"Just get them to a table."


As the Miirosi delegate aproched, several atendants hurried off to gather a new table. The King and PM began to great the next delegate just as normal, as the firt act aproched the stage.


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?Sorry for the delay. Please follow me,? remarked the servant as soon as he returned.


?It is no problem,? one of the gentlemen in the delegation began to say, however, Drusilla cut him off.


?You had best be sure that it does not happen again!? she scolded. ?Do you know who we are? We are some of the most important people in the Free City! We Miirosi deserve respect; we are not some backwater trading port.? Drusilla continued on in this fashion the entire way to the table, head held high in haughty defiance of pretty much everything around her.


The group arrived at the impromptu seating arrangement and began to sit down, but this time Octavia was the one to make a fuss. ?Gods, waiter there is something wrong with this chair.?


The servant came over and inspected the chair closely before looking up apologetically. ?Um, I?m sorry miss, but I do not see anything wrong.?


?Ugh,? the Miirosi socialite scoffed. ?Just never mind. I suppose this will have to do? Just, leave us and send someone a little less incompetent.? The woman sat down morosely and the waiter began to skulk off, however he caught one of the other members of the delegation silently mouthing the words: ?I am sorry,? which brought a small smile back to his face.


?This had better be good,? remarked Drusilla to no one in particular as she waited for the first act to begin. ?I could be seeing the premier of Loras tonight. They say that it is to be the finest opera of the season, the season! Can you believe we are missing it??


The foreign ministry officials exchanged collective glances of agony, while Drusillas companions in the group all agreed whole-heartedly. The ministry officials knew it was going to be a long night.

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Foreign Secretary Valerie Dussan stepped gracefully out of the limousine and onto the red carpet. Four attaches hurried out to catch up with her as she strode purposefully into the magnificently decorated hall. She was absolutely ravishing in a black dress that was simulataneously alluring and down-to-business.


"Well, we're here," she spoke sidelong to one of her attaches. "Prime Minister Durhanion wants us to make a good impression here and stand toe-to-toe with all these older and more established nations. Let's show them we Cabarrians can have a good time and won't be cowed by anyone."


She raised a hand and motioned for the maitre'd. "Please direct our delegation to our seats."

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