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Mail Bombings

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There have been several mail bombs sent to companies and government agencies related to vehicles over the last few weeks, although I'm sort of out of the loop news-wise, as I don't have access to a TV (regularly), nor do I buy newspapers (laziness).


The police suspect that they've been done by a disgruntled motorist, pissed off with the current situation on British roads, such as speed cameras and congestion charges, or it could be a group of some sort attempting to draw attention to some obscure cause or another.


Personally, I'd probably go with the annoyed motorist idea, although persumably Bliar and co. will label the usual suspects and crack down another freedom in order to protect us all. Some obscure bunch of radicals may also to be to blame.

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yeah, its kinda scary really, i was looking at it this morning, 7 bombs so far, 3 sent to companies with links to animal testing (albeit mostly minor links), 3 bombs sent to companies linked with motoring (congestion charge, speed cameras, etc) and 1 bomb sent to a private house in Folkstone with no apparent link to either motoring or animals!


BBC has all the details of all 7 here http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/6339481.stm as usual, but still, strange, the only link between any of them seems to be that they were all sent within the last month to mainly similar companies.

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