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Military Advisors Wanted

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OOC: Basically, I'm looking for an experienced nation to mentor Cabarria in putting together a respectable fighting force. I have some rudimentary statistics in my nation info thread, but I think they could be better. I'm hoping this is the right forum to do this.




Gordon Mayweather slumped tiredly in the back seat of the government car he was being chauffered around in, every limb of his body feeling like leaden deadweight. This last stop made, what, the thirtieth embassy he had visited in the last ten days? It wasn't the constant travel that wearied him, it was the forced casualness, the need to ask for assistance without sounding like you needed it.


His cell phone chirped cheerily, annoying Mayweather slightly until he saw who was calling. It was Secretary Blackwell. "Mayweather here," he answered in a clipped Cabarrian accent. "That's the last of them."


"Good work, Gordon," Secretary Blackwell replied warmly. "Your nation thanks you, and between you and me, I thank you most of all. Our Knighthoods have a proud tradition, but they are perhaps not well enough equipped so as to deter an enemy. If we can get some kind of deal, there's going to be congratulations to the entire Ministry of Defence."


Mayweather smiled wearily, rubbing his eyes as he answered, "I hope so. King Brandheld wants our fighting forces to be respected, not feared, but respected among the nations of Europa. But he didn't want any sort of formal declaration of the need for an advisor - that would've seemed like begging, and a sign of weakness to boot. So I've been visiting all these embassies, dropping hints of some kind of trade agreement if we could work out an arrangement with their military."


"It's the only way to go about it, Gordon. Dangle the carrot of special trade status with a nation and see if they'll help us put together a military that other nations will think twice before tangling with."


"Careful, Secretary," Mayweather rasped. "We're not a large nation, and while we have the Senate's support, by no means do we have a blank check. Respectability is the goal here, not fear."


"True enough, Gordon," Blackwell chuckled. "Keep making good points and you might sit in my chair one day."


Mayweather laughed. "Maybe, sir. For the moment, I'm content to simply offer up the promise of special trade to these nations. Now, Secretary, let's sit back and see who takes the bait and makes us an offer."

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Gefforey Martins walked into the main office in the Ministry of Defence. He was accompanied by the Prime Minister, King Hollowfield, and Prince Andrew, also several members of the General Staff.


"Thank you all for comeing today." Said Martins.


The main office in the Ministry of Defence was back to it's old self, with it's multi-million Gold Coin 3D satalite mapping systems and such. Each man took his place at the large oval table.


"We noticed this little pice of comms floating around Europa. Apparently Cabarria is looking for military advisors." Martins looked over at both the Prime Minister and the King.


"Go on." said Fairfax nodding his head.


"Well I had the idea we could possibly offer Cabarria the help they need. Vickers has the stockpiles. Plus, the more Vickers makes, the more we make. We've fine tuned military use, and we have possibly the most thourgh traing military in the whole of Europa. Possibly the best trained. I think it's worth a shot. Plus it could be profitable."


"Ha, you capitalist pig." Fairfax jabed with a smile.


Martins smiled back. "You know me sir."


King Hollowfield stood up from hs seat. "I like the sound of it. I want you to take it further. You have the tresuary at your dispossal. I'll let Wilson know we need to borrow his company again. He doesnt mind. As long as we get him business, he gives us the massive discounts. "


"Yes your Majesty." Martins stood up, and gave a nod like bow.


"Andrew will also be with you on this one. After all it's his military.


Prince Andrew, looked at Martins. Andrew Hollowfield's full title was Grand Admiral of the Adapton Navy, Lord Field Marshal of the Army, Royal Marshal of the Air Force, Prince Andrew Hollowfield. Quite a mouthful. In other words. Prince Andrew was head of the armed forces, inplace of his dad. He from an early age showed intrest in the military, and by the time his father was asked to take the place of his 2nd cousin King Vestian Artaratus afte he past away, Andrew was ready to join the forces anyways. He had the grades for officer level, so when the time came, Charles gave him the chance at the Lord Soverign of the Armed Forces.


"Yes you Majesty." Again Martins nodded and bowed.




To: Cabarria

From: The Federated Kingdom of Adaptus, Defence Ministry


We have noticed your military's nned for help in it's establishment, and we are offering our help. As well as the help from Vickers Weapon Systems. We feel it is a good chance to make god relations with your nation, and to get off to a good start. We hope you accept our offer of help.


Gefforey Martins,

Minister of Defence.

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King Brandheld IV perused the communique from Adaptus as Ministry of Defence Secretary Garrison Blackwell and Prime Minister Kyle Durhanion looked on anxiously. "Well," he said at last, his iron gray eyes flicking up to look at them, "your thoughts?"


"Your Majesty," Secretary Blackwell began, "after looking into this matter, I believe we should take their offer. The military of Adaptus is indeed formidable, and Vickers Weapon Systems appears to offer high-grade military equipment."


"They are recovering from a civil war, as well, Your Majesty," Prime Minister Durhanion intoned. "They may need our trade as much as we need their expertise, and it is my opinion that given these circumstances, they are not likely to use this arrangement to coerce us into any action we would not wish to take. And, as an added bonus, they are capitalists. I know Your Majesty had wished to do business with a free market power over a socialist regime."


King Brandheld nodded. "We need allies, gentlemen," he spoke in a strong tone. "I believe this relationship with Adaptus could very well help us in the long run in our affairs in Europa. Secretary Blackwell, send word to our Adaptus counterpart that we will indeed forge this new-found friendship to the betterment of both our countries.


To: Federated Kingdom of Adaptus, Ministry of Defence

From: Royal Commonwealth of Cabarria, Ministry of Defence


We greatly appreciate your offer of assistance and tutelage, and we accept it with enthusiasm and optimism. We are willing to offer you Most Favored Nation trade status, and our Treasury is willing to compensate you fairly for hardware and services. In return, we would hope for your help in selecting appropriate weapons systems and training regimens to bring Cabarria's military to the forefront of modern defence capabilities.


Cabarria is most pleased at the beginning of what we hope will be an advantageous relationship for both of our countries, and we look forward to developing this friendship between our two nations.

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To: Royal Commonwealth of Cabarria, Ministry of Defence

From: The Federated Kingdom of Adaptus. Minister of Defence


Exelent. Several members of out Military Services shall be flown over to the Royal Commonwealth, they will help with advising the traing of your troops. We Have also contracted Vickers Weapon Systems, and they are eager to begin in the project.


What we request of you would be some infomation detailing what you would liek us to help you with first, and such. Once we have this, we can begin sending several prototype sets of equiptment to you, direct from Vickers.


We are lookign forward to this new friendship.

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Secretary Blackwell glanced hungrily at the list his staff had prepared for him. It read like a four-star general's Christmas list, and reflected the areas of need for Cabarria's military:



  • Tanks
  • Assault Vehicles
  • Missile Batteries
  • Helicopters
  • Support Vehicles
  • Battleships
  • Submarines
  • Carriers
  • Naval Aircraft
  • Active Sonar Systems
Air ForceFightersBombersEW Craft

Blackwell rubbed his temples. "What we need at the moment," he said to his aide, "is to bring our troops up to speed. What sort of numbers would a nation our size be fielding? How many troops is a realistic number? How much hardware is a realistic number for a nation like us. We need to improve in all areas, but as we presently don't have any nearby threats, perhaps we should focus a greater amount on our Navy at present." He rolled his eyes. "The Knights of the Orchid will love to hear that." He rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "If I had to allocate development funds - which I do, surprisingly enough - it would be something like, Navy 60%, Army and Air Force 20%. At the present time, of course."


He motioned to his aide. "Send Adaptus these notes, and explain to them our current military situation. Send them this dossier as an overview of our present capabilities.


And of course, if they have any further suggestions, we'd be glad to hear them."

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"Has Vickers' list came through yet?" Asked the MOD.


"Yes here it is sir." The secratary hadned over the large catalog of products compiled by Vickers persifictly for Cabarria.


"Ah, exelent. What do you think Your Majesty?" Martins showed the Prince the list.


Prince Andrew scanned the list thoughtly. "Yep, it looks good Geff. Vickers have out done themselfs here."


"Send the list to Cabarria. I think they will enjoy it."


Challenger 2 E MBT?


user posted image


The Challenger 2 MBT currently serves with our armed forces, but however is not for sale, alought Challenger 2 E's are for sale. these are basicly Challenger 2's but built for the export market. Big Budget oppsion for you.


Crew:  4

Main armorment:  120mm

Max speed:  56Km/h

Range:  450Km

Combat weight:  62,500kg

Side slope:30%

Armor type:  Chobham/steel

NBC system:  yes

NV system:  Yes (Gunner, commander, Driver)

Price:  5.5 Million Euros


T-84 MBT?


user posted image


Another great tank by Vickers, this is in great supply, we have over 700 in surplus. these are exelent tanks, designed, for rough terrain. sports a rounded design, for more rural areas of combat, easyer to hide in more forested areas, very reliable, as not much computer tech in this one, more bog standard, alough does arm it's self with a fire control system, and electronic turret, and auto-loader, the rest mainly mechanic. Lower budget version.


Crew  3

Total weight in combat order 48 t 

Main gun 2A46M-1 125-mm Smoothbore Gun

Machine guns 1 x 7.62-mm, 1 x 12.7-mm

Traverse range 360 degrees 

Machine guns 1250 x 7.62-mm, 450 x 12.7-mm 

Maximum road speed 65 - 75 km/h

Slope: 58?

Armour Type: Composite/Steel

Price: 3 Million Euros


AA-565 Panther Multirole Light Helicopter?


user posted image


The AA 565 Panther is a multi-role light helicopter, for troop transport, logistic support and medical evacuation. As a tactical troop transport, the Panther has the capacity to transport ten commandos. For logistical support, the Panther is fitted with a sling with a 1,600kg capacity. An 11-bladed Fenestron faired-in tail rotor provides a high level of manoeuvrability. The Starflex fibreglass rotorhead has four main rotor blades which incorporate a carbon fibre reinforced plastic spar and are filled with a Nomex honeycomb material.


Crew 2 pilots

Passenger capacity 10 equipped troops

Rotor diameter 11.94m

Fenestron tail rotor diameter 1.10m

Overall length with rotors turning 13.73m

Fuselage 12.08m

Width with blades folded 3.25m

Height to top of rotor head 3.47m

Height to top of fin 4.06m

Cabin length 2.30m

Cabin width 1.92m

Cabin height 1.16m

Cabin volume 6.6m?

Empty weight 2,305kg

Maximum weight with external load 4,300kg

Single load capacity 1,600kg

Never exceed speed 285km/h

Maximum range with standard tanks 820km

Endurance with standard tanks Over 4 hours

Price: 5 Million Euros


Pelagius (Oceanic) Class Aircraft Carrier.


user posted image


The Pelagius is the latest Airxraft carrier to come out of Vickers. This elxelent carrier is yet to serve with any navy. It is smaller then the Maximus II, but none the less is still a leathal vessel. The ship's strongest features are its high flexibility in operational terms - its capacity to carry out the functions of an aircraft carrier and the transport of wheeled and tracked vehicles. The vessel is equipped with a flight deck suitable both for operations with helicopters and with short-launch, vertical take-off fighter planes and a hangar / garage of approximately 2,500m?. The ship can support fivteen vertical take-off and landing aircraft. The carrier is armed with two Exocet Mk 6 eight-cell vertical launch systems. The vessel will be equipped with two AC 76mm Super Rapid guns and three 25mm anti-aircraft guns.


Crew 450

Amphibious command troops 140

Aircrew 203

Troops 325 + 91

Total accommodation 1,210 + 91 

Length o.a. 244m

Length b.p. 215.60m

Breadth moulded 39.00m

Draft 8.7m

Full load displacement 27,100t

Flight deck 232.6m x 34.5m

Hangar 134.2m x 21.0m

Aviation Facilities for fixed-wing aircraft AV-8B Harrier and JSF and helicopters EH101, AB212, NH 90, SH-3D

Missile system 4 x 8-cell VLS for SAAM/IT firing Aster 15 surface-to-air missiles

Guns 2 x AC 76mm Super Rapid guns, 3 x 25mm anti-aircraft guns

GE/FIAT LM2500 Gas Turbines (COGAG)  4

Maximum Continuous Power 4 x 22MW

Auxiliaries 2 x Oto Melara 76mm Super Rapid guns, 3 x 25 mm anti-aircraft guns

Feathering controllable pitch propellers 2

Max. sustained speed (85 % MCR) 29 knots

Range at 16 knots 7,000nm

Price 2 Billion Euros Per Vessel.


F-16I Sofia?


user posted image


Newly developed tank buster, fighter/bomber. Exelent craft, perfect for the modern battlefield. digitaly intergrated fully, mission data can be uploaded direct to the aicraft, alowing for fast, and acurate deployment.


Crew 2

Wing span 9.45m

Length 15.03m

Height 5.09m

Manoeuvrability, g-limit +9g

Speed Over Mach 2


- 2 STAR 1 laser guided smart bombs

- 6 Asmack Tank Buster guided rockets

- 6 Python 6 AA missles

Price 25 million euros


Here some basic iteams you requested. If you wish to see more, we have attacked a link to the Vickers Online Arsenal Page. From there you can see every pice of our equipment which is for sale. We thank you for your intrest in Vickers. We are glad to help.


We also, would like to take this oppertunity to say, that if any og these products does not quite match what you are looking for, then Vickers, and the Federated Kingdom are always willing to help you with this. We have very open development programs in which we can construct a product persificly to your spesifactations.


Again we thank you for your intrest.


Andrew Wilson,

Vickers Weapon Systems Chairman.

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To: Adaptus

CC: Vickers Weapons Systems

From: Royal Commonwealth of Cabarria


Thank you for the excellent choices. At this time we would like to place an order for the following:


100 2 E MBT Tanks = 500 million

120 T-84 MBT Tanks = 360 million

200 AA-565 Panther Helicopters = 1 billion

120 F-16I Sofia Fighter/Bombers = 3 billion


Total = 4.86 billion


Our funds are more than sufficient and are public record, if you care to check (OOC: Sunset RPG calculator, ThirdState calculator). We will wire the funds to you immediately.


As far as the aircraft carrier - we are looking for something with the capability to launch not only helicopters and VTOL aircraft, but fighters and bombers. We would also like to see what other naval vessels you have available.


Your military advisors have just arrived as well, and as I am sure they will report, have begun assessing our current capabilities. When they deliver their recommendations to you, please keep us informed.

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To: Federated Kingdom of Adaptus

From: Ministry of Defence, Royal Commonwealth of Cabarria


Dearest friend, we've had some of the hardware we requested delivered to us, and we would like to make a simple inquiry as to the progress of the rest of our order. Our offices had not received word on our request for a carrier capable of launching fighters, so we were wondering if such a request was possible. In addition, we know your military advisors have been going over our training and readiness protocols for a while, as well as our current rules of engagement, and we were interested in any preliminary report they might have filed. Again, we thank you for your help and look forward to your continued assistance.

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To: Ministry of Defence, Royal Commonwealth of Cabarria

From: The Federated Kingdom of Adaptus, Ministry of Defence.


Dont be alarmed, we have not forgotten about you. We have just what you need. Recently, the Federated Kingdom commissioned the use of several cheaper, but just as effective Aircraft Carriers as the large and expensive Maximus II Class. The Rex Class Aircraft Carrier is a slightly smaller, and cheaper version of the Maximus II. It opperates in the same was as the Maximus II, and is vertualy a sister class. Bellow are some secifactions.


user posted image



Aircrew 626

flagship staff 40


Length 302.3 m

length at waterline 270 m

Beam 72.3 m

beam at waterline 35.4 m

Draft 9.14 m


standard displacement 43,000 tons

full load displacement 55,000 tons

maximum displacement 58,600 tons


steam turbine quantity 2 x 50,000 horsepower

Boilers 8

Propellers 4 fixed pitch propellers

generating capacity turbogenerators 9 x 1,500 kW

generating capacity diesel generators quantity 2 x 50,000 horsepower 6 x 1,500 kW


full speed 29 knots

range at maximum speed 3,850 miles at 29 knots

maximum range speed 18 knots

maximum range 8,500 miles at 18 knots

Endurance 45 days


fixed wing 28

rotary wing 24



granit antiship missile system 12 launchers 12 antiship missiles

air defence gun-missile adgm systems

klinok adam system 24 launchers

192 vertical launch missiles

kashtan adgm system, 4 command and 8 combat modules 256 ad missiles and 48,000 cartridges

30 mm AK-630 ad gun mount 8 x 6 with 24,000 cartridges

Anti-submarine weapons

Udav-1 integrated A/s and A/t system 60 rockets


electronic systems combat information Centre

aviation combat information centre

fighter aircraft guidance system

navigation complex

radio communications system

space communications system

electronic countermeasures system

active search sonar system capable of detecting torpedoes

Radars air and surface target acquisition radar

Low-flying target acquisition radar

flight control radar

navigation radar

4 gun-missile fire control radars


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To: Federated Kingdom of Adaptus

From: Royal Commonwealth of Cabarria


Thank you for your reply. The aircraft carrier's specs look extremely good. We need a price and we'll be considering ordering a few.


We are also interested in other naval vessels you might offer, such as destroyers, frigates, and subs.

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To: Federated Kingdom of Adaptus

From: Royal Commonwealth of Cabarria


We have perused the Vickers catalog, and would like to place a rather substantial order with your company. We would appreciate timely service; obviously, however we recognize that immediate delivery of these items is not feasible:


5 Vanguard Class Nuclear Submarine x 50,000,000 = 250,000,000

10 Fulchan Class Heavy Missile Cruiser x 50,000,000 = 500,000,000

150 LS-40 Rocket Artillery x 750,000 = 112,500,000

10 Sharp Class Multi-Mission Corvette x 55,000,000 = 550,000,000

2 Rex Class Aircraft Carrier x 40,000,000,000* = 80,000,000,000

10 Sovermenny Class Destroyer x 55,000,000 = 550,000,000


Total 81,962,500,000


*We estimated the cost of the Rex Aircraft Carrier due to your comments that it was less expensive than the 55 billion euro Maximus II. We anticipate that this figure is not entirely accurate, so please advise us of the correct price.

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To: Royal Commonwealth of Cabarria

From: Vickers Weapon Systems


?40 Million is the correct price for the Rex Class. sorry about the price confusion.


The first half of your order is on it's way. The second half shall be transported near the start of next week. We thank you for your intrest in Vickers once again.



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?40 Million is the correct price for the Rex Class. sorry about the price confusion.

OOC: I'm sure you mean 40 billion right? No way an aircraft carrier costs less than a fighter... biggrin.gif


Anyways, I seriously thank you for all your help, Adaptus. I'm definitely in your debt.

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